Fatshark please give us some information on Vermintide 2's future

I recently got Vermintide 2 last year and this is the first time I have ever seen a game company tell it’s community nothing about what is in store for the game. I understand if delays happen but where is versus mode where is chaos wastes and when is the next career going to come out there is no information anywhere and I am very confused by this kind of interaction with the community. Give us some sort of information of what to expect from the next DLC Fatshark you can’t just leave everyone high and dry without proper reason this is ridiculous. Yes I understand they are teasing us with lore and I love that but there’s a point where the community needs some sort of information like a release date at the very least. Nothing but speculation leads to disappointment. I mean Fatshark you haven’t dropped any info for versus mode in months! This community loves this game and want to see it prosper please just give us some information!

Thank you.
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TBH versus mode is definitely not something I’m hyped for.
I agree on the rest though.
I get the devs can be afraid to commit on a certain date in case they can’t uphold it, but letting us know how things are going is something I’d like to read a bit more of.


They have commented that they’re working on it several a time, there is as of current a global pandemic which has a side affect of destroying any plans people create. If FS promises something on a certain date they will have to deal with so much stress on top of what they already have to deal with because of COVID-19. They do not have to by any means communicate with players because every time they have they have gotten immense splash back.


Yeah I noticed that the community is a bit torn on versus mode but nonetheless they did announce it but they haven’t given us any more info which I kind of feel is unacceptable…

I don’t think that should have any impact on Fatshark giving updates

They announced it, so either clarify it’s cancelled or if it is indeed still being worked on then give SOMETHING

This game has a serious problem with development limbo - not just new content but even system reworks that have been “getting worked on” for multiple years


Yeah I can understand the slowdown due to covid but I do think that some communication is better than leaving us all blind…I mean at least give us some info on what is to be expected. We have no idea what’s coming in the chaos waste update so I do feel that we need something…

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I get that and I want the update quite bad as well, hopefully we get something on the 8th.

Yeah I do hope that they do give us an update here soon I mean I do love the lore but something more tangible would be great something that lets us see what the chaos wastes are like. Crossing my fingers for the 8th.

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That is terrible behaviour from entitled players in my opinion.
I’ll always prefer being told “hey listen so this is taking longer than expected because of reasons but here’s something we’ve been working on” than being kept in the dark.
Sure, some people will complain loudly, but sometimes some opinions are not worth being regarded seriously ; and I do think that in general people are capable of understanding the situation and like me would like to be told how things are going.

I liked the FS stream format, for instance.


Since we just had Sienna’s Chronicle I’m expecting news on CW in the next week or 2. Regarding Versus I’m of the opinion that it is a long ways away. They keep saying that they announced it way too early and I’m assuming they are finding new obstacles whenever they play test it. I’m thinking Versus probably comes out after Darktide.

They introduced minor kill feed tweaks (now you can see when foes kill heroes) and chat opens with [Party] tag. I do believe that this is Versus code leak


I feel like FS have abandoned any attempt to build hype for new content after being burnt by it in the past.

It’s a shame though, some teases for what’s coming up would really increase my enthusiasm to play at the moment. Could start making builds ready for new weapons etc but there’s no news to really be excited for at the moment. Things are coming, what what exactly or when is a giant mystery.

Like for sure I’m pretty hyped for duck foot pistol and definitely curious about what exactly Chaos Wastes will bring, but really hard to be excited when we know almost nothing. I don’t need dates, just give us some previews of what’s coming and I really think it’d do wonders for community morale.


I dunno if anyone here missed their live stream last year, I forgot when it was BUT

they did say that chaos waste was coming this winter and winter isn’t over just yet :joy:

Covid pandemic happened since then

No, that stream was in November (or late October?)

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Versus is not cancelled. This has been said over and over again. The last time two weeks ago:


They can’t even get a person to approve mods anymore, you think VS is coming? :rofl:


You left out the end of my sentence with your quote

Frankly I’m over believing the “we’re still working on it” line unless they have something else to show or discuss relating to it. For all I know Hedge actually doesn’t have any information about Versus development and is just spitting out the go-to response

My point is what happened to these? Why has the amount of info actually decreased over time

edit: if they actually intend to continuously push Versus release they are literally shooting themselves in the foot. Back 4 Blood is going to have Versus mode on launch and its release date is June. And then once Darktide comes out, if Versus seriously still isn’t out by then, do you really think people are going to return to Vermintide 2 just to play the Versus mode? It’d be like releasing a Versus mode for Vermintide 1 right now

I think the way they handled and are continuing to handle the Versus mode is terrible, but they seemingly care as much as the “I hope Versus never gets released” guys that show up whenever anyone asks where the mode is. I truly believe a standalone free-to-play Vermintide 2 Versus game with more monetization could help fund future development, not that they’d do that anyways

And none of this would really matter if Versus didn’t get announced on June 10th 2019 with still no release / beta / any further info. We are approaching two years since the announcement


He is the community-manager O.o Of course he has information about the Versus development. He just needs to ask the respective people. While he can’t go to their desk directly currently, there are still other means of communication.

Also, what would be the point of teasing something which they are not working on anymore. And don’t you dare to say marketing or tricking customers into buying the game. That literally makes ZERO sense as Versus has been announced as a stand-alone product decoupled from Vermintide 2 (if it will be really stand-alone is something to see in the future). So buying Vermintide 2 now because Versus was announced is non-sensical.

Considering how prudent they are with ANYTHING they are working on, it is very safe to say that they are indeed still working on Vermintide 2 Versus.

the real versus mode was the forums all along

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