Vermintide 2 is being strangled by design flaws and false advertisement/promises and is losing its playerbase

First off, I’d like to say where I’m coming from.
The End Times: Vermintide is one of my most played games of all time, I remember after acquiring my last veteran item at about 600 hours and was at a loss, believing I would abandon the game as I was pretty much done with it, every mission/dlc mission done on all difficulties including solo runs, I intended to stop playing.

But then I discovered mods, and it gave me another 800 hours out of V1. Not only thanks to the cosmetic side of things with visual weapons, third person and quality of life mods related to UI and gameplay, but the mutators kept me playing enjoying the challenge and outrageous difficulty at times with mostly a laughter of hopelessness. It was then to my delight that V2 was announced, as at this point I naturally had become a big fan of fatshark, already a fan of warhammer, it was great to see more good games from the universe. So I supported the game, and despite my better judgement, I decided to pre order and support the upcoming sequel to a game I enjoyed a lot. I wanted it to be good, I wanted it done right, and I must admit, I gave Fatshark some blind faith. I’ve been a loyal fan to V1, purchasing every DLC because I craved more content to enjoy, and I did, so I really did believe that Fatshark had really taken in and learned from the lessons taught throughout V1s lifespan; but in V2’s current state, it seems not at all.

Now, only 2 months into V2’s lifespan and 380 hours, I am so fed up.
I am so tired of crashes, I am so tired of audio bugs(no announcements from specials, music on loop for 30 minutes, specials screeching forever after their death, dialogue, one of my favorite aspects of V1, is a complete mess and unbelievably inconsistent), I am so tired of performance issues, the problems are just stacking up to heights I never experienced in V1.

Crafting and its design flaws
Rerolling traits and properties
The End Times: Vermintide allowed you to reroll traits and unlock them using the same quality token that the item belonged to, so white, green, blue, orange, meaning the items you most consistently got from the difficulty you were playing, would allow you to mix and try new traits.

In Vermintide 2, this is not the case. In fact, as of right now, the game punishes you for playing higher difficulties. You wish to reroll properties and experiment with the variety of bonuses available and you’re a Legend player exclusivley? Drag yourself through lower difficulties for the opportunity to do so, or spend… an ungodly amount of time using the crafting systeym (which already is slow) to at random craft green items that you can then salvage.

It is apparent to me, that Vermintide 2 and its crafting design has gone BACKWARDS and become worse than its predecessor. It is as of right now, one of my biggest problems with the game, as I simply cannot experiment with different properties, I do not have access to enough green dust because I play more than one hero and career. Besides, I was already running out on my first hero.

Weapon Illusions
At first, this was something I welcomed but I now inherently dislike. In V1, weapon appearance was tied to the quality of the weapon, where as in V2, it is randomly added to an item you aquire.
This means, due to the random nature of the game, that some people are not going to see a decent skin for a weapon they like for ages, if any, and perhaps, not even the time they play the game before they quit. I believe this to be inherently disheartening, even boring to many as there are heroes and weapons I’ve played I’ve not seen skins for other than soldiers, Krubers Executioneers Sword being the example, and he is my 2nd most played hero.

Now, where to the topic where I am borderline disgusted by the advertisement of V2.

False/deceptive advertisement
Remember all those things promised?

Dedicated servers
An end to what many had issues with, host migration. One of the things that really stings, an unfair blow after great teamplay or a clutch, a game crahes or the host loses connection to the internet for a moment, and all is lost. The fun of cooperating, of pulling a clutch, it disappears in a second and you feel cheated.

We’re still waiting for an announcement, but we’re stuck waiting. Fatshark made a promise they did not hold, and are now having us wait with no information of when, where and how. They set their own deadline, and they could not keep it - and we are now left in the dark.

Mod Support
Mod support, is according to the recent newsletter close, but still lagging behind schedule and other than “soon”, we do not know.

Keep Decorations
Remember we were promised opportunities to actually display our accomplishments by decorating the keep? Perhaps for completing tough deeds on legend, something fancy and cool to be displayed somewhere? Yeah, no. And it is nowhere in sight.

And while on decorations, cosmetics for your heroes is just in a LAUGHABLE state right now, though it isn’t making me smile. 3 hats per hero, 1 per career, and in 380 hours, with hundreds of commedation chests opened, not a single one.
Not one.

Final thoughts
I really wish Vermintide 2 was released, advertised as early access. I’ve played early access games with fewer bugs and crashes than V2, and it being advertised as a ready release is really hurting the percetion of the game, not just for me, probably for other fans of the first game, and people completely new.

Thanks for reading, feedback and opinions very welcome.
( I wil edit spelling errors, feel free to point them out too. :>)


hello fatshark any news on the content update? 2 weeks ago you said: we are very close for the content update what is very close for you?



This is why I quit playing at 200 hours. Spot on, that was almost 2 months ago.


Last month the most frequent excuse I heard on the forums was “playerbase is settling in”
Another month passed and the playerbase got cut in half again.

I’ll abstain from snarky comments and just say that I hope there will be reasons for this trend not to continue.

It’s astonishing to me that there are “armor” and “portrait frame” slots that have 5 total cosmetics, all of them behind a paywall of “collectors edition”.

Since the game was already released I can only assume it was planned this way and It baffles me to no end.

FS seriously made a dedicated slot for an armor skin for 4 careers and a dedicated slot for one portrait frame(two if you count the developer exclusive one)?

