Problems with the whole game with each patch

They will start with the same stupid problems that they have fixed over and over again, they put a new patch and again the same problems come back. The mechanics of some maps that need to do something to advance, it is completed but it turns out that they have to be done again with the amthel map andenlui that you put the leigh lines in order, they are shining but it turns out that they have to be given another turn to that the game counts them, or sometimes the powder barrel does not come out or does not interact with certain areas and it has touched me, they no longer appear again or the barrel is there but it does not explode or disappear and the game takes it that it already you put. I pass it to you twice with each patch but with each patch the same problems are already exaggerating

I’d add my 50c.
As of late each patch breaks UI mod.
Which is essential for the game.
Which makes me not play V2 for weeks on end.
Which makes me iffy.

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