New enemy faction idea

Perhaps the Pestigors (Beastmen who worship Nurgle) should join the game and together with the already existing followers of Nurgle and skavens create a rotten trinity :wink:



I don’t think theirs been any indication of a new faction joining the game. We’ve had little hints about a new character maybe. But I doubt we’ll see anything like that until vermintide 3. But, maybe they will suprise us, who knows. I’d love to see chaos dwarfs as well. Hack, Slash and Smack those evil little buggers all over the maps. There’s really a nearly endless amount of content for the game if the get the license from GWs

I think the new character might well be whichever Rotblood Shaman has been messing around with the illusions in Ubersreik. We have, after all, slaughtered the current leaders of each faction, so a new super-villain character nemesis would be quite good.

No vampire lady for you @SmokerT69

I need muh brittonian vampire babe, she would be a interesting addition to the team. And the banter between her and Salty would be halrious considering she’s fought alongside the emperor and saved his life, but is still a vile undead heathen.

Or I’d settle for a high elf, no more mayfly races :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe there was some heavy hinting at beastmen in VT1

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I really want Norscan whaler as a elite enemy, where they throw spear at the hero.

Harpoon mate, a spear that lodges itself in your armor/flesh with a goddamn rope, so he can pull you into horde, now that would be hookrat on roids.

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