New enemies?

Have you guys given up adding new enemies? i hope not.
I know that the beastmen got a lot of flak during winds of magic days but it was a strange turbulent time, a lot of changes at once, but much like you guys insisted in a new mode until you got it to work, you shoudn’t give up new enemies just because you failed once (not even a failure in my opnion, because i always liked them)

If not for vt2 at least increase enemy types on dark tidal, most l4d clones out there milk the hell out of few units (hence why they all die naturally after release year) vermintide and Deep Rock Galactic went to town on enemy variety and thats why they both stood above the rest.

heres a 99iq suggestion: use the weekly to try new types, variants of old types, OR do that on darktide since vermint2ide is on the end of its dev days.
Great work so far though, stay safe.

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There are rumours of a new faction that could appear, namely the Undead

For DT I do hope they change their starting enemy roster in a more theorical way, have the Guards become a Chaos Undivided force, keep the plague zombie as the Nurglite base troops and then introduce the 3 other Chaos Cult via Flc/Dlc

I still want some nurglings or Tzeentch Horrors in Chaos Wastes or some other cool thing, like some kind of new boss. I still have hope for a Doomwheel charging around ( they even got the model already in Engines of War!) Although getting flattened by it might get annoying and spawning one in a corridor would be stoopid…

New enemies would be cool, but I guess they might be afraid of including bunch of new ones based on how beastmen were originally (and still) viewed by the community.

Tough they have been teasing this undead theme for a long time now so who knows.

Undead would be cool but I don’t think they will be added. I could, and maybe hopefully is, wrong on this though.

If we are getting new enemies it would be the Undead as they have been teased for quite a while (even though they are not the prime antagonists in the Endtimes and later on ally).

That said, it would be the next expansion because you can’t drop (again) new enemies on the Helmgart maps so you would need new maps for it. And to justify the effort for adding new enemies you would need at least about 5-6 new maps where you can encounter them.

You could maybe use Weaves or Chaos Wastes for introducing new enemies because it is less an issue there. Weaves are just mixing of past experiences. Encountering Undeads on Helmgart maps there could somehow be forgiven. On Chaos Wastes maps due to the chaotic nature of these adding new enemies would work too. However, not Undead as they are not resident there. Daemons could work too but the U5 can not handle them.

So if new enemies: Undead with an Estalia / Bretonia campaign mixed in.

You could also add to the existing factions. However, I would only do that if these new units add to the game. For example adding something like Gors with shields would be boring and unnecessary, we already have two factions doing that. And I certainly do not need a Beastmen disabler.

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The undead and necromancing enemies would be perfect because:

  1. you get horde reanimation
  2. you get bone flying physics
  3. they won’t have to code new enemy behavior if reanimated are the same types we been killing, so the skelleton crew working on vt2 can have a huge chunk of weight lifted off their shoulders and only work on minor details like the ressurrection animation and effects as well as the despawning and all related audio.

But yeah, warhammer has such a huge array of units to pick from, in a perfect world where this game has a big continuous budget they could keep shoving units into it, hell, even map exclusive units.
But this is not a perfect world.

Maybe not but additional Beastmen specials would be necessary to get them as a full faction.


I’m mostly thinking about many of the factors that affects living units that won’t affect the undead. Like damage from poison and does stagger affect the undead? What about backstabbs and headshots? And so on.

It seems to me that many ways to hurt the foe are balanced on living targets and such undead might throw a wrench into the gameplay. Note “might” as in it might also work out perfectly fine but I’d like to see a sugggestion for how those things will be managed.

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I would hope for pretty much the contrary, highly staggerable but almost unkillable (because they keep coming back as long as the necromancer is alive) as well low dps.

You would expect that the reanimated are weaker than their former self, imagine a reanimated hookrat for example, it could make different but similar noise than the normal hookrat but cannot disable you officially, it can hold you in place though you can still attack it.
A reanimated blightstormer can only summon a fake tornado area making you panic for no reason (for distraction sake) can also punch you if it gets too close.

I would be very hyped for not just the extra mechanical aspect of having new enemies around but what kind of personality they would have, as everything FatFish does has identity to it (with the only exception being the hanged man) it would be a very nice extra layer to the already big content buffet they cooked for this game.

While I think I can see your point I disagree with some of them.

To start with low ranking undead are pretty easy to dispatch in the Warhammer universe to my knowledge. Basic zombies and skeletons tend to fall in numbers are we are not talking about anything close to for example the Wights from GoT. There are stronger undead or course but the grunts are not going to take more damage than the Skaven slaves or Nurgle cultists (or whatever those skinny Rotblood guys are called).

The part of necromancers resurrecting could work as things like that goes in the TT game, but a problem might be that corpses of the fallen enemies tend to go away pretty fast. And it also means that almost any group will carve right through the undead unless the undead are lucky with the RNG and spawn a necromancer at exactly the right moment. I’m not sure how a Blightstormer can be reanimated as we see his corpse dissolve in Chaos magic/energy/whatever upon his death.

You haven’t adressed if Kerillian’s poisoned weapons would be useless against the undead. Same with poison grenades thrown by the Skaven specials, and whatever about headshots and backstabbs?

I think you formula for undead could work but there are a few rough edges that would need to be smoothed.

in ghost form, they could play the same despawn effect but in reverse, or come up with a new more creative one, it would require a very videogamey solution for it based on how corpses despawn, but i would forgive it

Being immune to poison might be a good idea, but being immune to headshots is an even better idea, imagine a glowing orb inside their chests (basically a visual shoot here cue) instantly deleting them and staggering enemies around it (minor reward for being accurate) when hit there (but coming back as soon as the necromancer calls it)