Okay Fatshark.......Chaos Wastes looks fantastic

Okay well done! I was expecting this to be a paid DLC…and you made it free… Honestly I have no complaints only that making it free is huge! Only one thing to mention for the future please let us know what’s in the works the more the community knows the better. Tempering excitement is important if we knew this was free from the start we would have not had such a large amount of backlash at no Demons. Other than that… keep up the fantastic work and thanks for all you guys do for Warhammer as a whole.


The cynical person in me says this is directly in response to the lack of daemons but at any rate its such a positive surprise that I’m not going to dwell into it.


If there were demons U5 would just die. They would outright go insane. Its completly different powerscale and ppl wanting demons really dont know thing about warhammer then

Because Hedge has said, “in the case of Chaos Wastes you might be pleasantly surprised as to why we don’t need to push too hard. Time will tell though,” I think this was the plan all along

They didn’t need to push the marketing so hard because it was always going to be free


Well don’t mistake my intent but I was never really in the camp that wanted daemons in the game at any cost. I really just struggle to see why its a free update.

Well I guess that is possible.At any rate the dlc being free is only a positive thing, doubly so if the content is good enough at launch.


The Aethyr stirs. The usually invisible mystical energies shift into focus and, for a brief moment, allow even those of lesser races see the truth… a vision.

Blurred images slowly start to take shape… a burning expansion, hated by most… the Winds of Magic… dark days of the past. Another image… new hope for the desperate ones… expansion of Chaos Wastes… a mode which does not split the brave heroes apart. Everyone is stronger together… a pleasant feeling. Good choice.

The image shifts once again. A new image comes into view… instruments of great power and slaughter yet unheard of… possibility of new style… voluntary action for those truly dedicated… everything comes at a price… a good compromise.

The vision stirs for the last time and fades into nothingness.


This was definetely planned from the long hand. You don’t make such economical impactful choices as a snap decision after backlash.

As Spatnack said: Hedge has implied this before. The confirmed release of new premium cosmetics does support this as well as the post from Season 2 where they said more future free content.


Well the new weapons are also behind a paywall so that more than explains it for me.


I think a big reason is the new gamemode thing. Weaves as a new game mode (which is also not very well received, according to the forums and steam) often are critizised of splitting the community, especially because you have to pay for them.

With Chaos Wastes we get a third game mode and regardless of how it is perceived everyone can participate.


My initial comment was done at the point when we did not know we would be paying for weapons. Honestly free game mode, weapons and potential illusions for nothing sounded really a stretch to me.
Now that I know something that at least half the community will buy (weapons) is behind a paywall it makes perfect sense for the game mode to be free.

At any rate I will stop replying on these comments as it adds nothing further.


If it were a Greater Daemon, I’d agree. But Lesser Daemons? It’d be tough, but they could handle those. They’re named, canon, hero-level characters who have already survived massive warp exposure without corruption and the willpower to fight two protracted guerilla wars against overwhelming, chaotic odds and capture by the Skaven. They’ve defeated two Skaven Chieftains, a Chaos Champion, two Chaos Sorcerer Lords (one of whom had the power of a Greater Daemon), being thrown literally into the Warp in Weaves, and a Grey Seer. Plus who knows how many Rat Ogres, Stormfiends, Trolls, and most importantly - Chaos Spawn. The latter are a litmus test and show what long-term chaos exposure can do.

And yet . . . nothing even slightly resembling a tentacle on 'em. Yeah, they could handle Nurglings and Plaguebearers. But if they ever were an enemy, it would be very cool if there was some kind of effect around the screen; a SUBTLE blurring or yellowing to give the idea that these aren’t just “some other monsters” but something truly otherworldly.


On topic, Chaos Wastes does look very promising and I very much like the direction Fatshark is going with it regards to how they release it. Well, and I think the game mode looks (from what I see now) that it avoids all the problems that Weaves came with that made me dislike the game mode.

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Coming April 20th, all bugs worked out April 20th 2022 or later.

I would add it sounds fantastic… The sound design/ music / voice acting and effects are amazing makes the game real immersive. I love how they reinvent the main theme everytime darker and darker as if the end is closer each DLC they release lol.

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People are getting a little bit too hyped up only because the dlc will be free. Have you guys not thought about why it will be free? Think about it for a minute and you should realize it doesnt look too promising at all.


How about you just come out and say why you think that’s a bad thing instead of making vague remarks


Never said its a bad thing, if even i would say it will be mediocre at best.

It being free means that the dlc wont have much content, means its very likely only the new chaos wastes “mode”. As we know now, this mode will have 15 new “locations”, which will most likely be the 15 small areas that can be chained together for whatever reason. Then there will be some new “mechanics” with shrines. But eventually, everything depends on how the mode is implemented.

If its a completely new mode that isnt compatible with the adventure mode, it will most likely end like weaves, unless it offers enough rewards to be worthwhile for the adventure mode. But since its free, it could also mean that it will be a mode compatible with the adventure mode, because it can work way smoother when everyone has the update.

But eventually its just a mode and how much time did they need to develope this mode?

Like with the other dlcs for this game, i will only look forward to the new weapons.

The fact it’s free making me suspicious too. Not sure if paid weapons DLC and premium cosmetics is going to be enough to pay for all the development behind CW and for theoretical future content. In my opinion this supports the idea that CW is the last big update for the game outside of the left careers. So they made it free because it’s either not that great or just not enough content to take money for, so people don’t see them as scummy before Darktide.

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yeah I also like searching for any and all reasons to complain even if I have no way of knowing how it’ll be until release :slight_smile:


They are not hero level characters though, and that they survived warp exposure is pretty much only though blessing of sigmar. And where did you take idea that Nurgloth had greater demon power its never said that.

And all that wins against stronger opponents are pretty much because they get them in favorable situation.

  • Fatshark itself said on some stream if there were demons U5 would go insane, You guys make them way more powerfull than they are actually are.
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