Great combat but

I enjoy the gameplay, the combat in this game is great. But to be completely honest that is basically the only thing that is good with the game.

The talents are fine, nothing special but I have nothing against it.

The loot, properties & traits on the other hand is really frustrating in my opinion.
First of all there is no point in thinking about gear until you only loot 300 power gear and have orange gear.
Second, when you have 300 power & orange gear, I do not see any point in touching the properties. The exception is to roll so you have 2 Stamina on gear that can get that and curse resistance. Trying to re-roll other properties is just a waist of time.
First when you get your hands on red gear is it time to roll for properties you want. But even then it can take time and it literally feels like a waist of time. I’m standing here re-rolling properties instead of having fun smashing rats, northmen & beastmen heads.
It feels like the developers do not know what they want with the game. They added cataclysm and said that it is for people that like a challenge so no extra chance for better loot. I get that, that is why I like vermintide.

So why have a system with loot boxen, random properties, random traits & random re-roll system?
Fatshark have said that they want to make a game about challenge but have in my opinion not designed a gear system for that.
Challenge mean that you will fail over and over again but that means you get no loot what so ever and you need loot so you have a chance to get red gear, so you can get properties you want.
The game is on one hand telling me vermintide is a game about challenges but the other hand it’s telling me to play on veteran so I get loot.
I honestly do not understand how they thought it was a good idea. It feels more like they did not have any clue about how they wanted to design the gear system so they just copied what big games have, loot boxes.
On top of that they added random properties as if it was a mmo so you have to grind gear so you get properties you want. It is so wired.

The map dlc’s are fine I like them. But Winds of Magic is such a weird one.
They literally split up the new game mod into 100+ (can remember how many weaves there are) of queues with no reason to do the same weaves again.
With every other dlc Fatshark have made sure that they do not split the playerbase, so if the host own a dlc others can play the maps too.
In Winds of magic they turned 180 and split the playerbase into 100+ different groups… Why?
It is so weird.

The way gear works in weaves are great btw. I wish they scrap the loot box system and used that system instead.

Deeds are also weird, why do you need to get them randomly from loot boxes? Why not just let us add and combined deeds however we want to make the game more challenging?

The challenge system is something that is a good idea but most of them give loot boxes which is not that interesting. Chałlenges that give skins, frames & weapons are great. I wish more of that.

VS mod is something that is coming and that can be amazing. I really hope that Fatshark will add challenges for playing as the non-heroes that gives you skins and frames.

I’m a bit worried also because this means that the playerbase will be split up even more, unless weaves are completely abandoned.
Also balancing might be a huge problem that could kill VS as quickly as weaves died out.
I have not followed any information about VS, I only know that it will come. I hope it will be good.

They have nailed the combat in the game so I will always come back to Vermintide. But I feel that they do not have a good redline they are following.
Fatshark have mentioned that they want to make a challenging game more then ones. My opinion is that they are stepping to far outside that core idea. I do not have solutions to everything and maybe it is to much work to change the loot system and it’s something I have to live with until vermintide 3.
I have red items on all characters now so I don’t have to think about loot any more, thankfully.
But if Vermintide 3 comes one day and the loot system with loot boxes, random properties & random re-rolls are still a thing. I will mostly likely not buy the game because I feel so strongly about it. I did not like it in Vermintide 1 and they even managed to make it worse in the second game.

It has been a long post and I will end it with a list of things I would like to see in the game or the third game.

  • More maps
  • More enemy factions like Greenskins, Vampire Counts/Coats, Deamons, Lizardmen, etc.
  • More skins, frames, art, statues and banners that you unlock by completing challenges.
  • Remove loot boxes and random properties. Instead have a system like the one in weaves.
  • Unlock weapons by completing challenges, like reach a specific level with a character or get X head shots, etc.
  • Deeds are not looted, instead you can just add deeds in the lobby to make the game more challenging.
  • More classes and heroes. Elven Mage, Rune Lord, Warrior Priest, etc.

ummm welcome to Vermintide?

But yeah you’re hitting on a lot of the main points that a lot of other players have been concerned about. I think if Fatshark is genuine about fixing game health then there is still a chance to fix a lot of these issues. From there if the infrastructure is good they can continue building on the game. But my problem with Vs, as is my problem with weaves/athanor, is that they added another thing they have to take care of while the original stuff still needs fixing.


