A smug grin and more whining about a new career for Bardeen

So, gentlemen and ladies… I want to laugh smugly in the face of all those who said that a new career would be later than the wastelands of chaos, as well as those who accused me of stupidity! Ha-ha-ha!
Well, I will end my jubilation and move on to the question of our beautiful community.

As we found out on the last thread, a new career is a Bardin. But even that doesn’t matter. The important thing is that the quarry will be in front of the Chaos Wastelands - and the chaos wastelands will be in winter. So, actually, my question is: since I don’t know much English, I didn’t watch the stream myself. Gentlemen English-speaking friends, could you tell us if there were any hints as to what month of winter the wastelands of Chaos will come out? And is it worth waiting for a new Bardin in November? (what did they say about it on the Creek?)
And in General, maybe they said that the wastelands of chaos will be in 2021?
thank you all in advance for your response! (and immediately I apologize for my poor English/if suddenly some information that I own is false)

Bardin new class will be released before the chaos wastes and the chaos wastes will be released this winter. That’s all we know (at the moment) and that’s all they said about it. They said that we will have news very soon (the only thing that would change the release date would be some major problem with the test version). Best case scenario Bardin this month and the chaos wastes in December, worst case… Well 2021 it is. Anyway, just chill and be patient everything will come soon enough. :slightly_smiling_face:


No exact time frame given for obvious reasons.

Also, a friendly reminder that Winter goes until March.

Also, a friendly reminder that Winter goes until March.


Whither is fled the visionary gleam?
Where is it now, the glory and the dream?

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If the tests go well as the stream says. If not, Chaos Wastes will be first.

Thank you very much for the answer!

and I can’t cool down, because I’m REALLY looking forward to a new career. If it is the same (several options) as I think - for me it will make at least 500 hours in the game.

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Yes, I understand. That’s why I asked about the year. Maybe they at least said so… But apparently not, I will pray.
Thanks for the answer!

If Fatshark really meant spring when they said winter, that’s just a lame copout

? What do you mean? Winter goes from end of December to end of March. If they say winter it will be within that timeframe. If FS says Winter but the community decides to hear it as November 2020, then it is an issue with the community.

Yes, if it releases at the end of March then that should be a spring 2021 release, not a winter 2020 release. Why even give an estimated release if the actual release could vary so much?

Plus I am pretty sure they said “before the end of the year,” but I can’t back that up with anything yet, I’ll have to go look.

edit: Was able to find it “end of year”

If they said Winter 2020 then it should come after December 20th and the New Years Eve. That is okay. If they just said Winter anything before March 20th is within and that is okay.

Although I’m sure that it will be released before March.

I hope so, while the definition of winter may go until March, I think you’d just confuse a ton of people. Same with a post I read saying winter doesn’t start in Sweden until much later, just would seem strange to base it off that. Stream VOD says end of year.

Yeah or that, we will see how things turn out. (technically they did say chaos castes was coming end of the year in the article where we first heard of this extension :nerd_face:)

@Pelagius_Morte Np! I’m hyped as you are but we can’t do anything except wait, and if there’s one thing I learned with Fatshark team is that you need to be patient. :grin: