Bugs, bugs and more bugs! You get what you pay for?

I really do enjoy this game and I’ve put 40 hours into it already. In my time I’ve found several major bugs that really mess up the game.

Major Bugs thus far:

Ironbreaker: Level 25 ‘Oi Wazzok’ doesn’t actually taunt bosses like it should

Ratling Gunners shoot through walls

Kruger Blunderbuss not always doing damage to bosses

Teleporting elite enemies (Chaos knights, berzerkers, etc the ones that aren’t supposed to teleport about)

Traits on armor/weapons not working

Terrible damage indicators (Such as cool down mechanics from drakefire pistols, cannons and Sianna’s cooling off popping up with arrows like you’re being attacked from behind)

And while it’s not exactly a bug. The platforming is janky as hell.

And while I assume the dvs are looking into these issues it would be nice to see something from them. I get it’s a $30 game so I don’t expect perfection but these bugs combined with the unfriendly new player environment (as in the game explains literally nothing. You either figure it out on your own or google everything and what each system means) really hurt first impressions.

All in all, I really enjoy the game. I just think the devs need to be more vocal with the community and these issues need to be addressed ASAP.

I’m pretty sure they’re working really hard to release a bug-fix patch as soon as they can
I agree some of them are annoying, but i’ve hope in them

(if you check here the last depot update is around 3h ago, they’re preparing a patch for sure, give them a bit of time)

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This is great news indeed. I have hope in them as well, I just wish things were a bit more transparent.

It was the same in the first game when it was released, fatshark supports its games well and they will fix the issues as time goes on.

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considering the issues they had in alpha and closed beta, they have fixed a huge amount of bugs. i know they are going to fix these bugs, and i have encountered a few of my own. but all of my bugs were not game breaking bugs.

Hey! Thanks for enjoying the game and for reporting bugs! We read through forums and look at streams in addition to collecting information from the support page. We’ve had a crazy weekend with a large number of players, which is amazing, but we’re a pretty small team so that means it might take longer for us to reply. Fret not, we are reading and fixing things!

It would help to get some more information around certain issues. For example, it would be awesome to get a screenshot or a description of where in the level you’ve seen the Ratling Gunner shooting through walls. It would also be great to get the names of the traits/weapons not working.

We’re really grateful for your support and passion!


Unfortunately I don’t have any screenshots of that yet but one area that seems prone to having Ratling Gunners shoot through walls would be the midsection of Into the Nest. More specifically, some of the skaven shacks there, on the way to the boss.

I have been hooked by packmasters through unreachable terrain and it makes it impossible to be helped by the group ;(, it’s the worst feeling

Right! I’ll let our Level Designers know. If you see any more issues like it, screenshots are gold! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

That is the worst, indeed! Same as with other similar issues it’s super awesome to get a screenshot of when and where it happens. Thanks for reporting this!

I also like the game, but I really wonder what the purpose of beta feedback was. There’s still a ton of bugs that were widely reported in the beta(the infamous illusion/upgrade bug for one), not to mention spelling errors, voice line mismatches, faulty clipping, floating enemies etc… It also looks like, that besides the collectors edition and VT1 owner skins the cosmetics simply don’t exist. Not to mention keep decorations. I suspect the developers aren’t even sure what the decorations are supposed to be, let alone there being any assets for them.

I still enjoy the game, but I have no idea why would anyone think it was ready for launch in the state it’s in. 30$ is no excuse for serving such an unpolished product. But hey,there’s TWITCH MODE,that’s what matters,right?

[ed]also,battle brew giving bombs not mentioned in patch notes nor description. You guys managed to change the icon though,so good job I guess.

In the halescourge map there is a big door slightly opened in the beginning (where you are supposed to pass), I’ve seen several gunners and even a globadier shoot through it

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The list of places where gunners shoot through walls would require tons of playtesters working overtime for a week. There’s a lot of “playtesters” , only I don’t think we ever applied for the job.

