Just my thoughts about this game

First of all, i am a big Warhammer fan and i like what you created with the vermintide games. But i reached a point, that i never thought would come.

I am disappointed and angry. I am disappointed how less you listen to your community Fatshark. And i am angry about the stupid ideas and creations you put into this mess, called Vermintide 2.

I must admit that the early and mid game is state of the art and a pleasure to play but your late game is just a fist in the face of all your loyal fans.
Giving the players no cosmetics after hundreds of hours, throw duplicates of red stuff the dont need at them (or give them no reds at all), make the game worse with each patch so the players get frustrated, all this examples show me that you lost the overview about you game and that is a shame.

I could talk about all the flaws this games has, but others talked enough about it.
So please Fatshark, please, talk with us, show us what you are doing and planning, communicate with us and dont make your loyal player angry with this wall of silence.

Thank you.


They actually have been responding to threads here on the forum lately and communicating with us. Sure they still have a lot of things to fix, tweak. But at least they’re not as bad as EA. That’s a major gaming company that releases triple A games on a regular and I can’t remember the last time they got it right. Jesus, it took them over an entire year, 12+ months just to make BF4 playable after release. I guess what I’m getting at, the game isn’t perfect. But it’s still a lot of fun and they’re constantly fixing and patching as they go along. Unlike you, I personally think the last few patches have been amazing and fixed a lot of issues people had.


But what is missing in my eyes, is a strategy for the communication. Don’t get me wrong, responding to posts is a good thing and i appreciate it, but i would appreciate a solid video or a blog post that show the thoughts about the big problems the late game has. For me it looks like the devs don’t want to hear about this specific problems concerning the late game.

But youre are also right. The latest patches fixed a lot.

To summarize my points: The patches make the game better and better but without communication it is frustrating to wait.


Below are some good resources (on mobile, apologies for the lack of links) to keep up with Fatshark’s progress and follow their communication with the community. Keep in mind that they currently have exactly 1 community rep/manager but have another starting in the coming weeks.

  • Vermintide newsletter typically comes out bi-weekly and includes good information on upcoming changes

  • Fatshark has started doing weekly broadcasts, which you can catch every Friday on Twitch. They cover a lot of interesting stuff, from upcoming/new patches to level design and whatnot. They also take questions from the chat and are very forthcoming about plans.

  • If you’re interested in modding, or just following the progress on mods (Robin just released some extraction tools for models today!), you can check out the VTMod group in Steam and the Vermintide Modders Discord.

Fatshark does a lot to communicate with players, I think. More so than I feel I’ve seen from other devs of popular games. But I guess that’s all about perception, and it’s easy to miss some of the channels thru which they communicate.

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Thanks you for the informations. I can understand that it is hard to keep all channels up to date with just one community manager. This explains a lot for me. I also missed the twitch streams, but i will stay tuned from now on.

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Amen, I bought that game for myself and a friend and it was shelved for the first few months after that lol.

Yeah, as displeased as I am with initial release and bugs chipping at my patience, I’ll give credit where it’s due that most notably @Fatshark_Hedge has been seen more frequently on the forums, and I believe they’ll have an extra hand on the PR-side soon with a new guy comin’ in.

Sorta wish we’d see a few more of the devs/bugfixers around in the bugs section cause there’s some un-addressed issues there that could use troubleshooting but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the more negative posts have them on edge or they’re simply very pre-occupied with working on the bugs to prep up a patch for this or next week.

What they need to do is unify their community systems a bit more however, the official site, forum, twitter, twitch and whatnot all need better interlinking and perhaps even feeds to the others in order to get a good overview for customers readily available so they can keep tabs on developments.


Indeed, right at the top of the forum for instance, they should have a link to their other sites, twitter, twitch etc. And also on the main website. I can not even find this forum on the main website, or the official vermintide website. There is no link to the forums? At least that I can find? I only found it because it was on the game launcher window. It seems to be a really bad design flaw.

So i am not the only one who finds it difficult to find informations. I think this is the biggest problem Fatshark has at the moment. I think we agree all, that the bugs are not that bad and the design flaws can be ignored at the moment, but informations keep us hooked and interested in the game.

What do you want with Informations at all?
I mean, Patches came and will come. The Game is growing in a Good way atm. I dont see any Point, that fs have to give us any Feedback about their decisions or the future of the game.

More informations = more ppl cry + wasted Time from fs

Patience… Thats what you Need… they already gave us infos once… Everyone cried the hell out , because there are still no new maps oder dedicated server, like they promise in their Roadmap…

Im so glad i dont have this attitude… Saves nerve , Time and life

I understand your point but i don’t agree. When i invest Time and money in a product that is still in development, i want some informations. As a company Fatshark must give its customers information, otherwise they won’t stay. When there are no people who pay attention, a good patch or update brings you nothing.

And it is not a attitude. I pointed at some problems because i care about the game and Fatshark. If they listen it is good for both sides. If they don’t listen, i will play a other game. So you see my nerves are saved on both ways :wink:

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I dont know how many hours you’ve played yet, but the time/ cost efficience of the game is fine. They dont even had to Patch anything from the start… played Games 5h for 60euro and it was finished.

I meant the attitude all Over, not your ones only… all that ppl can ; is crying , crying , crying… Yeah i agree that sometimes like the lootbox EA, but the issues in vermintide ? Really?

Think about the whole situation for a moment. Fatshark is still a small company and they are obviously trying to please everyone, but that is not possible in a short amount of time. Their small teams work on several Problems at the same time so give them some slack man.

The late game is not the only problem of the game. People also want everything to get fixed asap, they want dedicated servers, they already want mods to be whitelisted, they want the crafting overhauled, they want new challenges, they want better drop rates, they want more cosmetics… they want, they want, they want and every topic is as “urgent” as the next.

But since Fatshark is not able to please everyone, they get trashed by the community, claiming that Fatshark doesnt listen, that they are scammer, that they let the game die, that they do nothing and that is just wrong. So maybe just wait and give Fatshark time to fix everything, instead of whining every damn day.

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I agree the cost efficience is over the top. And the work is good. But i, as a fan of this company, would like to see them getting the attention they deserve. And by giving the people informations and interaction with the team, they will get more attention for this awesome game. But without reaching their targeted group, they will not succeed.

Maybe you see my initial post as a “crying”-post, and maybe it is. But i was angry when i made this post because i was confronted again with the flaws the game has at this time. And i couldn’t get informations from Fatshark about this problems. So i made this post to get in contact with Fatshark. Other players just throw away this game and won’t come back.

See it as a good thing that so many people post “crying post”, this shows only that they care and want to play this game.

The problem with the late game is there is none.

Your thoughts are ok, but Feedback shouldnt be so “aggressive”.

Most ppl are just like “fu FS you iebejfidbkekekf” just look at Steam…

I cant even get the “cry” about cosmetics or Reds… I like to “farm” it more , then to buy it in an ingame shop or everyone got all After 5h dir no Work or skill…

Yes its RNG, but still a Good One like Diablo… ans like i told in many other threads; Reds give you max rolls yeah, you dont even Need it in this Game… and the “y i got it feeling” is much better with a drop, than a craft. ^^

I can understand your Problem with informations… but they already give us patchnotes ans thats the important one thing.^^

Why not join the Fatshark Discord https://discord.gg/K6gyMpu