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This will be a long ranting post. I’ll post a TL; DR at the end. Please tell me if the layout is readable.

I assume most of the people talking and “beating the dead roger” are doing that because they love the game.
I do, in fact. I got 830 hrs in VT1 where I learnt my ropes in the Action game genre, I’m nearly that treshold in VT2. Consider I’m a 40 hrs a week worker and I live alone so it’s a lot of time if you need to attend other matters.

My most important concern about the game is the fact the devs have no clear directions except of course making the players’ (game)life impossible or very difficult to handle.
They are so harsh nerfing cheese ‘n’ cheats as much as lenient to bugs and features which inflate the Artificial difficulty of the game.

Are you using a corner camping tactic in RS? Enjoy the broken furniture to ruin it.
Whenever a cheap tactic is found, it’s immediately hotfixed.

But at the same time, we still have instapouncing Gutter Runners (and other problems, see @Rebel 's topic), Blightstormer damaging you for 55 HPs just because you are caught in an unavoidable storm, Beastmen (enough said), etc.
And a plethora of bugs, like sounds not properly playing; or silly features like the mining cart/battering ram which are rubber walls for us and fresh air for the enemies.

What’s the coherent vision of the game, if there’s one?

For example, what’s the difficult around which balancing the game? If it’s Legend then all the weapons should be at least usable there but I dare you all to try to use a 2H sword and be useful to your team.
This is because you have so many armoured enemies the pure CC weapons are a joke.

We needed balance to the talents and weapons, traits and properties.
We got a total combat overhaul which made people like me, who are forced to a mobile connection and have pings in the order of 100ms, impossible to play without getting downed at every corner .

We needed more attention to the QP part of the game and we got Cheaterboards for premades.

We needed a new crafting System, provided that VT1 had one better than the current one. We got more grind. We had to regrind 5 levels to get back our Ult’s talents. We got Weaves with new grind to get some acceptable weapons.

We needed skins, maps, weapons, etc. We got 5 new weapons , without a proper red skins yet. We got some poor implemented maps (Even in BtU, where they cranked up the difficulty just for the sake of difficulty). At least we got the Emporium, because we were relying to RNG to get some hats and skins. I waited months then I got 2 helmets in a row, then in the limbo again.

We needed bugfixing and we always got half baked and buggy features, mechanics, everything.

IMHO there are too many stray dogs in the development thinking they know the One True Way of the Gaming and implementing changes by their own whim.
They should remind that a game is also a product which is bought for its features. Drastic changes can alter the perception of the product and are not good as advertising.

TL;DR: FS should stop to brainfart changes. They should focus on polishing the gameplay and implementing their features in a better way. And hire some competent manager/supervisor who can address the work in one direction, instead on spreading it all around the Reikland.


Well as much as i like one of the bigger youtubers to bring more light into these issues, in the end it is just echoing basically everything that has been said by the community already.

WoM launch was an absolute joke from weaves to beastman and everything between that. It failed and people in the beta/alpha forums were saying it months before the DLC was even launched. Literal topics of discussion on balance and problems with weaves and how to potentially address them totally disregarded.

Fatshark really needs to start having some proper direction and vision not to mention actually listening to the core playerbase who play this game. Otherwise it will keep bleeding out players.
Not to mention the fact that over 100 employee company cant apparently make content in proper time frame (9 months for a map?) and cant even make important balance changes and fixes because of weave seasons really does not give me any confidence of the near future.

I personally can live without content for a good while because the core game is good but when stuff such as beastman are so obviously over tuned for months on end and are simply not fun to fight against and still it took ages to even fix the stupid gor attack timings, then you really have a problem on your dev team.


maybe broken heart?

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The game isn’t dead while there’s 2k sad b@stards like us still playing. 2-4k, out of a rumoured sales of 2 MILLION copies. I mean shitting hell. That’s a bloody awful customer retention rate.

The game actually Died during the Beta for WoM, when it was clear that FS had no idea about their player-base and it’s basic needs and what made their game attractive, and then having been told by countless people far more skilled than me that the whole thing was a monumentally imbalanced c0ck-up, and STILL FS launched with the beastmen being horrific to fight, and the new map crashing the game for people. This is the bit that still leaves me dumbfounded when I dwell on it … - How did anyone think WoM was the way forwards? Leaderboards? Seperate Anathor crafting? NO hope of a deed rework?

All you’ve got left is us sad few who still like the damn thing in spite of it giving me blood pressure problems. I’m like a smack addict who knows it’s no good for me but I keep coming back…


@mashmonster, @Rebel, no need for this bickering, please! :slight_smile:


I will look like a moralizer…Guys and Girls it sure shows your passion for the game but you should keep in mind that a shitstorm is surerly not what the creator intended.
Let’s stay constructive (while still most are).