The Beta was super successful in discovering bugs, testing stability and gathering player feedback. If a bug was reported during the Beta, no doubt it’s in our pipe to be fixed.

We would like to release a game with no bugs at all, of course. This may sound hollow and I wish I could explain the reason behind every decision, but I’m afraid that’s impossible. What I can say is that given the time and team that we have, we have to make the best out of it. I can assure you that we are all super invested in this game, and love to play it just for pure fun even off work hours. It is not perfect, but we’re working very hard towards it. Certain issues that seem banal and easy to fix can have very complex causes. Other issues are very hard to test, hence they haven’t showed up on our external or daily internal testing. We have to weigh everything in severity, and of course game breaking stuff comes first. I am in no way trying to excuse the fact that we have bugs, but it’s the best I can give you in terms of explaining. We are immensely grateful and humbled by all the work our community put in to reporting issues and posting feedback. Being a smaller independent studio it means a lot. Though, if you feel that reporting bugs is a chore, I definitely recommend you not to do it. We are just really thankful that you play and enjoy the game.

Many of us spend compiling time and evenings reading though forums to snap up unreported issues, answer people where we can or gather data. Whenever I see an issue that isn’t Animation related, meaning it’s not my discipline, I send it to the team members closest to the problem. We’re just people making games, we’re not PR or hired to handle customer support, so I’m sorry if my communication is lacking in some way.


and I think the whole Team is doing a great Job, as a beta Player i admit that there are some Bugs wich had been reported allthrough the time but as u explained it might not be that easy to fix.

But what i’m rly concerned about is the Roadmap…

U guys know there is still a lot of work to do for now, making the game stable for everyone (im reading the Forum on a daylie (sometimes every hour) base and still see the backend_errors and other issues…
and yet u announced a DLC for next month?
I know there are lots of Players (since we kept Progress from last beta) who are all out by now…lvl 30 and leg clear, but for all the others I’d say stable game > new DLC

/Edit: You are doing a good Job in answering, dont take my words to harsh, just wondering, still lots of love to you :+1:

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Hey! Thank you for the kind words and for being so active in our forums!
You have very valid concerns. What I can say is that it’s not the entire team working on DLC’s. It’s a lot of the time also entirely different disciplines needed to work on stabilization, optimization, crashes and new content for DLCs (of course depending on the content of the DLC). Only one part of the team have the skill set to work on backend issues, for example, and they are fully dedicated to solving the most pressing problems. In general I’d say asset and content production can run side by side with vital fixes and stabilization.
Hope this makes sense and that it answers to some of your concerns!


The launch state of the first Vermintide was arguably worse than this one. As long as they keep digging away at the bugs for about a month or so then most of the major issues will be squashed. I’m sure they aren’t happy about the number of tedious bugs either.

Don’t get me wrong,I love the game and I have no doubt the issues will be dealt with. I just feel a little pissed,when I see all this beta feedback- with no clue if it has even been acknowledged- only to discover it has not been dealt with.
Gives out a vibe that it’s simply being ignored in favor of things such as twitch mode - which I’m (and as I suspect any player that doesn’t stream) not interested in, not in the slightest bit.
So yeah, if you feel anything you report goes into the void then it does feel like an unrewarding chore,and I do understand that your team doesn’t have the time to acknowledge EVERY thread,but small things such as the issue being listed in the “known bugs list” is enough for me.

I’m an absolute nut when it comes to patch notes, especially if I’m to catch bugs - if you don’t know if something was changed intentionally or not(best example is Bardin ranger level 15 trait being changed so that it no longer gives healing draughts and gives bombs instead) then you have to investigate it yourself, and that’s where I draw the line in playtesting. I can do it no problem,if I have adequate information.
So in conclusion, if I don’t know if issues are being acknowledged and it’s hard to give feedback, all due to lack of communication, then I get irritated.

