Would space-hulk-deathwing been a better game if FS was dev?

Thoughts :thinking:?

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i believe definitely YES


Melee would at least feel good. I couldn’t Deathwing cause smashing with powerfists felt so bad. Fatshark knows how to make melee feel kinetic.

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I think it would have been a better game for sure. I dunno if it would be as good as Vermintide, though. There’s not as much room for making every character interesting, with interesting interactions with a group of Space Marines. They’re all veterans who have worked with each other for a very long time. No major dissent, no arguments, no real variance between each character . . .

It’d be hard to even make a varied group in 40k.

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Definitely, the melee combat would have felt waay more satisfying. Some of the atmosphere settings in spacehulk were off too, I would have liked some of the areas to be pitch black like “Hunger in the dark” only with the xenos coming at you from all sides. I may be a “skrub” but even easy difficulty was a pain in the ass! The armor was paper thin everything hit hard and I was constantly losing team mates cuz they would just run off and get themselves trapped. I would love to see FS take on a Space Hulk title.


Even the Space-Marines have great-variation in personality, but their goals tend to align pretty well when push comes to shove. Really it depends on the chapter they are from.

I think that FatShark, given the time and resources, would’ve made Deathwing fantastic. Certainly the game was pretty epic already, but FatShark would’ve made the game righteous.

I think the answer is… Probably. No one can really say, unless FS gets their hands on 40k too, in a similar vein. Personally, while Deathwing still does hang aroud in my Steam wishlist, when I read about how its multiplayer works (nothing to do with the campaign really, no permanent character-building…), I got pretty much put off, as I was looking for a good co-op game, not just a 40k shooter.

I remember a discussion or two in Discord about a Vermintide-style game in 40k. At that time, I put out a thought that I still agree with: While Space Marines are indeed The Iconic Thing about 40K (well, on human side at least), I don’t think they would be a good fit for this kind of game, as I feel everything about them is kinda… limited, and the power level is too high. A better fit would probably be a Rogue Trader and their officers, as that allows a wide selection of potential PCs (including xenos) and environments, and fits the style better too. So no, I wouldn’t like to see a Space Marine game by FS, but a Rogue Trader game would be cool. They’re pretty underrepresented outside the table-top RPGs anyway…


That would be a lot of fun, and a lot more interesting!

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