Why are you so slow with adding more content? over 1 year and 1 career added

One career in over one year is more than lazy, esp for devs who say “they will support the game for years to come”, well its not that hard to claim this when you release like a few maps and some skins per year, if that :smiley:

This game could have had tons of added stuff in 2.5 years+.

What we got, like 9-10 maps? (6 remakes of old maps), some skins 90% (reskins/changed color), and weaves that no one plays, and beastmen. (this was a good expansion).

Why not add Orcs expansion? new careers, maps and skins…

Its obvious you use most part of the devs on developing the new game :slight_smile:


It’s because you never gave this valuable feedback :slight_smile:
Now they know what you think so they’ll start working! :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t want Greenskins, they don’t fit the game and we already have enough factions, including the daemons that are probably coming in Chaos Wastes.


well we’re getting chaos wastes by the end of the year and the Drachenfels maps were given to us for free when they could’ve easily made us pay for it and they’ve already stated we’ll be getting more careers as time goes on so…

like yeah there are legitimate criticisms to levy but this ain’t it


I’m not interested in fighting Greenskins myself, but why wouldn’t they fit V2? They’re a horde-like faction with high numbers aren’t they?

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Lore wise they’re against the forces of Chaos

in the end-times Grimgor himself even makes a solid attempt at dunking on Archaon iirc

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Doesn’t that only exclude them from being in mixed hordes? We fight pure hordes already fairly often on Cata.

ehhh it’s a little more complicated than that though

The End-Times pretty much pits everyone against Chaos. Even the vampires and tomb kings end up working together with the Empire and Elves; things are very much so drawn down to a 2-sided conflict. I can’t really see how FS would be able to get it by GW let alone implement it in a way that doesn’t seem very very off

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The Orks (mostly Goblins) have been tricked by Skaven to fight their own enemy but they aren’t really allied (like the Rotblood and the Skaven) or have the same objective (The Rotblood/Skaven and the Beastmen).

Lore wise, the remaining faction would be the other Chaos God (Deamon and Norskan raider), other Skaven Clan, Cultist, Chaos Dwarfs (With Greenskin Slave) and maybe Ogre ?

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uhm… dunno about you my dudes but im still waiting for any info about that chaos wastes dlc they annouced and which is supposed to come at the end of this year when ever that is https://www.pcgamer.com/the-future-of-vermintide-2-lies-in-the-chaos-wastes/

They would fit in the same way that Vampire Counts (traditional undead), Tomb Kings and other factions work. There would be no problem making a roster of enemies out of, but the theme of the game is that we fight against Chaos, and more specifically Nurgle. It makes more sense to expand on that theme when we already have 3 factions like that and probably another one incoming, than to randomly branch out. Greenskins would also be a very different vibe for the game too, if you know how they can be like.

It’s why I’d rather the current factions we have be expanded, like Beastmen with Pestigors, Skaven with Plague Monk Censer Bearers and so on.


Its been said above already, but I’d like to emphasize, that Return to Castle Drachefels was released recently, was ABSOLUTELY FREE, and contained some of the best maps this series ever had (Wizard’s Tower aside).

Can’t beat that!

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Slow due to COVID =\


Working on a completely new game must bind alot of hands.

Not that Iam ungrateful for the free Drachenfels maps, but Lair was introduced in March. Nearly half a year of no new maps is simply unsatisfying. Having a map each month from January to March was absolutely fantastic, especially when you take the quality into account.

I just hope the Chaos Wastes DLC will bring a bunch of maps.
Additional Careers are kind of whatever in my eyes. Introducing them should be followed with a bunch of weeks rebalancing them and, if needed, the other careers, which FS just seems to not be interested in at all.

No Chaos Wastes DLC should bring the new GOLD WIZARD character. There’s no purpose in new maps.

What’s this, did I hear someone say new character? Btw, Genevieve isn’t a gold wizard, so you got your info a bit messed up.

And to the OP, fatshark has announced content on the way hopefully before the end of the year. So far we got a free DLC with possibly the best maps in the game so far and a new class with 4 more on the way, SoonTM. We also got a community feedback balance patch and FS have been asking for beta testers for new content. This is all with Covid-19 kicking off and people having to work from home. I’d say progress has been better this year.

I know we all want shiny new stuff to play with… and I’ll be the first one to complain about the games lack of a certain vampiric hero. But I honestly can’t find fault with what they’ve done so far this year.

PS, if you haven’t signed up yet, do so. You might get a chance to test the content you can’t wait to play.

Genevieve not being a gold wizard proves that she’s not the new character.
As the new character IS a gold wizard.
Source : @Fakeshark_Hedge

Is this the start of a Civil war in Vermintide ? Gold vs Blood ?

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Nah, this is not the start, and this is not even a war since the gold side already won aeons ago.

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W8 so we KNOW next thing is gold wizard or is this a speculation?

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