Could we get some rationale behind changes?

I’ve really supported fatshark since the beginning, vermintide is my favorite game and it hurts to see changes go through that make absolutely no sense.

Why do a beta for 1.0.8 if you didn’t change anything for the week and a half that it ran? It shipped in an even worse state than it started because along with the changes from the beta, you nerfed shade and executioner’s sword for absolutely no reason. Could you tell us why? Was shade actually killing things too powerful? Do you just really want every kruber to use the halberd? Give us the reasoning.


This is the most upset and disappointed I’ve ever been with a game or a gaming company right now.


I wouldnt say this is the most upset I have been, but it is certainly one of the most WTF REALLY?! moments.
It feels to me like the whole beta was pointless.
Hardly any of our feedback made it into the live release.
And can someone, anyone, link me to any post complaining about exec sword being OP?
I am away so cant play but communicating with friends…wtf is up with the graphics? They look WORSE overall.
Is that how the performance increase was achieved…lol? lol is all I can do.
Most of my friends are communicating 5 to 10 fps increase…
IMHO aint worth it.
I dunno maybe lower end systems saw a more substantial boost…?

I just dont understand how this happened with all the feedback on this forum.
The regular players all gather on here and spend our time to post feedback.
I rarely do this for a game. The thing is I want this game to have a long life and be good. The best it can be.
Where is the disconnect here?
Should I be worried?
I am not one to rage and complain on the forums, but…well…wth.


Must be lower end. If I had to guess I’d say it was probably just a ruse and this was all just prepping it for console or some bs.

Could be. It makes sense. I didnt hear a lot of complaints about performance issues in the game.
If that is the case its tragic.
IMHO the PC crowd is going to be the bigger, longer supporting market for this game.
Imagine playing with a controller?
Even on rec/vet?

The thing the surprises me the most is:
Why even do the beta for sucha long time, if you are not going to patch beta clients with the changes you intend for future live release? The whole idea of beta is to test the changes before they go live and check the feedback. So it makes sence to role out initial beta and then update it with patches. Otherwise you risk ending up with an upset comunity, that spent their time gathering feedback.


@hanzy @Sinoby

I agree with all of that, I’m just outta likes because everyone’s making good points about how totally fubar this is.


I’m starting to think the point of the beta was to string the community along for another month in hopes that they’ll get a DLC out and extend the games currently fading appeal.


Everbody join the nerf train, spiraling only in one direction.
Welcome to Vermintide 2, where the balancing’s made up and the books don’t matter.


disappointments all around. really triggered about the executioner sword nerf all because some emo Kerillian was doing too much damage with her ult. LIKE HELLO?? the ex blade was my jam and unlike most melee weapons, IT TOOK SKILL AND TIMING to get things done; not just some button mashing. Fatshark really messed this patch up. things were way better BEFORE this patch. all they had to do was bring back damage caps because realistically the only offender hitting this to warrent a panic nerf like this was shade. COME ON FATSHARK. non industry kids could balance this from a mile away

So, uncapped damage wasn’t bug, but feature? I’m really worried what will Fatshark do with Huntsman’s longbow in next patch. Lower damage, increase reload speed and decrease accuracy instead of fixing damage cap? Please, don’t do that… please… please…

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That would indeed be pretty stupid. He was fine in 1.07. It’s only his damage during his ability that’s broken now.

Have you played LoL or any Blizzard game though? :smile:

Performance increase FS style. Nerf graphics -> performance gets better. Profit.

Does anyone read this though?




I share the same sentiments. Verminz2 is the only game I make time for now that it effectively replaces verminz1 and it’s hugely disappointing to see patches that make the game worse and bugs go for 2 months without being fixed or are claimed to be fixed yet aren’t. Fundamentally flawed mechanics aren’t addressed for end game items or loot and crafting.

The incompetence is really pretty staggering at this point. This does not feel like a release ready product.

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Possible they dont read the forums…which would just be…well, silly? Kinda starting to feel that way though.
As a small business owner myself, how much resource would it take to have one or two employees go through the forum once or twice a week and compile a list of complaints/issues.
Make a list, bring it to the devs, prioritise, then begin working on fixes.
Icing on the cake would be some sort of community poll at the end of the month or something on what we feel is important.

You don’t see a bigger problem: all these measures are useless, if no one in company is competent in differentiating between good and bad ideas. Community can give you ideas and feedback, but it gives both good and bad ones, so you need to sort them. And judging by the latest actions I am afraid they have no one capable of doing this. Sad but true seems like.


“Uhh we decided to remove some of the exploits that players use to balance out the randomness and unfairness of the bugs that ruin the game for them so that at the end of the day they enjoy the game less”

“We however have fixed some of the gun rats wall banging abilities but we think it’d be a good idea to let hook rats take a player with a grim and a tome under the map so that way they are never coming back”

“Our priorities are obviously in the right place , first we remove anything game breaking that players do (which is actually fun but we don’t like people having fun in our game) and THEN we fix our broken game.”

For the first time, I too question some of the changes made here. Specifically, the changes to Shade’s Career skill and the Glaive/Exec Sword change. I didn’t have the opportunity to test Kerillian out today, but my friend commented that the Glaive was far weaker. While it was a bit too good before, I think the wrong part of the power was hit. While the damage cap removal would’ve indeed given too much strength to the Glaive on Shade, I don’t see why it had to be removed in the first place. Dual Weapons on the Shade also got hit, although not quite as badly. Still, they are supposed to be her signature weapons, and I don’t think getting to kill a few more enemies at once was too strong. And the Glaive nerf hitting also Exec Sword feels just… wrong.

Yes, hearing the thinking behind these changes might change my mind somewhat. Considering that the changes to Shade were unlisted, though, it’s unlikely we’ll hear anything. Having unlisted changes, especially something as major as the Shade changes, is already bad enough.

Don’t take me wrong, I do think most of the stuff changed is good, and I’m sure FS is working hard. But I also think the people actually deciding on the particular “fixes” to balance problems don’t necessarily think far enough ahead for the ramifications of the changes.

And yes, to get better feedback the beta branch should have been updated at least once during it.


Please stop idealizing devs. They’re just humans like you and me. They might be good and bad, smart and dumb, lazy and hardworking. So you can’t be sure, if they’re working hard, neither you can’t be sure about opposite. That shouldn’t be your concern at all tbf. All that matters - is the result of their work and the money you paid them. Please realize that.

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