What Fatshark do incredibly well, Combat

The combat in Vermintide is incredibly satisfying. Each hit have weight & each weapon type (sword, axe, hammer, bow, handgun etc.) feels different. Even vertical & horizontal attacks on the same weapon give a different feedback to me when playing (not sure that’s the right term to use, I hope people understand what I mean). When using a hammer I can feel how the attack stops when hitting something, just like I would if I hit a hammer on a tree. When cleaving with a sword I feel how tougher it gets the more models I go though & how it stop if I don’t have enough cleave power to go though more models.

In short combat in Vermintide is incredible & Fatshark have insanely talented people working in the company. So for the love of evolution treat them well so they stay as long as possible.

Cya in 2022 & god fortsättning.


It’s in the running for best game ever made IMO. They struck gold in every aspect.

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Almost, I really, really dislike the gear system. Re-rolling properties in the keep for minutes is not something I see as fun. When you get Red gear it’s not as bad but it’s still frustrating.
When friends get the game I always tell them to never re-roll properties until they get red gear. The exception is Curse resistance. Random properties, with random numbers is an insanely tedious & boring in my opinion. So much that I might not get DarkTides if they keep that system, I rather stay with Vermintide where I have all red gear for all careers then grind that again.

Combat 10/10. Nothing out there that can compete.

I´d say they only struck gold in the combat and lore related stuff, then we got the more technical stuff like crafting systems, mods, cosmetics and whatnot and suddenly it takes a dive.

And mods wouldnt be such a big thing if the base UI wasnt so crap at providing info like when someone is grey or got healthshare or something. Which is kinda connected to how crap the game is at explaining anything and how poor the descriptions for some weapons are like elf glaive having the tag for high armor damage.

Which is only true for the 2nd heavy attack, on headshots mostly.


It says armor piercing which is accurate, no attack on the glaive glances armor. It says this on the billhook too despite that having 2 moves that glance armor on a moveset of 6, and worse armor damage headshots exempt. The glaive’s 2nd heavy is beat out by like 3-4 weapons tops for raw armor damage, and its hit #2 after one that did like 50% less damage (but does have a terrible angle). Even for winging body shots it’s not terrible armor damage. I can’t think of any weapon that isn’t noticeably better with a lot of headshots besides the flame sword.

I think weapon descriptions got worse as the game went on, and the launch ones are probably closest. They at least describe attack patterns and properties correctly. Not like ‘wide sweeps’ and ‘crowd control’ on the skullsplitter and blessed tome. Despite having accurate descriptions like ‘heavy charged attack’. Or ‘sniper’ on the trollhammer - a weapon with heavy projectile arc, a fuse (so a limited range where it just blows up mid air) AND damage fall off. And the worst offender of all ‘damage over time’ on the Deepwood Staff, which is just false information. You need atharti’s delight for DoT, which is only when you crit.

But in general the melee in the game is really satisfying and why it’s so replayable. But it also highlights what makes it fun - the variety of content. This is why some meaningful rebalance is on everyone’s list, because a restrictive meta of imbalanced content wiping droves of enemies faster than the competition is running against that.

The weapons feel good, but some are terribly unbalanced (moonbow and javelin).

The combat still has plenty of problems. The biggest IMO is the fact that multiple enemies can occupy the same space. This is a problem when they are all in different stages of an attack animation and it basically becomes impossible to see what’s going on. This is particularly common with patrols when you always get multiple hyperstacked SV or CWs in different attack phases. Or how hookrats can just phase through dense hordes like they don’t exist or how I miss my backstab as a shade because a rat ogre gets knocked back an now i’m inside it not behind it. This hyperstacking BS breaks immersion in the game and leads to so many cheesy cheap deaths that have nothing to do with player skill that it just gets a bit disappointing.

The combat in VT2 is still good but there is plenty of room for improvement. IMO, the Dark Souls games do a much better job and provide better challenge while actually being fairer - when you die in a Souls game you know it’s 100% your fault not because of some hyperstacking cheese or some broken audio cue that you get so frequently in VT2.

I hope Darktide has enemies that actually occupy individual space so we don’t have this nonsense. The game would be way better if we had fewer enemies that were actually intelligent - being able to block and dodge and use multiple attacks. LMB spamming mindless hordes of trash that only charge forward blindly and have 2 simple attack moves isn’t challenging and gets pretty boring after a while.

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