Fatshark PLEASE - gameplay is great, everything else deeply flawed

You’ve nailed the hardest part to get right - the gameplay.
Congratulations, truly - you did a great job there!

Unfortunately, instead of other systems in the game complementing the gameplay, they take away from it. I actually look forward to loading into each mission simply because it takes me out of the social lobby where everything is frustrating and nothing makes sense.


Lottery loot system combined with gear acquisition rate of “1 item per map, sometimes… and only if you win” simply doesn’t work and isn’t fun or rewarding.

  • Is Darktide supposed to be Vermintide in 40k? In that case, let us actually get/make the gear we want so that the word “build” actually has a meaning here and so that we can target damage breakpoints etc. and play the game for the enjoyment that comes from overcoming X difficulty - aka the very reason why people enjoy Vermintide.

  • Is Darktide supposed to be a “looter” game with a lottery RNG system where it’s nearly impossible to get the exact combination of weapon/variation/stat_roll/perks/blessings you want? In that case take a look at literally any other looter on the market and realize that in those games, players are getting showered with loot which makes the RNG much more bearable.

Base stats of items being rolled randomly feels absolutely awful. Treat the base stat total power as item power in Vermintide - once we get to 380, we keep getting items of that power or slightly lower only… and let us move those sliders ourselves. We have a budget of 380 and cannot simply max everything out, instead we would adjust every weapon to our preference/build. Now that would actually be an original and engaging system, unlike the one we got. Or let every weapon variant have it’s own characteristics and ditch the randomized base stats.

Inventory not being shared makes this so much worse since even with universal weapons you have to win the loot lottery on every single one of your characters…

The NPC shop - completely unnecessary, I’d rather get gear for actually playing the game instead of having to check an NPC shop once every 60 minutes… not to mention that even at lvl 30 with full legendary gear on we still have to sift through white and green gear in the shop and it’s often better than the blue gear there, in terms of base stats…

------------I’ll keep the rest short.------------


  • Refining - after the reroll becomes free, we should be only rolling max-tier perks. What is the point of still rolling tier 2-3 perks and making us literally click 200 more times for no reason at all?
  • For the love of Sigmar, let us reroll both perks, make it expensive, I don’t care, just let us do it.
  • Dismantling items should give small amount of crafting materials. Either that or let us buy materials with gold. Considering how bad the offerings in NPC shop tend to be, we will never be able to spend our millions of gold otherwise.


  • There need to be at the very least 3 DIFFERENT maps for each difficulty, preferably each being a different mission type as well.
  • Modifiers that make the game easier/harder should also affect the reward.
  • Lobby browser when?

Your whole crafting section that also covers the shop…

My suggestion is to have the shop offer useful items more often (higher level, X above and below your current watermark but overall offering multiple items a day instead of 1-2 a week that is useful).

Have the shop manually refreshable with money (money sink) as often as you have the money for it.
Possibly have a free reroll given every hour you are online so that you can use it when you please, at the end of a mission OR end of the game session for example.

Have items dismantled into crafting materials so that you can craft more often (and not just be able to instantly craft the perfect item as some have suggested) this helps keep some of that replayability for chase items and gives more opportunity to get a good item without just being given perfect items.

Overall this gives higher value to all the money we get from missions that is currently worthless because you have no reason to spend it, it makes special conditions awarding because they give bonus money that would then have a value. You get to craft more and if done right actually buy base items to craft that are worthwhile.

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