1.0.8 feels like alpha

Good lord, 22g and the game feels buggier and worse than it did pre-beta patch. Everything is silent, silent patrols, spawns, specials, ect. Huge lighting errors (constant flashing issues, huntsman active issues, random gamma changes, color pallet changes, why does everything randomly turn red?), seemingly more lag and more frequent disconnects. I don’t know whats going on but, between this and the basically unaddressed loot concerns the game is “playable” but barely.


Yeah, I completely forgot about mentionin this problem in my topic about patch 1.0.8, thanks for voicing it. That is another main reason, why tweaking, fixing and dealing with bugs should be a low priority, especially if your code is not very high quality. Because these actions bring tons of new bugs, that you need to fix again, and you end up in a nearly endless loop of fixing the fixes. An it gets even worse, if you use a lot of hacks, like making arrows invisible for example, to speed up development cause of deadlines or something.


They need to just drop EAC or open up mod support to let people fix the game so they can work on sh*t we actually care about, like reasonable end game content, balance, crafting, and red / cosmetic drops.


Dang that sucks. I haven’t noticed any of that, what graphics settings are you on?

This happened to me the first couple day of playing 1.0.8, it was absolutely terrible. But then lastnight it seemed to be fine.Weird stuff.

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Custom, its whatever I set up for pre patch which worked fine, I just copied someone on reddits lighting suggestions on how to fix things, such as ambient lighting turned to high ect.

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