Just do it

  1. Show us extended gameplay
  2. Reveal release date
  3. Open pre-purchase

Thank you =)


Also orks would be cool, an infinite enemy to replace the ratmen.


Orks [40k,Fantasy or AoS] would need their own separate game from Darktide, there was an intervient [the link may still be in the pins of the Darktide discords [theorycrafting] where they did a passing mention about orks, iirc their time hasn’t arrived yet but they want to do them in the future


What do you think will release earlier - Darktide or one of these animations?

The animations.

Guessing there will be more news/trailer next month cause of E3(Sat, 12 Jun 2021) again its just a guess.


Do you mean E3 trailers like this one :smirk: :


I really want noise marines and tyranids. I don’t expect either, even long term, but they would be amazing.

Noise Marine or Noise Cultist could work if they decide to go a less Nurgle centric approach (for example a Chaos Undecided situation where different cults are vying for the control of the planet but somewhat work together to first crush any Loyalist force nearby)

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Yeah, or if they take us to nearby planets eventually the way VT2 took us to Chaos Wastes and other locations - or perhaps higher levels of the hive which Slaanesh’s cults would be more likely to target.

I recall them saying they want to in the future, would be lore friendly because orks are just a fungus spreading through the air and space right? They can be anywhere and just propagate

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Yes but also no, it would become a 3way conflict (Chaos, Imperium and Greenskin) which is either very hard to code or is weird looking (Orks fighting side by side with Orks)

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Could simply have it some games you fight vs chaos, others vs orks, tyranids, necrons or whatever. Or have it be dependent on map.

Looking at how they made the Chaos and then the Beastmen roster I’d say no, both aren’t really able to stand alone (BM moreso) without any Skaven unit (usually Specials or Monster)

So if they want to make roster dependent on Maps it mean they need to make 2 (or more) equal roster, lest one become lopsided, and only half of their work is used per rounds (meaning it quickly become dead weight on your pc


For example if Vermintide 2 had a selected number of maps that were Chaos (And BM) only you wouldn’t have enough units variation (due to the lack of Specials)

Today I need Vermintide 3 with the Kruleboyz, please (apologize for offtopic).

Meh don’t worry the thread deviated since the 2nd comments. Though I’d like it if someone would do a thread about it [I do believe i made such a thread on reddit once]

That all sounds great and stuff… But we are talking about lazycontent warband, you will be happy if we get 10 units to fight against. Also i wouldnt be surprised if we got current sorcerers with slapped helmet over their heads…

And you talk about orcs, tyranids, chaos undivided…

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