V2 is now at Mixed on Steam

And you talk about warframe… I played that game at launch. What a disaster. Now its amazing- only took them what? 2 years? And you ask FS to do the same in 1-2 months? Ok then.


Last time I played Battlefield 1, a very simple 100 gb game, it worked completely fine at 90 fps.


But 90 fps isnt good so whats your point?
The fact that such an old game is 100gb is insane, speaks of poor coding doesnt it. Or are we talking Battlefield One?

Lol wut?

Just google it. old 100 gb game, lol.

For me 120fps constant is good, dips down to 100 are ok. Different folks different strokes I suppose.

Stop comparing fatshark to big productions like EA/DICE or others, they’re a very small team…


A small team that had the time to make the game better. They are a company that doesn’t rely on the big names. They are independent, they didn’t have a timeline of when the game is supposed to be released because they don’t have a big company looming over them, saying how things are supposed to happen and when they’re supposed to happen, so why did they choose to release the game in it’s unfinished state?


So what? What’s your point?


No comparing a studio with over 8000 employees who make an Engine that sells worldwide to an indi dev with 30-40 people is fair. /s


Sure because all people at fatshark do it for free and they dont need money at all!

Grow up bud’

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We can’t know, they probably had reasons…
Maybe as BulletTea said they need money to pay the team, maybe they thought the game was good enought… We don’t know, but is released, now let them work to make it better…


Also you may want to read up on that. I know that BAMCO likes to release their games before the end of a fiscal year because it looks better for the investors.

Wew lad, that’s what this whole post is about, is how they need to fix the issues and step on up to their problems and face them head on. But instead people are acting like I’m telling them personally that they are stupid for buying this. Like no, I just want them to make the game better than it is. To improve, while also showing them what I’m talking about, what I would like to see improved/implemented.


All fine and good, but ignoring the fact that they had the exact same problem with vt1 release. Anybody that experienced it is going to agree, it released in a disgusting state. I had such high hopes that they learned from everything they messed up in vt1 (which is totally understandable from my part, given that they were a small team and the game was a huge project) and triplechecked that they did it better in vt2. Which they did, on SOME parts. But for me personally, not enough. Vt2 released in a way better state, COMPARED to vt1, but still, as a release, it is rather disappointing.


I’d say they are doing a very fine job, look at all the patches, mostly good changes and adressing the right stuff. Maybe hold on to the discussion until you see what the promised 22gb beta branch has to offer which comes in a few hours? In fact its live [PC] - Vermintide 2 - Patch 1.0.8 Beta , literally the first paragraph is for you.


Aaaaaaaaand, none of the things stated in the OP are fixed.

Ok, some fixes to bots, though I personally care not about bots, and performance fixes. That’s all. And we have yet to see, if performance ACTUALLY gets better, because we all know, how some things are getting fixed patch after patch after patch.


The gaming industry and the communities are to fast-living (?) nowadays - Or almost one could say " S P O I L E D " they want everything right now, and yesterday and because they say a game with 1000 of Devs working on it they expect a team of 40 to do the same with less money and faster.

Crazy world we live in °-° i never got the memo rational thinking is dead °-°

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Well then the devs want these bug fixes before they add anything else. Probably has something to do with branching. Also I can see why they don’t want to add dedicated servers when the game has poor performance. Maybe they are just around the corner? Too bad the backlash on the community stream was so bad they wont do another, otherwise we could have gotten answers on whats going on.

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Game itself is great, but login issues and crashes are extremely frustrating.

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Try going to the new beta now maybe they are fixed? I personally had 1-2 crashes in my 217 hours so maybe somethings wrong on your end. If they happen frequently and you can reproduce them you should report them.

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