Fatshark should have done Warhammer Chaosbane

Anyone agree with me?? I wish fatshark made this new warhammer chaosbane, i think it’s the best software house able to work with warhammer brand! They could have made a game with a greater attention to details, lore, better characters, a better loot system and an overall better quality product!

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Sounds like an unnecessary jab at Fatshark just because this Chaosbane thing has left some good first impressions.

It’s been out for less than a day. I do not personally find that enough time to judge it as superior in every regard compared to something else.

That isn’t to say Chaosbane can’t be good. Of course it can be, and, hopefully, it is. I guess what I’m trying to say is that just because it’s good, that doesn’t really make it fair to immediately complain that something else (in this case, Vermintide 2) doesn’t live up to the same standard.

Game development shouldn’t just boil down to “one-upping” the competition, in my opinion.

I think he means to say that he wishes that FatShark had been in charge of creating Chaosbane because FatShark is very capable and has output only high-quality material.

I recommend re-reading the post; at least by my interpretation, he means to say that FatShark is awesome. Needless to say, I also agree with you that game development shouldn’t be about doing one better than your competitor, it certainly needs to deal with ingenuity and creativity for something they love. The love is the important part :smiley:

@Storm18 I’m not sure; if FatShark were bigger and had more firepower to create more games at the same quality as Vermintide 2, I’d be all over that! The reason I’m unsure is that their team isn’t massive and they did just announce another game, Dreadlands, and I’m also excited to see what they output.

I’ve not seen Chaosbane with my own eyes, yet, so I’m interested to see how it will work out but hope it is something different from Diablo. I can’t say I’d be super excited to play a game like that when I have Vermintide for my slashing needs.


yes In fact i meant that :grin:

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If you ask me, Fat Shark should’ve done a lot of things in other warhammer games… for instance, I find the voice acting and a lot of sound effects in Warhammer Total War really stock. Take Skaven for instance… they sound so bland when compared to Fat Shark’s Skaven. And the voice of Queek Headtaker… It’s just nothing special after you hear Skarrik’s voice from Vermintide. In a way (positive), Fat Shark kinda ruined Skaven faction in Total War for me :grinning:

Fat Shark, I need to say it again, your sound effects and voice acting are superb! :heart:

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