Chaos Wastes wheeeeen

Winter is almost over…

Chaos Wastes when?

My body is ready…


I hope the next DLC will be done faster: I want an “Expedition into the Grand Cathay” DLC! :dragon:


Winter doesn’t end until the 21st of March… but that’s a month and a half deadline :smiley:

March 20th actually…

And tbf, everyone expected it to drop in time for Christmas.

I wouldn’t be surprised if winter in Sweden actually ended in July though :smile:

Three things I want to see finally: ping fix, second half of BBB (what was supposed to happen before 2021 if I’m not mistaken?) and Chaos Wastes. Sadly it seems that all of this is month+ away and that’s in the case Chaos Wastes are not delayed.


I wouldn’t be surprised even if Chaos waste is delayed regarding early July hat things, lingering ping problem, end of year 2nd BBB.

While I have high hopes for Chaos Wastes, I’m resigned to the fact it’s just going to break everything. Again.


Hedge confirmed already that this was postponed until further notice. It wouldn’t be a good moment anyway with a new expansion and accomedating problems coming soon. I would even wager that it will be postponed til summer.

Or we get one giant messy pile with everything coming at once.


Postponed? You mean BBB? Have to clarify because I’m not sure what you’re talking about in specific.

Or we get one giant messy pile with everything coming at once.

Well, some people actually love big updates that change a lot. Not saying they should do that, it’s just that in some cases people actually wait for a video game update to change the game drastically. Breath of fresh air can be both a bad and a good thing. I was just curious if BBB would even happen at all.

As I specifically quoted the BBB part … Yes, it was confirmed that the BBB is postponed until further notice.

Well, I would also see some more drastic changes for a system to avoid the stacking of attack speed or the erasure of Swift Slaying from existince. But I have to be realistic about people constantly complaining about their phun. The BBB will happen eventually. Personally, I can’t imagine it happen before or over the anniversary and the Chaos Wastes release. Then again, the last BBB caught me with my pants down.

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I relly hope it dropes soon but on the other hand i rather have the dlc in a few months and it’s a good expansion that doesn’t bring old bugs back

But i need to say this time i will not insta buy this dlc, because i’m still a bit salty about winds of magic. Not that it’s bad (the waves looks awesome) but there is a big lost chance to greatly improve the base game. If chaos wastes is a seperate game mode again than i think i will pass on this

I’m actually learning here. Googled it 1st before posting. I have never heard of astronomical winter before. I thought that winter consists of December, January, and February.
Every time I set myself up for the wait I find out that the release date is postponed somehow while never changed. Originally I expected CW to be released by the end of 2020 - then suddenly term ‘winter of 2020’ extends it to winter 2021 that in my mind lasts till the end of February - that is actually not correct cause astronomical winter lasts till 20th of March :dizzy:
Last year has already taught us that games should be released when they’re really ready. The game is never ready when we’re talking about FS game. So FS should release CW since they are publishers themselves as soon as they think it’s ready. Rushing won’t make anybody happy.

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Don’t need to rush to get any info at all about it

It’s just boring waiting with nothing


I’d happily wait longer for a more polished product, we get it when it’s ready.
Setting release dates like “Before March 20th” seems pointless, players will get upset if it doesn’t drop in time, even going as far as calling Fatshark “liars”.

Same goes for Darktide, I’m excited for that more than anything.

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You can tell that to r/Eldenring habitants. We have some info at least. Also, I liked the way they released Engineer - they didn’t tell anything up until the week before release. Maybe it’s for the best. The only info I’d like to know at the moment is the approximate file size of the update.

Everyone did but Fatshark never said end of 2020 regarding Chaos Wastes. It was always end of winter which for most people means December.

I made this thread because I noticed that it’s getting closer and closer to March and no breadcrumb updates regarding the new expansion.

It’s already warming up here in East Tennessee. Winter’s basically already over.

Don’t even start about climatic winter because in Russia it’s not even close to spring :cold_face:. The rest of Europe is also in snow as far as I know - so let’s hope they won’t wait till it starts to get warm.

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I don’t want to compare different games when it comes to this, this is an upcoming DLC for a game that’s already been out for years compared to one without a release date etc.

Personally after the last DLC WoM (I’m not counting careers with this) and apparently CW being a new game mode, springing a big DLC with maybe a weeks’ worth of notice just worries me

And it’s not Chaos Wastes, but we still don’t have any info on Versus Mode which was announced on June 10 2019. I don’t like this strategy, I would really prefer small snippets of info over time, something the blog posts were literally conceived to do

I don’t want to keep dragging this point up especially considering the VOD has been lost at this point, but the exact wording was “end of year” multiple times and that was in November 2020, not 2021. It doesn’t matter anymore but I think the distinction is important. Either something got delayed or two devs misspoke twice with the same wording

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I think its likely that they don’t want another WoM fiasco and it would be SMART if they delayed Chaos Wastes until they get some polish into the game.

IF they can fix bots/bugs and then release a killer DLC, it might save the game.

If they release Chaos Wastes in the game’s current state, they are going to miss their last chance to expand their player base and I think they know it

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Source please?

All of the streams I watched regarding CW, the devs clearly stated end of winter. That does not mean end of year despite most people’s perception of end of winter being the end of December.

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