Thank you but I have been playing sense the game came out. But I understand if the post make it sounds like I’m a new player. ^^

Yes i agree. I do not think they have any ill intentions but they might be taking on more then the can handle.

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I do not agree with everything but i certainly do when it comes to the crafting system being pretty abysmal…the lootboxes and whatnot are fine however opening more than a few boxes at once is kind of a nightmare.

Open more than a few chests? Takes ages clicking open-reveal-reveal-reveal then repeat this for every single box.

Why do i have to click 4 times for one bloody box when i have 20 of them i want to open? What am i supposed to do if i happen to have a few hundred boxes lying around? :sob:

Then if i actually open those boxes, and maybe a bunch more and now i have some 3-4 pages worth of stuff i want to get rid off…great but i have to click every single one by one and i can only scrap nine at a time, then i have to click 9 more and repeat until it´s done.

Where is my “scrap all green” or “non veteran items” or whatever you wana call it button? : (

Heavens above enduring this system for as long as i did to obtain all the items i wanted feels like a miracle in hindsight.

Then for the splitting of the playerbase, to be honest i also kind of worry about this, having different options is good but for it to be viable they need to fix core issue´s to increase the population to the point where we have enough people for it.

As for new careers, heroes and maps and whatnot, i also love me some new maps and Fatshark have been pretty active on this so no real complaints from me in this, i actually like all of them except the beastman one…due to the beastmen that is.

New heroes? Somehow does not feel quite right so i am not sure.

New Careers? Oh yes please, fatshark said something about it but it was for the end of this year which feels waaaay to slow.

Kinda like most of their bugfixes.


I thought this was Necro’d from 2018… oh wait. It’s the exact same stuff from then so it’s an easy mistake to make.

This is going to bury the game down to 1k players I think. VS will be broken, buggy and iIMBA, while PvE gets wrapped in a cloth and stuffed in the loft and forgotten about for a year… Unless you count completely wasted man-hours attempting to make weaves remotely attractive to large amounts of players.

@Frostysir I’ve got close to 1k chests across all different types unopened I think, and a full inventory because there’s absolutely no point doing any of it. opening 300+ soldiers vaults is a hellish thing to consider when I might get a couple of dozen duplicates. 35k scrap? check. 50 Commendation chests? I think I’ll wait for Lohners Bric-a-brac shop to get the hats I like thanks.

I shake my head very often about this. I’m confounded, baffled and dumbfounded as to how we’ve ended up here. [edit] TWO YEARS AFTER LAUNCH.


haha, I opened 50 boxes the other day. I had to take a break afterwards because my finger hurt. 200 clicks are to much for this old body. xD

A scrap all green, blue, orange etc. is something that would be amazing.

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I agree with pretty much everything the OP said. Fatshark need to turn this train around entirely, ASAP. Their current model is not working, it’s not enjoyable, and they’ve managed to make even folks like me take a big step back. I was seriously contemplating writing a novel based on the game - I did write a whole series of short stories about every single career (and many focused on specific maps), and even some regarding the End Times and our beloved heroes. I love this game, but it launched sickly and has been declining in health since then.

I know Fatshark have said basically “it’s not going to happen”, but the game could really use some more characters. I love our existing characters, but that’s the biggest thing that will shake up the gameplay. Not saying to go crazy with it, but please do pull something out of the giant box of cool stuff that is Warhammer. So many possibilities for new enemies - factions and individual enemies, too.

I’m even 100% cool with how the new Drachenfels map seemed kind of lower quality in terms of graphical fidelity. Gameplay > Graphics, I’m 100% cool with that trade-off. You guys make awesome map designs.

Waiting for that War Priest ever since I started playing this game , got used to the new mechanics , don’t like them but yeah, , only thing I f hate are beast men , and weaves suck D

Reminder that FS will likely abandon all VT2 development when or if VT3 comes out. Just look at VT1.

That is something that sucks but understandable. Can’t really expect them to spend resources on a old game when they work on a new one.

Well yeah, that’s fair, but also note that VT1 still has “Mod support coming soon!” on its launcher, which has been there since VT2 launch.


Yeah that is a bit shitty of them.

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