Beastmans as additional enemy type for DLC

Just think about this… With all those harpies, minotaurs, variety of gors, animals and more!
They will fit the game quite well and bring whole new direction for extending the game.
Feel free to suggest beastmans that you think will be nice to fight in game!


Cygors… Poor Sienna.

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While I agree we’ll have to see whether they end up deciding to buy more (of the expensive) licenses from Games Workshop, currently they only have partial ownership ( as far as we’ve heard ) of the Skaven and Chaos licenses, so even if they wanted to they couldn’t suddenly add beastmen.

Here’s to hoping for the future however. c:

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When it is Warhammer, the possibilities are endless.

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I’d love some sort of messed up mutated Skaven enemies too. Having Nurgle and Skaven really has a creepy vibe. While it would be cool to stick with that theme of creepy/scary/overwhelming, imagine how horrifying they could make huge Beastmen. AAAAA

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An indirect fight against a hellpit abomination would, while a lot of work, be awesome.


Yeah, I’m looking forward to something like that. :rat:


Not before Fatshark implement all the old hats and many new hats first tho!

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As great as it sounds, it’s never gonna happen. You’d have to wait on vermintide 3.

If there is any VT3 after all the problems that are occuring right now. Once the hype is downed, the last remnant of hardcore fan are being driven away cause of the sh*t patch & fix and the 0 communication with the community.

I severely doubt that there will be a VT3 after such a failing ad, failing fixing method and failing communication with fans.
The more time is passing by, the more VT2 reminds me of Battleborn.

The problem with adding in new mobs is how work intensive that would be, given the way beastmen move (cloven hoof, reverse leg structures) they would likely not only need new models but new rigs so that they could function, it would be awesome if they could pull it off but they might as well be making a new game.

It would be nice to see, but beastmen doesn’t really fit into the game as it is. It would make more sense to add vampires since they have weak enemies like Zombies that can be canon fodder. And they’ve had vampire maps without vampires.

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Skaven does not follow nurgle so they would not have any mutations from chaos, mutations from warpstone however. Skaven has many, Many different kinds of really nasty troups that they could add. Depending on how large enemies they want to add they could add bosses like Hell Pit Abominations.

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