I am a bit baffled about weaves not getting played seemingly by anyone, I always thought there are tons of premade Discord Groups who play them.
For now, I am looking forward to the update for January, might be a big one.

What is it with you and this weird Vampire Lady?

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Premades finished the Weaves or got as far as they cared to within a month of them being released. They have no replayability, there is no point playing a level you’ve already finished.


Excuse me good sir? Weird vampire lady? I presume you meant to type “Saviour of the emperor, blessed by Sigmars holy light, the guardian of the realms of man, Geneviève Dieudonné”.


The naivete is honestly mind boggling. New Beastmen units will never be added at this point in the game (maybe I’ll eat my words, but I highly doubt it). By the time the closed Winds of Magic test hit everything was essentially set in stone. Only after the release were combat mechanics tweaked at all. Traits and Properties will never change at this point. Better get to work on accepting it. The weapons in this game have NEVER been entirely balanced and they NEVER will be. Better get to work on accepting that too. There will always be something more meta than everything else. I’ve played the game long enough to see a multitude of weapons take the top meta spot for each character. The same goes for Careers. IT WILL NEVER BE PERFECT. Especially not according to whatever “feedback” you have in your head. Which is really just your OPINION of how it should be. This is the case for literally every multiplayer game known to mankind. There will ALWAYS be something meta. Better get to work on accepting it.

The feedback has been given over and over again. The horse is a tattered, bloody pulp. To me the latest Beta indicates that they are listening. But that’s just my opinion. I haven’t been playing as much lately because I’m just waiting around for the cosmetic shop to hit the live build.

Just like the comments stating that game is dying or is already dead…LOL what a joke. After Bogenhafen hit and everyone was so buttmad about the cosmetics and “muh content”, the toxic cesspit that is r/Vermintide literally imploded and they all said that the game would be dead in a month or two. And yet here we still are, months and months later and the Steam charts indicate that the game’s health is pretty much the same as it always has been. And in fact the game has had several population spikes whenever it goes on sale.

But according to some I’m just a clueless troll I guess? Humorous.

Oh but there SHOULD be more beastmen units though, shouldn’t there? Whether or not there will be more added is entirely up to Fatshark and whether or not they actually want to improve the faction and make it on-par with the other two. As it stands beastmen only exist to make you appreciate skaven and chaos more. They’re not very fun to fight against and they make the gameplay experience worse.

Why shouldn’t it change? Why should there only be one trait slot where you fill it with nothing but obvious and easy choices? Why should Swift Slaying be the only actually good trait to use? Why should it be so one dimensional and simple? Why not improve it, make it more fun, enjoyable? Why not make the game better? Vermintide 1, the previous game, had better weapon customization and traits so clearly it CAN be done.

No one here has ever argued for perfect weapon balance. But even the newest players can tell what weapons are weak and what weapons aren’t from just looking at them. Volley Crossbow has been left in the dust for years, completely off meta and bad. How long would it take for Fatshark to implement some buffs to that weapon? How much effort would it take to literally just make the ammo pool bigger? Of course there will always be the meta, everyone here knows that, but the more build variety there is, the better, and just because something isn’t meta doesn’t mean it’s not good or fun to use. And sadly, many weapons are neither fun nor good.

Of course it’s my opinion. Everywhere in my topics I say that it is MY opinion, but you don’t argue that my opinion is wrong or that my feedback is bad. If people agree that it would be a great change to implement, then why shouldn’t it be implemented? If it makes the game better, then why shouldn’t it be done? That and there are objective issues with the game that I point out in my other threads like the one about the gutter runners. They have OBJECTIVE bugs, yet you don’t want that fixed.

Aye, and people have to keep hammering it into Fatsharks head until they get it. It will literally never stop until the developers actually take action and decide to have some passion for their own game and make it better and more enjoyable for everyone to play. A higher quality game means more people play and stick around, which means more revenue and hopefully more time and effort put into the game, which longterm is far better for the studio and health of the game, instead of these cheap cash grabs where it’s like 7 sales per year and several free weekends. I have not seen a game such as this go on sale THIS many times. People will not, and cannot stop hammering it in and will keep giving feedback until this game is better than it is right now.

I don’t think the game is dead, but to say that it’s healthy is disingenuous. It had a massive sales figure and only manages to keep 2-4k players via numerous free weekends and sales. The content drought that happens between DLC’s is unbearable and what’s even more unacceptable is that the DLC often isn’t even that good.

Yeah, that’s the only significant reason why this game is not below 1k players.

The biggest thing that I don’t like about you is that you’re a sniveling defeatist. You no longer care about the game. You don’t care about improving it, you don’t care about making it better, you don’t care about the direction it’s taking, worse yet, you’re actively working against people who want to make a change.

