So, let’s just get this (disaster) straight

The DLC promised to be released in April, that then were supposed to feature two maps, will now be released at the end of August, and, despite the 4 months delay, will still only feature two maps (and they aren’t maps that are very good either, the Call of Duty Zombie mini-game is okay, but other than that, not anything to write home about), NO new weapons (making this the first payed DLC for Vermintide ever not to feature new weapons), no new talents, or talent-reworks, despite it being pretty much agreed upon that some of the talents in the game is complete garbage, no new boss (revealed yet anyway), really no new mechanic at all, and judging from the Beta, this game still is one of the buggiest games out there (I mean come on, the animations for Pyro Sienna Ulting is magically gone, how do you manage to remove features??).
Fatshark, the goddamn behavior from you is simply not okay. You can’t have “rebalancing of weapons” as a feature for your DLC, and use that as an excuse not to implement new ones. It’s actually pathetically parodic to defend you being too lazy to implement new weapons with the excuse that “some weapons that were already in the game are now usable”. Like wtf? Also, no news what so ever on dedicated servers yet, despite it also being something that were supposed to release in April. It’s one thing to be incompetent enough not to be able to finish it in time, but to shut up completely about everything involving the future for this game is just pathetic. Why are you not talking to your fans? Also, not even having fixed talents that were broken on release (in February) even to this day shows how mismanaged this game is. I’ve actually never heard of a game developer who put in features in their games that simply didn’t work, and still hadn’t managed to fix them half a year later. Wtf are you doing over there? This game is more broken now than ever. How do you manage to brake something more the more you try and fix it? There is no excuse for it, at all. Vermintide 2 was on Steams top 10 best selling games list of 2018 when that list got published this summer, and still you pretend to be some 5-man garage-developer with no skill at all. You just don’t give a f*ck, do you?
A DLC like this after 4 months of complete darkness is not okay, it’s just pathetic. I will be very interested to see the price for it.



First off, the version you’re currently playing is the Beta test version. Thus, it’s meant to gauge the community’s response to the changed stuff and to discover buggy stuff, and likely to change with actual release.

Considering your opinion on the map quality, you seem to be in the minority. I’ve seen relatively lots of positive comments (especially considering the amount of positivity in general, both about this game and in the 'net) specifically on the quality of the maps, and I agree with them. For there being “still” only two maps, the same things that have delayed the release of the DLC this far have been the ones to prevent making more of them - and besides, if there were more maps done, they would likely be maps for another DLC entirely, as these kinds of things are designed at least months in advance of publishing, sometimes years.

This update, even in its beta version, brings in a ton of bug fixes, some of which have been expected for a while. Yet you still deride the devs for not fixing stuff. Besides, this current fix-happy patch is partially meant (to paraphrase one dev from Reddit side) to make a stable platform on which more balance changes can be made, now that Talents and other things are actually working correctly. At least some of the bugs apparent now (including the Trueflight specials’ animation troubles) are already known to the devs - in the beta phase of the update.

Regarding new weapons, I haven’t seen anyone make a point in the forums or Reddit that the devs made quite early in a stream (possibly the release stream, don’t remember exactly): The way the new weapons were brought in in VT1 was crap (by making them extremely difficult to obtain, even when you owned the DLCs), and thus, they ended up giving free ones for Christmas presents. If new weapons are to come to VT2, they’re likely to be a separate pack, available for everyone equally. Besides, the pool of sensible weapons that aren’t effectively duplicates of existing ones is starting to get quite small, and new things aren’t exactly easy to balance in, especially if even the old stuff is (quite badly) unbalanced. We’ve gotten several weapons that are back in the “good weapons” part of the selection now, including the previously worst option(s). So you do have more choices to play with.

The roadmap was not in any way a strict promise for anything; it was a (loose even then) schedule based on then-current knowledge of estimated timeframes of some feature releases. Things happened, the estimates couldn’t be kept. Such is life, things don’t often go as planned and due to several unforeseen circumstances things had to be put off by several months.

Also, if you read around more in-depth about stuff going on, you could also find dev responses hidden away. Yes, not exactly the way it should be, I know. But for example, the dedicated servers have struck several hitches on the way, not every one of which has been even remotely in FS’s control. They are still coming, but no time estimates can be given.

