The ramifications of 1.0.8

The one thing this patch shows, is how far away from ready the game was. What this patch is / looks like, is a coding overhaul. After this patch goes live, they can actualy start to fix and build the game. I wouldn’t be surprised to see all of the communities issues be resolved (soon TM) after this patch.
That is atleast my theory of why all of these things you would think would be in the game by now, they just can’t atm.

This couldn’t have been easy, keep up the goodwork.


Unfortunately its not that simple, by doing a massive code overhaul they fixed a number of issues but ended up creating just as many new issues with unforeseen bugs. Generally speaking in terms of buggy behavior 1.0.8 seems on par if not worse than live.

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Which is why I’m talking about it will be easier to fix / implement changes after 1.0.8. Sorry, thought that was obvious.

What patches show, is how bad the code of the game is. If you fix 10 bugs and get 10 bugs in return - that’s a very bad outcome, because it might mean that you code in a such a bad shape, that it’s unfixable - no matter how many bugs you fix, u will get about the same amount in return.

I don’t think VT2 is in such a bad shape, though. They can still deal with bugs one by one imho. But I think the code is so bad now, that it is easier and cheaper to rewrite it from scratch, than supporting and fixing it. Because: a) at this rate the bugs will be fixed in the next year at best. b) as soon as something gets added or changed, everything will fall apart yet again, making all effort to to waste.

Though this evaluation comes from the assumption, that the whole studio works on fixing bugs now, because there have been no significant changes or content addition. But maybe 90% is secretly working on a new DLC or something, however then I have to question FS decision making.

Exactly, which is what I think they have done with the new beta patch. 20gb doesn’t account for the fixes they have listed.
Here is to looking at a bright future after 1.0.8.

Its funny because people already stated that things got even worse after the patch.
I first thought this was just a ghost alpha while actually it seems that fundamental things got so wrong that regardless of how much they fix around, it will stay broken in one aspect or another.
Line of defense/MA Andromeda style.
Not an early release because of missing resources or greed, simply bad design and bad craftsmanship. Glorious on the paper but sometimes creativity and artwork isn’t everything. Stuff like the crafting and lootsystem desaster could have been prevented basically by testing it or at least thinking it trough longer than half an hour.
Both obviously never happened.
You can fix a motor that doesn’t run smooth because of hasty assembled parts. You cant if the parts simply wont allow it to run smoother.
In some way, this game about skaven actually looks like it was build by them.


I hear you, you are not wrong in most of what you’re saying. You would expect everything to be thrown out of whack in the beginning of a overhaul. I’m saying, after this patch (a new foundation) things can actualy get fixed. Let’s wait until the patch comes out of the beta, before we start calling it worse.
You are wrong about your theories to why the project was rushed. I’m not going to go into that here.

Yes, let’s wait for a patch for the patch! Yet again!

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Can’t say much to that, it is getting abit silly ^^




lmao :joy:

To be honest, I haven’t run into too many bugs with the beta. Aside from the silent vermin patrols and weapon swapping still not being smooth, the patch feels a lot better than live. I have crashed a few times, but it’s the beta. Crashes are expected.

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