New video from Indypride/MilkandcookiesTW

Is Vermintide dying? What do you think of the arguments in the video?


I’m going to copy paste my comment from a reddit thread that posted the video. It’s not as relevant here because the FS forums’ have a much more civil, constructive enviroment, but it’s still somewhat relevant:

I always like milkandcookiestw’s videos on the subject because he tells it like it is without coming across as aggressive or hostile, just really worried about the state of the game, and that’s more of what we need in the community. Less aggression, less hostility, less bitching about literally everything. Highlighting the issues and bringing them to attention in a civilized, respectful manner is exactly the way it should be done so that the devs listen to us and understand where we’re coming from.

Mindless, pointless complaining about literally everything will only result in the devs tuning out all negative feedback, because the proper, correct feedback is drowned out in a sea of bitching.

This is a really, really good video that covers all the biggest issues and concerns nicely, we need more of that.

Really good video. It got me good.


Well. I don’t agree with all of his points.
His problems with rerolling traits or properties were never much of a concern for me. And if, then it took me max. 3 minutes. And I think the Patch for late January should have a more targeted reroll implemented according to a dev stream.

Weaves never interested me. Probably also because I can’t find Lobbies. But I never really cared for them, sadly.

The Playerbase does seem low to me right now. Especially at Cata difficulty. But playing in a legend Lobby is rarely a problem.

I still do love the game tho and dont think about stopping to play.
It has the best PoV Melee Combat, wonderfull heroes, the Warhammer Universe, a cool Company behind it, a great community, beautiful maps, VOICE LINES,

The deficated servers are a bummer. But how the Hosting works right now, is also fine to me. It works.


It’s a minor “issue”, but it takes mods to make it more confortable and two years for the devs to make it convenable.

The crafting system overall could be entirely removed and switch with the WoM cauldron i’ll be fine with it, why ? vanilla one don’t add anything but cost time.

Game is dying this is true, i play mostly on cata solo/pickup and you wont find people to play. (barely 1 or 2 lobby showing up from time to time )

I never got interested in weaves for the same reason as many ( game inside the main game that ignore the main game ? ok )

But why everything take so long ? One map or two a year adding new faction and the waves, it’s definetly not enough. like Vs mode, fun maybe/not let’s try it and see ? hope it wont comme with bugs huh…?
But it’s still one big feature that’ll do the next year and this is not enough.

A this point we have nothing to actualy play for, weekly are changed for cosmetic money they adding more quest per week yet these are still the same ?

Welp craving for content since first year


The video only scratches the basic problems. It’s a good video, but I personally probably have literally 100 things I could complain and nitpick about the game. I might make a ‘megathread’ of sorts with every single little and small grievance I have with the game. Hell, I already made a lot of threads about things lacking like my Traits and Properties topic, or Gutter Runner issues, or Ranged Balance.


Really good video, points many of OLD problems with the game that have not yet been repaired, although so much time has passed and there were a lot of really good suggestions for fixing them.

There were also many questions that I think are puzzling everyone. And it indicates what we know so far - FS does not listen to us gamers/fans/customers.
I would like the FS board to watch this movie, think about it and maybe give it a normal answer instead of marketing gibberish.
Don’t treat us like fools! You make this game for money and we are consumers. Consider this FS because your high-profile ten-year support for this game will end this year and the next video you will watch will be from the series “death of the game” ! :confused:


The only thing I totally agree with is the fact that it is impossible to find matches for weaves and that leaderboards are ridiculous and have no place in a co-op game. I bought the DLC during Halloween event before the season ended and there was literally no lobbies available.

I was also quite shocked in how few public cata lobbies there are during prime time on the weekends. I’m lucking to find 2-3 in a given night. When comparing and playing other co-op games, it does feel quite empty.

I don’t want the game to die but it is getting harder and harder to find lobbies on the hardest difficulties in this game.

As a person who started playing this game in August, it is hard to recruit people who want to not only group up and play together but to find a common time where we’re all online at the same time. Most of the players I meet are from halfway across the globe. This makes finding people extremely difficult.

