The journey to the Chaos Wastes begins in April!

3 years ago today Vermintide 2 was release on PC. We’ve travelled far and wide, with more to come.

The journey to the Chaos Wastes begins in April!


April? I’m taking extra vacation for!!! :hammer_and_pick: :axe:


hope we get a chaos dwarf that is taller than all the other careers :cowboy_hat_face:

I am looking SO forward to it!
I found so little footage of how it actually looks up north. (REALLY up north)
We get just a glimpse at Skittergate with those northern lights which could maybe be the chaos winds emerging from the polar gates.
I am interested in how far up north we actually go.

Or maybe one of the most epic April Fools I have ever witnessed.
Can’t say that would leave me unharmed :,)

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Will there be a Closed/Open Beta for the DLC?


…You guys are definitely planning to release it on the 30th of april, arent you? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Then proceed to watch the forums&reddit flip their collective tables over in sheer frustation. :wink:

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Wasnt the Norscan skittergate located on the landmasse’s northmost coast? I doubt we´d go further than that.


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No idea. Officially it’s just “somewhere in Norsca” while the other half is under Helmgart (duh) according to Vermintide 2 Wiki. Sadly never really found a more accurate location.
Because it’s so damn icy up there I guess it’s at least not one of the more southern coasts of Norsca.

So you guess it’s up there somewhere?

Found that badass huge map of the warhammer world.


Oh I am so excited, I cannot wait to play this. April cannot come fast enough, anyone have any theories on the content besides the new gamemode?

More bugs? New bugs? Reintroducing old bugs? You name it - they’ve got it! XD


More content o/

Well see you people in a month, hopefully its worth the wait.

I should note that this is an old map. In the upcoming “new” Warhammer Old World, which I’m looking forward to the most, the map is bit different, just like the old background will be “new”.

In other words, if @Fatshark_Hedge have some kind of insider information about the ‘new’ Old World, they just must to show it in that DLC.

Like in TW3.


Isn’t the Old World a setting where the End Time didn’t happen ? So FS wouldn’t really look toward it and keep on working with the old maps (There are un named nest everywhere in Kislev/Empire/Bretonnia) the Chaos Waste even has one of the biggest (Hell Pit which I hopped would mean more Moulder Monster but apparently not)

Old World is prequel for my favorite Age of Sigmar as well Horus Heresy for 40k.

The plot will take place (probably) several centuries before the End Times, but the planet is the same. But with the changes on the map, in the background, and so on - just as the Horus Heresy changed in the course of development. The End Times, of course, has not been canceled. Because by analogy, it should be known how it will end.

Sorry, but no compromise. My loyalty to Warhammer only.

Right the Old World is before the End Time and wont actually touch it so maps for the End Time aren’t really affected ?

There will be for Darktide. Probably not for a Vermintide 2 DLC…

Not sure its there, the skittergate was located by a mountain right? That particular area seems pretty flat.

But that said, on second thought it is possible that the rotbloods did sail around the continent to the southen coast and went to work there instead of just going straight to the northern one, that since it all seems pretty cold and frozen over.

All we know for sure is that it wasnt near a forest, there was mountains, frozen, and near the coast.

Skittergate is in Norsca, just south to where we are going

The trailer where we saw a map is going near Black Rock (though more to the right) but start at the delta btw where the Aesling are and the Battle of Icicle Pass