I know there were never any armor skins “promised” by one would think that giving a slot for armor cosmetics in hero characterization menu implied there’s more of them, especially since if you don’t own collectors ed there’s NONE of them.


This is pretty much spot on my man! #Feels We’ve run trough the Pre-Beta and the BETA and when it finally got released i was a bit overwhelmed by the classes, and all the new maps and mobs. Needless to say, it took some time before i started to notice it (blinded by coop fun) but when you recognize it, there is no turning back. I still have faith in Fatshark since End Times, but time is dragging out and by looking at current patches, little has been done to improve upon this. It’s a great game, but its still very much lacking. By Sigmar, they have a whole castle this time around, USE IT ffs. The little inn/pub in Endtimes prettymuch made the atmosphere what it was, friggin amazing! Id rather have it back than a big empty castle.


I can’t help but mostly agree.

However I vehemently disagree in regards to weapon illusions. This system means you won’t spend most of your time staring at a gilded, overdesigned weapon, there’s a way to change it up - plus there’s more than just a few skins per weapon… in most cases. The illusion system I by and large like.

Yet they still manage to screw up this system by making default skins sound like inferior weapons in the descriptions. With the lack of information about anything in this game, any noob is liable to think that a weapon with an illusion is just better than a default skin weapon - even if that one is an orange with 300 power.

But all things said, I know I ain’t buying this DLC, whenever it comes out. Nope. I’ll gladly save my money. Not until I have to stop dealing with… what the OP is dealing with, really. Honestly I don’t even care about the balance - I play Champion with a friend of mine and we aren’t really exposed to the pub meta, we do what we want.

But the dialogue is an awful place, actually WORSE than V1, even after fixes. You shouldn’t be advertising heroes being able to talk to each other on Twitter! It’s in the core of Vermintide, you should be ashamed it’s taken you until May to get anything in that’s not annoying, repetitive chatter! Don’t get me started on how careers take the Warhammer names and pretend that’s enough.

I’ll agree that in pursuit of preferred appearance for individual players, it is a step forward; my problem lies with the way you aquire them, which I likely instead should’ve specified. It is jst too random, and sometimes you just don’t see any illusions at all. :confused:

Not purchasing DLC 'till things shape up is definitely the way to go.

The sensible move on FS part should be releasing the DLC for free. Otherwise the already melting playerbase will melt even faster when people who didn’t but the DLC have less people to play with due to the bunch who bought the DLC trying to play the DLC maps and then again the people who bought the DLC and don’t have friends to play with will either have to play with bots(FUN,right?) or face abysmal queue times for said maps, with not being to able their character of choice almost guaranteed since the luckiest they’ll get is stumble on a group of three with an open slot who will most likely already be in game (because who’s gonna wait an hour for a +1?) hence the experience of running a map from start to finish will be yet another dice roll in the game.

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Oh right my favorite is when you get an illusion… which is the default skin. Mmmm. Sure is intentional. Really though I like the way you acquire them - they’re like hats, but you actually SEE them at all times. I like the illusions so much more than all other cosmetics and honestly don’t care for the cosmetics they plan to add, I want more illusions, and I want getting them to be an event. Could be smoother, but it’s way better than some other things in this game.

Yeah okay alarmist as we are this isn’t happening. I was able to play Drachenfels with people when 1k was a rare sight in V1. This just won’t happen. We’re going to at worst bottom out at 5k for the coming months. This will not be an issue for this DLC at all. Not that I wouldn’t mind it being released for free after us having bought the game about half a year ahead of when it was probably meant to be released before whatever happened, happened.

The game is just not fun as it is. I could really care less if it’s a result of incompetence, malice or bad luck. Fatshark seems to love taking months to release needed patches, leaving critically underperforming careers and weapons as is and nerfing anything remotely fun to use into the ground.
I used to play V2 for hours every day after release, now I barely do 4 runs a week.


Oh,I was able to do that too. Once or two times a week at specific hours. I could play all the waterfront I wanted though…

and it still will affect the playerbase. Only VT1 just wasn’t that popular overall, VT2 boomed initially(triple the playerbase on release compared to VT1) and it is in danger of dying horribly, not even because people will have trouble playing the DLC alone, only because it’ll be the last straw.

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i don’t care about bugs at all i win more legend runs than lose (80% Win 15% Lose 5% host disconnect) i just want more:
1- maps
2- weapons
3- type of enemies
4- cosmetics/skins


That may be overkill but I think it would be appropriate for people who don’t have the DLC to be able to only join those maps, just not host them.


Seems to be some confusion here (well I’m confused at least). DLC will be just like in VT1: only one player (host) has to have it, anyone who joins doesn’t need it.


Shush, we’re being fatalistic here.


Forgot it worked that way,I have all the DLC. Well,one good thing at least.

haha,I remember similar remarks on Evolve and Battleborn forums.


You seem just like some Apocalypse Knight, moving from one dying game to another, presaging it’s imminent end.


I do feel like that. In the last years every game I deeply care about ends up dead.


Despite my better judgement, I decided to play a couple of rounds today.

Of course, only to my regret as I encountered:

SIlent specials x3
game crashing x1
I got to take a look at my 0 greens, decided to craft 10 times and got 1 green item

I am reminded why I’ve practically stopped playing, and I’ve friends who just don’t anymore.
At this rate, V2 will have as small a playerbase as V1 had; and I don’t think there will be as many words of praise passed among friends, I know I wont(UNLESS there is some change one the rise, that actually matters). I’ll rather recommend the first.

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