Quality of Life Complaints

I’m honestly surprised.
The creators of Vermintide 2, one of the most iconic games of it’s genre, and set the bar to which all other games similar to it would be compared.
You created a game lacking all of the key quality of life changes you put into your previous hit title. Not to mention putting aforementioned title on pause to do this.

The base gameplay loop is insane and you show off your full talents here. Fun and unique enemies, interesting characters, a stunning soundtrack, and gorgeous visuals.

And then there are problems like how overly difficult it is to even complete one of those secondary objectives, especially with them spawning outside of the map sometimes or being literally impossible to pick up for any member on an entire squad. I’m trying to complete these contracts and it is nigh impossible, much like some penances. Did anyone playtest contracts or penances? Or did they try it on servers that would drop you for just looking at them wrong, or refuse to let you select a character, or make your melee hits and gunshots just not register?

Also why are there whole weapons and functions missing from the game? Like I can even physically see the missing functions that the tech priest, why aren’t they accessible? They even seem like the easiest functions ever made, allowing you to roll your different buffs. It literally cannot be that difficult to have it randomize a specific buff of your choice from all buffs available to that weapon, that’s practically a random number generator.

And worst of all on the very first day you implement one of the most predatory cash shops I’ve seen. And I’m especially amused that nobody thought of a preview function for these or any cosmetics at all? I mean the easiest way to make someone want to buy something is to show them how cool it would look on them. You even put in half effort on your obscene monetization.

And now that I vented my frustration I’ll speak plainly. For a big game like this, this is embarrassing. The game was announced in 2020, you spent two years doing what?

Neglecting Vermintide 2 (why are people having to still wait for a dlc class on a game released in 2018 anyways?) to release a game with none of the cherished quality of life features that were previously present?
And even that game had a little bit before the paid cosmetic shop appeared and they at least can see the gear they want to but actually on their character.

TLDR: The base of Darktide is amazing but release was beyond disappointing, I’m hoping to see the game get some much needed love.

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