Vermintide 2 is worse than ever

blah blah blah

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You disabled comments for your own review. Hypocritical much?

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uh no?

Not sure why you felt the need to share it here, but whatever floats your skycutter I guess.

What is this self-promotion? And why on earth do you review a DLC on the main game page. The WoM reviews will be unlocked in a few hours (I assume).


Cool story dude.

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It’s a pretty impressive feat if you do manage to get 3 people to vote kick even a blatant cheater or a toxic 9-year-old who got mad because you took “his” potion and now screams into his $5 mic.
If you’re getting kicked CONSTANTLY then that kinda says it all about you and it’s also clearly the root of all your “problems” with the game.

Meanwhile anyone who was at least half decent before WoM is still cruising through Legend just fine… or doing Cata which is way harder and yet still perfectly doable.

Try Reddit now.


Also there is nothing wrong with lowering difficulty if you’re struggling on legend. I find it kinda dishonest to rate a game based on one out of 5 (or 4 doesn’t matter) difficulties and your trouble with clearing it.


it would be nice if the developers would fix anything ever

nothing to do with me

apparently you did not read my entire review

it is not long, read it

People have a point, though; this review isn’t talking about the Patch 2.0 changes to the base game, but the DLC. It should be on the DLC page.


You’re listing legend being “almost unplayable” as second of the cons, are you telling me this had no effect on your review? If that is so, why is it there?


here, I found at least one fix from today’s patchnotes for you.

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oh joy the entire game is fixed now thanks

it is

read the review

  • After they decreased the stagger requirement in legend, it’s far from impossible. It’s back to being relatively easy tbh.

  • There’s a decent chunk of maps, I wouldn’t call it in desperate need, but more would always be welcome of course.

  • If you get kicked ‘constantly’ I bet the issue lies with you. Personally, i’ve been kicked … Maybe twice? In 500 hours~. Either you are mad annoying, incredibly bad (hence, legend being ‘impossible’), or both.


But reading through the entire review is even harder than playing on Legend, so how do you expect me to do it?

I also adore how you added “Most of the players in this game are extremely toxic” in the review simply based on the responses in this thread.

Thank you so much for that, that’s genuinely hilarious.


Extremely Toxic

Thanks for your feedback.