50% positive reviews

Vermintide 2 is not even worth playing any more. Are the developers going to fix the unbalanced game play?

OK, I need to edit this so it is appropriate.

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This isn’t so much feedback, however, and if anywhere belongs in the Lounge.

We just put out 2.0.5 which brings in some changes. You’re welcome to give those a try on the live game.


Bunch of cry babies that don’t know how live works tried to do something.

People can’t adapt to any situation even if in long term its better, right now we have big change that need tuning for severals weeks probably and very active dev team that communicate with us, and they take that as ignoring them because they don’t response to EVERY SINGLE ONE COMMENT even when it was posted million times :smiley:


Too much emotions and they did what non responsible adults can do, write a bunch of angry comments :smiley:

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I’m not even a fan of the changes (and disagree that this is better), but I’m still finding these kinds of posts annoying. Feedback is one thing, this is another.


Yep… game is feeling better than it has in a long time, better with every patch now. To be fair it has been a bumpy ride but it’s getting there.

Amazing how many of these same people were complaining about the game needing balance/combat/talent rework months ago, and then when it happened they switched to “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO MY GAME” mode… can’t please everyone I suppose.


I see more people upset about the obvious pandering to elitists with cheaterboards than mad about balance changes.

50% ratings and below is well deserved when you give such a middle finger to the core of your audience.

Like what? I see another comment like those without any though given in it. Cata oh wow its like weeklies are they only for elitist? Cata is like least of content that they did in this expansion

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Weeklies are different, while challenging you could do those even on recruit. But I don’t think he was talking about cata, but the weave system, specifically the fact it’s built around leaderboards. Many core players are unhappy about the recent focus on competition, it’s been called unnecessary and unwelcome, and I’ve yet to see one person happy about seasons.
Other unwelcome changes are the policy change for cata and weaves (all team requiring the dlc) and the price range.
The game is really buggy atm, even if you disregard the impact such a massive balance and mechanical change (which has some great things in it) has had on the game.
So I think it’s a bit more than just whining, and I find dismissing all the complaints as irrelevant or nonsensical to be quite unfair.
I for one absolutely loathe the way beastmen are shoved retroactively in virtually all the maps, as it completely breaks immersion for me.

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