Excited for Darktide, but please no generic looking zombie monsters

I’m really excited to see a 40k universe co-op shooter from Fatshark, since I was never really all that into the OG warhammer universe. That said, as cool as the new trailer looks I am a bit worried about the choice of enemies shown off. I understand that things are still very early in development, and the corrupted chaos worshipers shown are not actually zombies, but at a glance they sure do look a lot like them.

40k has many distinctive looking races like the Orks, Necrons, and even many elements of Chaos itself, it would be a real shame to populate Darktide with generic looking mutant zombies that could have come right out of a dozen other games just for the sake of making it look as grimdark as possible.


Well we will surely have most enemy in the Nurgle roster, beginning with Plague Zombie, PlagueBearer and Plague Orgryn that we already have seen in the trailer/fan art

But there will surely have Plague Sorceror and other elite (Herald)

There are a lot of possibility in the 40k universe, maybe more than in the Fantasy

And also PoxWalker

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I just don’t get it. Why more Nurgle? Why more plague stuff? There’s an entire universe to explore with 40k, why focus in on the same part of it?

We’ve just had a game featuring enemies with a very similar aesthetic. Surely its time for something else from the warhammer universe. Is it just that Fatshark have a weird fetish for festering buboes?


Yeah i did a Topic on that. But i guess its their Brand now. They bloody Love Nurgle fetish in Skandinavia it seems XD


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They love Nurgle in Scandinavia because healthcare is a thing there


Well the only other horde monsters for chaos would be demons, so too strong for us to take on, or cultists who would mostly use guns. Having to hide while hordes of cultists shoot at you sounds very boring and extremely difficult to balance.

As for why they’re going for the same aesthetic, well they’ve already done a great job in V2 so stick to what you know, right? Slaanesh probably wouldn’t be good for ratings and would be very awkward, Tzeentch would be very hard to balance and turn the game upside down with all the magic enemies have. Khorne would just have melee enemies though, essentially all the specials and elites would just go berserk and charge at you, wouldn’t make for a particularly diverse gameplay experience. Nurgle however has melee specialists, hordes, ranged and support. Would also open the possibility of nurgle infested machines. The khornate ones tend to be massive heretech killing machines far too strong for us to take down

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Well the Horde possibility are not that low, Plague Zombie are more like an amalgam of different plague (Normal and also those like in Last of Us) and Plaquebearer are not simple Zombie, they are more like the Chaos Marauder in Vermintide 2 (Zombie would be the Thrall)

They could do Crazed Plaguebearer, Exploding Zombie and other thing like that

For Cultist they also favour a mostly melee or low powered weapon (If they are not from a Imperial Regiment) like the Autogun.

Well the Blood Pact is a Khornite faction who doesn’t favour melee that much, with a proper Regimental organisation and actually has/had a Khornite Psyker/Mage: Gore Mage

The great thing about 40K is that they could release DLC or expansions where we travel to another place, possibly to fight orcs or even tyranids. I’m looking forward to perhaps seeing space hulks and the like as maps or future DLC.


Even exploring a large warship in drydock in the starting hive city and having to clear it deck-by-deck would be amazing.


Dont expect too much. Enemy Types in a faced Paced Game like this need to be recognized easily from one another, so more Generic ones will help. I loved to see more Variation aswell, but i can see why its probably not like in Vermintide!

I’m totally in favor of more varied enemies, especially in such a massive things such as an entire hive. But honesty I think that more than one Chaos faction in the game could be to much. Perhaps it would be better to diverge the factions you fight further from each other than two or more cults?

Like for example you could have one Nurgle cult and one Genestealer cult fighting it out with each other and the Inquisition in a three-way battle. Or perhaps a Kabal of Drukhari coming in to exploit the anarchy in the hive and so on.

I wouldn’t say no to another Chaos cult, but I wouldn’t say no to a non-Chaos enemy either.

As you say Khornate cultists tends to be melee heavy BUT like @Arthadaw said the concept of what Khornate cultists are can be have been more developed than just berserker charges.

Wouldn’t that alone take a group of 4 (or 5, doesn’t matter) people like a trilogy of games with 10 expansions each?


Alright fine, a small-to-medium warship but that’s my final offer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Exactly, not only melee!

And in Terms of Topic. If you watch the Trailer SlowMo, you can see that we “Definetly NOT” have Generic Looking Zombies. They are pretty distinct from one another!

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