Rat Patrols

No sound for Ratpats anymore ? i hate it. Sound is so important in Vermintide, it is already disgusting how many sound bugs and problems exist and then you take out one of the most important sounds… One could think you got nothing better to do than mess with legitimate features.

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They weren’t removed on purpose, and it’s the beta. They know about the bug, hopefully it’s fixed before live.

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Well if it is “just” a bug i am totally fine with. But i talked to some people and they said it was a “feature” of then ew patch.

Well, they were either messing with you or they have access to some kind of special patch notes the rest of us can’t see.

This mess of a beta becomes the live version next week.

When can you stop playing with balance and start fixing the things that need fixing like end game loot, green dust and the trash property rerolling system.

i’m hoping and praying the critical bugs like this gets fixed before it gets pushed out

Logic compels me to say that of course they will fix the bugs, thats why it was a beta to begin with and they took more than a week to monitor performance. But honestly, im starting to not trust Fatshark on that matter anymore.

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