For the rest of the video, I have no idea what he’s talking about and must be issues with the game from before I started playing.

Video was very informative and did like how he addressed the issue with matchmaking. That has been a problem for me since I bought the game. I do hope it gets better and more people discover this amazing melee game :heart:

Even with the bugs and weird audio issues, the game is still extremely fun and so unique compared to all other co-op games.


As someone who had in the past spent multiple hours rerolling gear, I don’t consider it minor at all. It was EXTREMELY frustrating at the time. Sure, its not an issue when you have your gear, but that was a lot of frustration and wasted time I’d rather not have dealt with all those months ago.


Well tbh it was broken when i first bought the game. It would get “stuck” on the same trait/property for multiple times in a row. Wasn’t until I closed out the inventory screen for it start giving me new options. At the time, I didn’t know where to report it but found out that I wasn’t the only one experiencing it.

Doesn’t seem to happen as often now but if I see it hasn’t changed, I automatically close out the inventory just in case it got stuck again. Even though I have tons of dust, I still don’t want to waste it when the re-roll function breaks.

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I agree about weaves and I think most people do, they’re not fun. Mostly because they’re not random, scripted missions seem so strange in a game like V2. Where people love the randomness of the Ai director. I’m still salty about them… I really thought they were going to be a modifier for the base maps. Where we could play them backwards with a guaranteed boss fight at the end.

Some of the stuff he’s complaining about has been solved already or I personally think he’s dead wrong about. Weave crafting too grindy? I’d love for the weave crafting to be ported to the main game. I’d personally love it if it was based off player lvl instead of essence. But even with essence, I’ve hardly done any weaves, solo’d 1-24 and I have 500k essence. You get like 1k just for doing a base game map.

Still, I think he missed the mark with his video. If there’s one thing we can never forgive fatshark for, and I personally won’t. It’s the fact that Genevieve Dieudonné is not coming as a playable character. #disappointing #refund


Maybe about to grindy weaves his observations are not entirely accurate (although this may already be a relative matter) but he has really good points about inability to find games in weaves, leaderboards who almost nobody care, basic craft system, concerns about vs mode and how other game modes will be developed, about cosmetics and cosmetic shop, the time it takes to create new maps and why does it all last so long? etc.

Indypride doesn’t hate this game. Although in one or two places his observations are not entirely accurate, his conclusions are entirely correct and questions he asked are really good and in right place.


I didn’t hear him mention Genevieve Dieudonné even once.


Gross negligence :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Terrible video. Brings absolutely nothing new to the table. All of this has been beaten into a bloody pulp. I said the same stuff over on Reddit and of course the pathetic echo chamber downvoted me into oblivion.

Complaining about the Weaves crafting? Dude, it was fixed MONTHS AGO. The devs listened.

All this guy is trying to do is stir something up to get clicks. He literally hasn’t released anything on Vermintide in MONTHS on end. Nothing else to see here. Move along people.


He did mention that it was fixed. His point when bringing that up is that he’s baffled that it ever got past the drawing board to implement such a needlessly grindy system, and believes something is wrong somewhere in the development process for the game that shows a blatant disconnect from what the devs think the players want/need, and what the players actually want/need.
It’s one of the overall points of the video, and something that has been talked about by several people.


Ok, cool I guess. It still adds literally NOTHING to the conversation. And it’s still a clickbait video. Just regurgitating the same old stuff that’s been on the toxic Reddit sub for this game over and over again. And here as well. The funny part about that is that all the trolls and players who “quit” the game still lurk and come out to comment on all of these threads so they can ride the circlejerk hate train.

You mean to tell me that Winds of Magic fell short? Please, tell me more. I’m just so intrigued by the wealth of new topics he’s discussing.

Literally anyone who follows this game at all has known these “novel points” he is mentioning for months on end.

Big shocker that he still offers no actual solutions to any of those problems.

