Still no improvements?

Vermintide 2 gets boring after you realize that the game play is severely unbalanced and mostly about luck. This game needs dedicated servers, far better balancing, and far more content.


Why do you complain about “not enough content” when you haven’t done all the content? You are missing skittergate legend, and maybe some more Maps, You havent played one Character at all, because you dont have the “Virtuoso” Achievment :man_shrugging: (Steam stalking inc.)

If you play the game for it’s coop-experience and gameplay and not for the damn cosmetics that everyone is bragging about the game’s still fun as hell.

Sure, a game gets boring if you play 100, 200 or 300h+ of the same few maps… but you already invested so much time in the game and i bet you had fun with it, so giving it a negative review after playing it for such a long time doesnt seem right.

Dont get me wrong I agree with you on the points like dedicated servers and better balancing… but it doesnt suck out the fun of the game. And if you are playing a game like VT2 only for the loot you grabbed the wrong game anyway imho. It has loot mechanics, but it’s not its core mechanics. The gameplay itself is still the core of the game like thi first VT.


Would you rather trust a negative review of a guy with 0.4 hours or 100+ hours? Only because he played the game for a long while doesnt mean it automatically becomes recommendable.

As someone who was invested into the game development, seeing all this time pass by when there are obvious and severe bugs in the game, the weapons are still grossly imbalanced and the playable content has been the exact same 13 maps since launch 4 months ago with the same 15 careers with the same weapons makes me really sad. Combined with baffling lack of information and ETA (even extremely vague, its still something) it is a recipe for frustration and annoyance for me, who loved the first game.


That’s not what i meant. Of course you can give it a negative review, even if you played it 500hrs+. Games change over time… or they dont, like VT2, contentwise.
But giving it a negative review after 100hrs+ with the argumentation that “it gets boring” doesnt seem right. Of course a game can get boring after such a long time of playing. That’s just natural, and not the games fault.
You dont play 100h+ when you think a game IS boring. That’s all i wanted to say.


I agree that boring is the wrong reasoning to give with a bad review after alot of time played. But since V2’s replayability is mostly based on RNG past the initial “damn this game feels so satisfying” fun part (Which lasted me a long time) and other RNG driven games usually have way more content or variations to sink time in to make the RNG feel less of a grind, I can somewhat see the reasoning behind boring.

And the more you play, naturally the more flaws you will find and the developer grace period, so to speak, will fade. Every game has them, but V2 has a tad bit many.

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I wouldn’t say “too many”. A lot ppl just rushed the game into the ground and ppl are not happy, if they can’t complain about things.
So it’s better to complain about bugs and content, instead of having fun and training the own skill.
That the game just got bored for someone is no reason for a negative review, but still a better reason than complaining about bugs etc. after 100h +. Noone would’ve played that long , if the game issues would be such essential and gamebreaking.
It’s just like work or living with other ppl. It just makes the ppl feel better to cry about issues or talk/laugh about others problems.

Ppl should better think a lil bit more about their behavior and the reasonof it, instead of throwing with negative reviews and raging.

Played 400 hours of V1 back in the day, not ONCE have I felt like it was the game’s fault after a wipe. It was always either bad teammates or me messing up. Playing V2, horde music starts, one wave comes, after that, music stops. Doesnt cut off for no reason, it plays the horde ends now sound effect. Wait few seconds, finding it odd its just one wave, but it happens alot, shrug, proceed. Boss gets triggered, we start to fight him, but whats that? Horde wasnt over yet? Silently they ran up from behind and kill two people before we can even react. Wipe.

Yeah i know those moments, but they’re still avoidable with some more attention.

I dont want to defend something. Just saying, that a lot of ppl kill their own game experience with crying over and over again, because of some lil issues. It’s the same in the work, road traffic etc… The most ppl even watch for something that have to be bad and it’s Never their own fault.
If some ppl would change their mind/behavior, they and others would’ve much more fun.

At this moment the reviews from V2 are quite bad and that from ppl with 100 200 300+ hours. Just because everyone remembers more bad moments, raged out or hit the “boring ill leave” state. It’s ok… but they shouldn’t forget the time they had fun and an awesome slay-/coop-experience.

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