I say this from the bottom of my heart. You’re pathetic. I’ll keep giving feedback, my opinion, objectively looking at bugs, weapons and enemy behaviour, and I’ll keep trying to change the game for the better. Even if I change absolutely nothing, I don’t care, cause I do it out of principle, cause I enjoy this game and want it to be better. If you honestly think that the game couldn’t have been significantly better, with a bigger playerbase, more fun mechanics without the annoyances of something like the crafting system, or the depressive state of weaves, then I have nothing else to say to you.


Is a bit too much of a hassle to type for me. You also need to drink a glass of water to have enough saliva to be able to speak out her name…
I’ll call her “GD” from now on, if you don’t mind. Are you hoping for GD’s appearance in Castle Drachenfels? She had some appearence there according to my brief Wiki-Lookup.


It has “died back” to 2- 4k with only some kind of monumental change in methods attracting more players back.

While it’s admirable and necessary that people like @Rebel keep giving feedback, the impression I get is that the feedback is largely or wholeheartedly ignored - or - there isn’t the skill/will to change things effectively.


I honestly didn’t even read most of that reply. But what sticks out the most is your “opinion” of what the player base should be like. And it says that you are UTTERLY CLUELESS.

A game like this will never have a player like other games because it is too niche. Even a game like Deep Rock Galactic (which people say all the time has better devs and blah blah blah) keeps less than 4,000 average players per month. That game has been out for well over a year and has received lots of good press. And yet the game keeps low players because it falls into the same niche as Vermintide. It will never be any different because the game itself resides within a niche that only attracts and keeps certain players who get hooked on the gameplay loop.

Nobody cares about how you think the halberd should be balanced. Nobody cares that you’re bad at killing Assassins and therefore think they should be changed. Nobody cares that you think the crafting system should be totally overhauled. Nobody cares about “muh specific vision” that you have for weapon balance.

Literally all of it has been said before. The stuff that the devs decided to change has already been changed (green dust conversion, the latest change to rerolls, etc etc). The same goes for enemy behaviors. The presence of bugs is an entirely different story so don’t try to bring that into it. The beta build is the least buggy that I’ve seen the game in a long time. Besides, we live in a time where even a billion dollar product (Modern Warfare) is absolutely riddled with bugs. Get over it. Nobody thinks your internet outrage is convincing anyway.

It’s not defeatist. It’s being realistic. You haven’t even been on the forum for 6 months and you seem to think that “muh feedback” should be treated like holy scripture and that Fatshark should just jump to everything and change the whole game in 3 weeks. Meanwhile, I’ve been here since launch. I played the game when Ratling Gunners could shoot through every surface in the game. The stuff that they saw fit to change was changed a long time ago. Anything else either does not fit their vision for the game or they do not feel it needs to be changed based on whatever their internal perspective is (I’ve suspected that it has something to do with how their internal builds function vs. actually playing on Steam, but who knows).

Don’t like it? Then leave. The game will more than likely persist regardless of what you have to say anyway. Personally I don’t care about anything you have to say. There have been plenty of trolls saying the game was in a bad spot and that it’s in peril and that the changes they suggested were what’s needed to keep it alive. Which is a load of nonsense because the game has continued on its merry way as it always has done.

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Yes, she’s actually the one who helped killed the big bad vampire lore. And during this time in the lore she’s actually in Drachenfels delivering a message.

Yeah he missed most important thing, why wutelgi is still ingame

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Interesting… But what I have seen so far is that Games Workshop lets FatShark not have ANY direct contact with the actual lore from the books. I don’t think they will ever let them, too.

What can happen is just some hint of her. Maybe a scream of some sort? Or just tracks of her running around… But a direct interaction with an actual notable character from the books will sadly never happen, I’m afraid.

Not any contact, we know Sienna learned under Gormann. That’s something. He was a pretty big deal.

Either way I don’t think it’s an issue on Games Workshop part, but simply Fatshark having no desire to get our characters involved with the big players, at least so far. Let’s not forget that we’re extremely low on the power scale, meeting one of the named characters is a big deal simply because of how absurdly broken almost anyone with a named mention is.

Cough Drachenfels wasn’t a vampire. I know Castle Drachenfels is the closest thing to Dracula’s Castle we have save for Vlad’s Castle Drakenhof, but Drachenfels wasn’t a vampire. He was simply a great necromancer, and one of the oldest human beings to still roam the world, possibly from the same time or before Sigmar Heldenhammer.


Doesn’t she actually have his memories or something weird like that?

I mean, idk, I haven’t actually read Genevieve’s books. All I know is that she was there and she helped, and that Drachenfels wasn’t a vampire.