The wastelands of Chaos and the developers ' words about winter

Hello dear developers and users of the forum. On the stream where Bardin-Engineer was introduced, the respected employees of Fat Shark said that Chaos (tobish, Chaos Wasteland) will be released THIS winter. Question - it is already February 27, winter ends tomorrow. Please answer - either the addition will be tomorrow, or I do not quite understand how the Scandinavian calendar works. If winter ends later on one of the European calendars , then I would be happy if someone informed me about it and then I withdraw all my claims. However, in my country, winter ends after February (the 28th is the last day of winter), and March 1 is the first day of SPRING. Please clarify this point. Thank you very much.


It has not been specified but how you interpret the date is very dependent on your definition of Winter. What you are most likely using is the meteorological winter. However, the calendary winter ends on the 20th/21th of March which is still some weeks away.

And no, there is no common ground what people refer to when speaking of the end of the winter, even within the same country. For fun i did ask around in my company when winter ends and one half thought of the meteorological while the other thought of the calendary.


So, on the contrary, I refer to the calendar. In the calendar, February carries 28 days, and then there is March. Or did I misunderstand you?

Well if you go by the calendar, in Europe, the start of Spring (so the end of winter too) is March 20th and not tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong I’m anxious for CW to be released too.


I took it as (in the UK) when the clocks go to British Summer Time which is Sunday 28th March here.

Even so, I’d rather it was right, and good rather than rushed and …WoM.

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Can you please explain this system? It’s just that in my country everything is clear - in winter there are three months (December, January and February) and as soon as February ends, the calendar starts March and therefore spring.
And immediately thank you for your answer.


Well, I think the answers below already illustrate the issue with “end of winter”. But in Europe calendary Winter ends on March 20th.

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The point is, FS could just announce a delay due to COVID like many other games have done last/this year and we’d have to suck it up. I just want Chaos Wastes to be good and if I have to wait til the End of April then so be it.

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I cant be the only one who is really, really, reaaaally worried that a new update would just flood the game with hundreds of new bugs ontop the existing ones? And even as much as i want new content…this prolonged silence seems to suggest things arent going so well and might end up rushed.

Quite like WoM…

.-…I find myself thinking i´d rather put this big bug update off to the next winter instead.

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Why are you trying to dig this deep to get yourself mad over an entirely imagined release date promise

If the game isn’t doing it for you anymore without new content, put it down for a while. Neither your own happiness, nor Fatshark’s, nor the state and quality of Chaos Wastes is going to improve by going WHERE IS CHAOS WASTES FATSHARK? YOU SAID WINTER!!!

If it needs more time, then so be it. The last few DLCs had some pretty big issues at release so I’d rather have them work on it as long as needed.

Why would you think it’s RUSHED when they’re taking longer for it?


I look at the bug forum that gets pretty much SPAMMED with new and old bug reports and a part of me feels true sympathy for the Dev’s - it must be soul destroying to get hammered with bugs all the time.


There seems to be no traction. Even though I disagree with the decision FS made to use the Weapon Balance Mod, at least large parts of the community felt it was a big leap forwards and showed some traction for the overall balance and use of weapons.

It’s almost like it might be better for some gang of people to put together a huge Deed rework mod with the hope that’ll see the light of day.

I digress.

As @Frostysir says, I think Chaos Wastes will derail much of the game and crash like 2 legged horse. I really hope not but evidence doesn’t look good. Leave Chaos Wastes to cook until summer for all I care, just get it RIGHT.


Its a marketing trick, when they announced last year that i´d be this “winter” they would have released it in december if things were going well. (Time of year where entertainment stuff sells the best)

They did not.

They could have released it in January if they fixed whatever problems that prevented them from launching in december, or at least given us a word about progress. But they didnt.

Now we are at the end up February, and they still have neither released nor stated anything, the very last swedish winter month of march is upon us…the trend so far is not promising. I cant remember it clearly but wasnt WoM also initially given out with a ambigious release date, that was then delayed, and then released only to crash really damn hard?

It could be in closed beta for all we know by this point and be open next week. Whatever is the case I’d rather have a working product, but I do agree that this silence is getting bit annoying.

Sure! There are basically 2 ways people use to determine when seasons start and end, the astronomical way which uses solstices and equinoxes to mark the start and end of seasons (this is the one we use in France and in Sweden I think) and then you have the meteorological way which also uses solstices and equinoxes as reference poins but instead of making a season start or end at the solstice or equinox, it considers the season starts or ends on the first day of the month containing the solstice or equinox that marks the start/end of the season. As a result.the latter method is a bit less accurate even though the dates align with the civil calendar better this way. In my experience games companies and businesses in general tend to use the first method, probably because the astronomical dates for seasons are more in line with the dates of fiscal quarters (but that’s just my guess).

I’m not an expertso I hope my explanation was clear enough. Let’s hang in there, I’m pretty sure Fatshark will HAVE to give us an update on Chaos Wastes on March 8th (Vermintide 2’s anniversary).

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That’s probably your mind filling in the gaps in your memory with what you think must have happened, but actually no. WoM’s existence was announced in February 2019. At the end of May, they announced a beta for June and a release for August. The expansion then came out in early August, which surprised people who expected it to come at the end of that month. If anything, Fatshark delivered on their actual release date promise back then - and look at what happened with WoM (though a few weeks would not have changed much about this)

Not directed at you, but everytime I see threads like this I want to facepalm.
For everyone’s sake, Chaos Wastes needs to release in the best state possible, with the rest of the game remaining in a good/better state. No piece of software has ever turned out better by people heckling the developers for a release. It maybe makes sense when it comes to game-breaking bugs and other such urgent issues, but not for new content.

That is like … a lot of assumptions. Maybe they intended a release closer to the anniversary or shortly after from the beginning.

Personally, I would avoid Christmas for releases of any kind of game due to issues of visibility during the Christmas Sale.

Except we know that the potential delay is because of network bug and the other introduced with OE, not chaos wastes bugs

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I’m just gonna start doing a shot every time someone asks where Chaos Wastes is

2 shots for when people ask about Darktide


You risk dying by alcohol poisoing,



Do you seriously think it would do more harm for them to just say “we need more time to make this the best it can be” instead of just silence after the winter thing was the only and most recent comment about the release?

Confirmed not to be the case