1.0.8 Too many bug fixes and tweaks, too little changes

I am sure a lot of people are glad, that the new patch came out, that so many bugs have been fixed, but I am actually emotionally crushed. The reason is - how much time was spent fixing all those bugs and making all those minor tweaks.

Fixing bugs is not an easy job, because it is often hard to catch them… or to fix them… or both. And it is impossible to fix all the bugs, even AAA title have some, even Windows and Chrome. And Vermintide, despite also having some, was and is in a pretty playable state.

Yet so much time was wasted on those fixes, instead of making changes, that are really important to players, like crafting, talents, stats, cosmetics and other such stuff. I bet if you ask any player, if they would prefer bug fixes and tweaks or changes and content, they would pick the latter.

And even bugs… There is a lot of talent bugs, weapon bugs, trait bugs, that need fixing. Who really cares about that:

or that:

when they can’t use their favorite weapon, cause it goes through enemies, or get’s stuck in push animation. Or when their favorite character becomes so weak, because their talents refuse to work. Or when mobs keep spawning on top of their heads, despite being fixed.

Yes, this patch brings some long-anticipated changes:

but only 2 of these are bug fixes: Unstable Strength and Proxy. 3 others are actually changes of the gameplay. But there is like 5 of them, and they are not the most anticipated ones.

So I don’t know guys. I watched the stream, so many things were talked about there. I anticipated some improvement to the loot system, some cool changes, but what I got in the end was 20 gigabytes of bug-fixing.

*sigh :expressionless:

Update #1: By the way, guys, the F2 F2 skip has been fixed. Thank god!
Update #2: First tome pick up on Festering Ground has also been fixed. Hurrah.
Update #3: Shade ult applies bonus damage only to one weapon and only to first target hit. It is yet unknown, if that is intentional, but it might be.


If they fixed Ranger bardin’s smoke bomb being able to kill himself then thats something I’ve been anticipating. Games got a lot of things to work on, they’ll chip away at it but its going to take time realistically.

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Did you read the post? I literally stated this fix as anticipated change, and I literally said, that you can’t fix everything, thus you should do the important things.

I think this was more of an rhetorical response

I wasn’t disagreeing with you, just pointing out that to me, career skill friendly fire was something I was anticipating and considered important. Now I expect it to take several months for them to chip away at the other issues that personally bother me.

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Depends. There are easy to fix bugs and hard to fix bugs. There are also bugs that are ultimately easy to fix but hard to reproduce and vice versa.


Yeah, still not true. Generally speaking, working with something that already exists (and that the developer is already familiar with) is going to be much easier and faster than working with a new feature. Especially when you consider that the “something new” that is being added is going to have bugs to iron out as well, and I don’t mean bugs after it has been implemented in the game - I mean bugs and problems that come up during development that players never hear about.

I pick the former, I’m happy with this patch. Other than the F2 F2 fix of course, press F to pay respects.

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I don’t get it. People complain about, that this game is a buggy hell and that a majority of their runs fail because of bugs, especially on higher difficulties. -> People are mad

Bugs getting fixed -> People are mad because they (developer) “wasted” time on bug fixing instead of adding changes to the system.

Changes and the new features will be there when they are ready. It would be useless to add new features onto a buggy skeletal structure. This would just cause more problems in the future.

I trust FS. they polished their first game so well, why should they stop at the second, which is an even bigger success than the first game. Makes no sense to me.


It’s just this forum member in particular. He makes thread after thread of complaints and listing the dozens of changes he wants that would radically change things. I think he wants VT2 to be a completely different game.

I’m happy as hell with this patch, because it fixed a lot of big issues and set the groundwork for more changes, content, and fixes later on.


It depends. Though in this line, I didn’t mean just bugs, but things like adding or changing some behavior or refactoring. Or, the hardest of them all, fixing a faulty concept, since this one is not limited by technical skills alone.

You should know about workaround in development and their consequences better then me. And commenting. And importance of old employees. And this concept: “if it works, don’t touch it”

But it is arguable, so I think better delete this line.

Well sh*t

I’m waiting for the item stuff so not exactly what I wanted most,
but it’s a good start.

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Clearly the highest of priorities. Ugh…


I completly agree with the OP. This is a quite disappointing patch.

Not because all these things in the patch shouldn’t have been fixed. But because the game requires such a patch months after release. All this stuff should have been done before the game went live. Maybe we would have had to wait for the release longer, but at least we wouldn’t be frustrated with the game by now, waiting for fixes and changes that never seem to come.

So many uninspired talents, where it’s not even safe to say that they work, because the game keeps all stats secret from you (wonder why!).

So many issues with weapons, both with function and balance.

Important features not implemented yet, heck they even removed the roadmap with them (or never mentioned them again, like keep-decoration).

So while the patch seems to bring a lot of needed fixes, it’s still a disappointing patch, because at this point of the game’s life the focus should be somewhere else - in keeping players interested in the game through new content and changes that keep the gameplay fresh.


Honestly, when they announced the release I was like, “whaaaaaa? that seems way too soon…” and it was.

I’m flabbergasted they still haven’t fixed green dust…


Come on guys, have a little patience.

When I keep reading these types of threads it reminds me of people going to a restaurant, siting for 5 minutes, then complaining that their food has not arrived yet. Do you want your food done quick or do you want it done right? Have a little patience.

Alternatively, you can go to mcdonalds and have fast and terribly bad food.


So the not-content-patch didn’t add any new content in. Wow. No way.

Why not ragon Fatshark for something they did actually mess up, huh? There’s plenty if you look. But here, you just make yourself look dumb.

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Checks release date


They already sold us the food. We payed for it. And they put it on the table. And we ate from it.

And it’s not like described on the menue. Ingredients are missing. Parts of it were burnt, a lot of it undercooked. The spices they gave us to refine the dishes more to our taste were bland, maybe they are just colorized starch? Who knows.

We would have been fine with the cooks taking more time to prepare the orders better, but we got what we got. And now they’re scrambling to bring it up to standards. And we are sitting here for 3 hours already, waiting for the salad to have a proper vinegrette.


This is exactly the problem. They gussied up a dilapidated shack to make it look like the prime real estate they were advertising and the longer people play the more the paint starts peeling off the walls. It comes off as scummy/disingenuous af and a deliberate workaround of the Steam refund system.

This should have been Early Access. No one would be complaining if that was the case.

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I keep hearing people saying they were fooled. I don’t feel fooled, but I am curious if I should. Has someone actually compiled a list of all the features that were promised to be on launch but are missing (with valid sources naturally)?

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