New Enemy Faction Please

Hi Fatshark,

It would be epic and very fun to have a new enemy faction, as paid dlc or free it doesn’t matter.

thanks for reading :slight_smile:

but chaos is the new faction

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Mate, we only get every Game a new Faction. Vermintide 1 Player´s are happy enough for Chaos to mix it a bit up.

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Offtopic: I am still disappointed that castle Drachenfels didnt include undead :upside_down_face:

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I’d like to see new Chaos enemies, like Khorne-y, Slaanesh-y and Tzeentch-y

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Don’t count on it. The only additions we’ll get are a new boss every dlc perhaps.

It doesn’t make much sense for a new faction besides Skaven, Chaos and Beastmen, the latter being the only one to be compatible lore-wise. In the End Times scenario, it is pretty much anybody vs. Skaven, Chaos and Beastmen. At the end, even the greenskins, undead and dark elves side with the remaining dwarves, elves and empire forces to combat the inevitable. I can definitely see Beastmen, but the end times doesn’t really allow for undead or orks as antagonists - but it DOES open up the possibilities of pretty much any new hero.

Not everything from chaos is used up. Id definitely like to see more than just Papa Oldfart :nurgle:, we already have sorcerer and berserk enemies, they could use some recolour :stuck_out_tongue:.

Then you have the beastmen :goat:, who could be in V2 even right now because, you know pestigors. And again they could be split into 4 versions.

Then you have daemons, again easy to support both spammable trash and serious units, kinda missed opportunity if you ask me, when we even have summoning ritual mission :japanese_ogre: (actually that forest mission is demon themed too).

Then we have the dawizharr :japanese_goblin:, boss or some elites could be taken from them, I dont think they could support whole faction.

People are throwing around “Hey its endtimes everyone is friendly”. But that doesnt mean you could walk into middle of ork warcamp and expect to leave it alive (if you are not ork :mushroom: that is).
So theoretically DLC/Expansion where you get 5 maps with orks as enemies could be possible if they wanted.

But, thats not what I wanted to say because

:skull::skull_and_crossbones: NAGASH :skull_and_crossbones::skull:

This friendly fella over here is hated by everyone, all the time, every single moment, year, edition, day, hour, season.
All the time, there isnt season when someone isnt hating him.
And, oh my, did I forgot to mention that he came back during end time, The End Times, as in Vermintide: End Times.

With this, we could get not only the boner tooomb kings but also undead (meaning vampire coconuts counts :vampire: ), because the man himself Prick fon Prickstein is also back.

Buuut I dont expect to get Nagash and 2 armies (which is basically whole V2 :v2: ) in like 2 weeks :calendar: after release of the game itself, and future plans are showing only 2 maps.
It would definitely be awesome to get more content in form of enemies/bosses/factions not only cosmetics and maps. :yum:

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