And of course his pointless video is going to gain traction on the ultimate toxic cesspit that is r/Vermintide. Because it’s the perfect echo chamber video for all of the zombies to click upvote on. It’s pathetic and it has gotten old.


Are you honestly defending how Fatshark have handled the game? To say that they’ve floundered the initial success of the game is an understatement, considering how many bugs have been fixed, reintroduced and refixed over several patches. 2 talent reworks and they still couldn’t get it right. So many weapons are still bad and underutilized, while other weapons are too strong. BW completely busted. Extremely poor loot system where the only thing that matters is getting to power level 300, extremely limited weapon customization cause traits and properties are no brainers. Broken enemies like beastmen still being stupid to fight against, and it took them 2 months to slap what is basically a bandaid on them. I mean, give me a break, it took them 2 months. 2 months to reduce their speed by 10%, reduce their damage by a bit and remove one attack animation. Are you kidding me? To say that Fatshark operate at a glacial pace is an understatement. Cosmetics are something that was advertised as a big selling point from the beginning of the game, and so far we have bad reskins with no way to even have our hats match them. Are you kidding me? There are SO many things wrong with this game and so many things wrong with Fatshark, their decisions and the direction they’ve taken. Weaves are a complete botched mistake that take up development time when no one even plays them. I could quite literally write an entire novel about how much they’ve done wrong with the game, quite literally a hundred things I could nitpick. I’ll go so far as to say that if I was given 1 month to come up with talents for all 15 careers, I could almost certainly do it better, make it more balanced, fun and diverse without having broken or useless talents. Like 25% power when you’re out of ammo. For RV and BH. RANGED CAREERS. Their entire point is that they’re ranged careers who rely on their ranged weapons to succeed, why the hell would you want to be out of ammo, get into melee and be worse versions of other melee careers? Mercenary gets a talent to make his ability WORSE than without any talents affecting it at all. There are quite literally so, so many things wrong.

You’re a monkey. Fatshark has gotten feedback time and time again, we’ve told them what to do numerous times. The solution now is for Fatshark to actually use more than 2 braincells and actually implement changes that are good and matter. It’s not in OUR hands to change the game, we’ve literally done everything we can to make the game better. Fatshark spent SEVERAL MONTHS on WoM, something that ultimately hurt and cost the game a lot in terms of players and quality, and the playerbase only bounced back because of numerous sales and two free weekends.

Ah yes, just dismiss all the criticism as ‘trolls’ and ‘lurkers’. Honestly do you WANT this game to be bad? Is it your actual, genuine intention to act as a corporate white knight and say that nothing is wrong? That the game couldn’t have been so much more. And are you really going to just dismiss everything that people have said? People that have spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours, who have completed the most challenging achievements in this game, and write them off as trolls who have no idea what they’re talking about? Jesus you’re such a troglodyte.


Oh look, another broken record who just hurls insults and whines and complains while offering literally no constructive feedback.


If you’re so at ends with it all, why don’t you just leave? I’ve literally never seen consistent posts from you on this forum. Suddenly you make a retort and you have some kind of authority? As if you didn’t need to make it any more clear that you crawled out of the cesspit that is r/Vermintide.

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Oh it’s not like you came in here with any sort of attitude. You’re just getting what you deserve.

“lmao just leave”
How about no? Despite all the flaws of this game I still enjoy it. The core game itself is great. My problem is that I could be enjoying it significantly more if the game was better and more worked on. Which is why I’m active on the forums and want to help the game and actively give feedback.

Not only do I have nothing to do with r/Vermintide, nor would that invalidate my claims if I was. To say that it would is honestly insane.

Here’s constructive feedback:
You’re such a snobby prick.
Not only that but you didn’t reject any single one of my claims. It’s ironic, since you appear to be just a troll yourself.

Okay, so you are actually a troll. If you would go to my profile you would SEE my activity.


You just have to imagine V2 in version 1.6 and they would have launched DLCs like:

  • 3-4 maps + boss
  • Enemy factions
  • Cosmetics
  • New heroes
  • New weapons

That is all the game needed. The end.