FS is working on recovering this game, and this patch, even in its beta form, is a good step. More steps need to be taken, some of those steps are in the works, others still invisible. After 1.2 goes live, and likely few patches after that, work can start on fine-tuning the weapon balance and rough balancing of the Talents. Not everything can be done at once, and things take time. If you’re really that unhappy with the game and its developers, you’re free to leave and, if you want, to come back at a later stage, when things have been more ironed out. It’s an unfortunate fact for the modern gamer, but if you purchase a game at its release, you really should expect a while of more or less steady updates, sometimes years’ worth. That’s one reason why I often don’t buy games right away (and why I was burned badly on one I did buy immediately, namely Arkham Knight).


The patch, or as you say the rebalancing of weapons, is not a feature of the DLC. It is a feature of the patch that is releasing at the same time as the DLC.
Regardless if you own the DLC or not.

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interwebz hint: when posting a big piece of text, slice it into smaller pieces (like Yzneftamz did), so people can get some idea of what they are about to read and decide if they want to put the effort. huge text walls makes people less inclined to read stuff :smile:


still we are working for fs right now, so I hope in some kind of reward.

The reward is seeing new content before actual release, getting your opinions heard (even more than usual), and keeping any stuff you find in-game, even if you don’t purchase the DLC.


I like the new maps, they’re interesting, awesomely designed and perfectly fit the WHFRP style.

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Sigmar couldn’t have said it better himself.

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Well, I’d already decided that although I would like to see the new maps, I’ll wait for the release of the patch and hold off until the bug forum dies down concerning the new maps and DLC.

Some of this is due to the fact I’m just a bit jaded when it comes to finding and tolerating bugs for VT2 as the full list of bugs must run into dozens if not 100+ impactful bugs, and I’m just content to sit and wait for the patch to hit.

A lot of what I see in the patch notes looks pretty great, BUT … we’ve had patches in the past that have either been bungled and introduced problems, or straight up said something was fixed when it wasn’t. With all this in mind, and the venom of the opening post, I think it might be a good idea for the thread starter and the people who liked the opening post to consider adjusting their mindset a little. You might get a little bit less acid reflux. I know by staying away from the Beta I’ve avoided getting into a big mood about the way things are going and what I’d like to see happen that hasn’t.

When it comes to new weapons, I think you’d be quite hard pushed to have any viable and different weapons from what is already in the game. Anything I can think of off the top of my head is a duplicate of something already there. Tridents, Morning Star, 2h flail, Pike… they’re just a new model of something already there.

Although we could all wax lyrical about how this should have happened or that should have happened we are where we are. I happen to agree that lessons about communication with their playerbase STILL aren’t being learned and that this patch should have been patch 0.2 - probably a month after release than 6 months but as @Yzneftamz said - things have caused a derailment and no amount of behaving like a Khorne Zerker is going to make things suddenly be marvelous.

I suppose what’s quite sad is that the game is going to take a couple of years to become the classic it could’ve been and by then something else will have buried VT2. This is what makes me a little melancholy and indifferent about the whole thing now.

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Down with the dev hate train, show them support not hate


Just don’t buy it.
Just don’t give them even more money.
Problem solved.
User sided quality control is actually pretty simple to maintain.

  1. Don’t preorder.
  2. Don’t make advertisement, good or bad.
  3. Don’t hype.
  4. Don’t pay for being a tester.

Basically do the Fatshark. Just don’t react until the product is confirmed to have the level of quality you aimed for.


I disagree with you. :smiley:
I cannot see it as a reward for helping in a process that in the commercial world is part of the development flow.
Usually I’m paid for this kind of work, and I wish to find customers willing to help me in this way when I’m developing :smiley:
I understand that nowadays seems normal behavior, still I don’t like it and I’m free to say so.
As much free as to accept or not to be part of debug train. Probably someone would think, “just don’t do that, or if you do, don’t complain”, why? if I didn’t accept, I would not have the right to complain :smiley:
Also because I helped/I’m helping, for free, at least I have the right to hope in a proper reward, and if something looks like sh!t to say so without caring too much if I hurt someone feelings. :smiley:

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