[Suggestion] New enemies


I’ve been wondering about new kinds of enemies. The introduction of Drachenfels without a single vampire (could’ve been a special, an elite, or even turned regular enemies) kind of disappointed me.

Some enemies that would be quite normal to encounter would be orcs : puny goblins as horde mobs, orcs as elites, some interesting specials…
I know it is a huge workload, but I think it would make the game more diverse in its gameplay if there were more enemies. Not on all levels, not all mixed together, but have different “versions” of the campaign : one involving beastmen and skaven instead of chaos and skaven, one involving orcs, things like that.

Cheers !

Don’t forget what the game is about:
The End Times
Altough clashes against Orcs or Vampires happened, the primary antagonists are still Skaven and Chaos.


I’d love to see more enemy types, yes shoot me, even if they are mini-factions like the Beastmen. I think that given the Nurgle theme to the opposition in the main enemies in Skaven and Rotbloods for this game, it may be hard to angle in a Vampire or a Greenskin horde with that Nurgle alliance from a lore perspective.

EDITED: Now lone bosses or something may be doable but it seems the boss in Curse of Drachenfels is already decided on. And I kind of this he’s pretty cool so I wouldn’t want to not see him in his full glory later on.

Sadly Dracula did not live there, can refer to steam post for the debate - https://steamcommunity.com/app/552500/discussions/0/1754654624730785063/

More enemies is always desired by requires alot of work beyond just adding some needed specials or units to current factions. Hopping that boss in 2nd map lead up to a full fledged deamon!