New enemy and story

Hey. I am not an English speaker, so do not judge strictly, maybe there is even such a topic here already.
In general, I would like to see the development of this game, as it is very good.

I would like in the future to see new enemies on new maps. Such options.
Campaign against vampires (you can use vampire cards from the first part, as many liked it very much, but if they are completely new, they are also very good, I would like to see a battle with the boss - the supreme vampire) where all the chaos units are changed to model zombies and skeletons , running along ditches-wolves, a rat with a hook - a skeleton with a hook, berserks - werewolves, warriors of chaos are vampires in heavy armor. The monster on these cards would be Vargulf (a reworked model rat ogre) in general, and so on.

I would also like to see the same with campaigns against orcs and goblins (to replace models of rats with goblins, models of chaos with orcs) to replace models and sounds and add a story. Type is going to a new horde under the banner of the mighty orc. Our heroes must help the empire stop the green waaah. The campaign consists of three cards: 1- destroy reserves of Orc provisions. 2 - to kill the three leaders so that if they defeated the big boss, nobody could lead the WAAAAH, thus many Orc clans have already begun to quarrel with each other. 3 - the final to go through the crowds of warring orcs and kill the biggest boss.

Well, I expressed my wishes. Thank you.

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