Lastly, all this aside, the amount of bugs and straight up unfinished or omitted thingssubtitle
is extremely big. I just don’t understand why didn’t the game stay in beta state longer.
I really wouldn’t mind waiting 3-6 more months to get a game that has bugs and pending development decisions, but at least feels polished in such simple fields as plain text.
One could argue that technically it’s finished - but a car is technically a car even without bodywork. That doesn’t make it pretty or practical.
I love Vermintide like a rat loves cheese, but the amount of holes in it, makes it so I can’t fill my belly to satisfaction.

Yeah you are right. We really should have been more detailed in our first patch notes. This is something that we have discussed internally, and we hope to be able to deliver better information on changes and fixes in the future. It’s not that we didn’t want to give out information, we don’t intentionally keep our players in the dark. The simple reason why the notes have been lacking is that the people writing the notes also are super busy actually working on fixes. It’s perhaps a silly reason, but may of us are just so focused on fixing the things we have on our table that we forget how important clear communication is.

It may seem like an easy decision, to just delay the release a couple of months. And sometimes that’s the only viable option! Other times that’s not an option, and it may stand between releasing at one time, or not at all. I’m not saying it’s just as simple as that, many factors play a role in how and when you release a game, but just to put it in perspective 6 months is roughly a fourth of production time on V2, and that is a pretty big deal. We’re independent, which means we can decide on a lot of things on our own, but that also means we pay our own salaries and thus have a budget to consider. To be honest, no game I’ve ever worked on was ever at the point of being bug free or perfect by release, but in order to plan ahead one must try to determine a release date, which we did, and once the ball is rolling its almost impossible to stop when there are so many other external factors. Many things have come to light after releasing, and if we had known about them we may or may not have pushed the date a bit. That said, there are hundreds of thousands of people really enjoying the game, and but for the crashes -that we are working hard to iron out- we are really happy and proud with it. I’m trying to simplify a really complex thing here, and these are still no excuses to release a game with bugs, just thought I’d try to shine as much light as I can behind the process of releasing.

To make and release a game is a nuanced and complicated thing, full of decisions that stand between bad or worse, but it’s also a lot of fun, and the most rewarding thing is to get dedicated and engaged players like yourself. I hope you continue to put your time in to the game, and know that your bug reports and feedback don’t end up in the void, even if we’re not always there to confirm it.


More information in patch notes and some notion that bug reports aren’t falling into a void is all the assurance I need.

I might sound bitter (and by no means it’s an excuse) but I’ve already seen two awesome games I was dedicated to fall - Evolve & Battleborn - their fall was mostly thanks to the publisher (2K) who was as greedy as only a publishing company could be, pushing both games for way too much, not giving the developers time to polish them or squash out bugs - and they had a big budget, too.
Both games ended f2p when they were in agony already and died shortly thereafter.
I wouldn’t expect that of VT2, since it certainly delivers what old fans need and is easier to get into for new players compared to VT1, but I did have a feeling of negligence. Which alarmed me, since this also was part of the downfall of the aforementioned games.
I remember pleading with Turtle Rock(Evolve) owners to do something about the situation and all I got was something among the lines “you gotta believe!there’s nothing else that can be done!”
I also remember asking on Battleborn forums for a multiplayer demo or straight up fp2 multiplayer. They did it- long after it was way too late.
I invested a lot into those games, with hundreds of hours in beta stages and then another hundreds of hours after release where there were people to play with, and then I watched both games die a horrible, ugly death.
It was a (first world problems) traumatic experience.

tl;dr personal drama with death of 2 games.

Anyway,thanks for reassuring me.
I know communicating with players isn’t an actual job and not something pleasant in many situations, so I appreciate it.

Long gone are the days where developers could just do their thing and have people believe in them - mostly thanks to industry titans such as EA, Activision-Blizzard, Ubisoft or 2K or Konami. Even though there’s a difference between those cynical money-centric liars and indie developers, there’s still mistrust, especially if one particular indie dev made a successful game already and could be suspected of iterating upon their success rather than their passion. Don’t hate me, in the game industry you have to expect the worst :wink: .

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