From a Indie Game to Full Triple AAA Game

Congrats !

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I’m afraid I fail to see how this is “Vermintide 2 Feedback”.


Just ignore him, he’s a troll and his previous account has been banned.

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Get some help bruh , you always all over my Posts

While I don’t deny that you are correct, there is a trend here that should be noted. A learning experience, if you will.

@LordRhinark makes an excellent point. #v2:feedback is for letting FatShark know about ways to improve the game. Was your statement made so that another person could read it and learn how to make Vermintide 2 better? I think this would’ve been received pretty well in the #Lounge… it’s always good to say “Gratz” to anyone who has worked hard to achieve something :slight_smile:

If I were you, I’d also put in a shorter title with a larger ‘body’… generally, if you could switch the two and still have it make sense, your body is too short and your title too long :stuck_out_tongue:

The second bit to practice is your follow-up:

Why is it that “getting some help” is necessary for someone who gets on your case?

I have been blatantly told I was wrong on this forum… because I was wrong. That happens and it’s okay :slight_smile: improve, grow, and become a better person for having learned about something you didn’t know previously.

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Although your post is constructive and polite, you might as well wait until Sunday Dinner and have a little chat with the dish of cauliflower cheese for all the difference it makes.

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:expressionless: i don’t get it

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