Not just another "Space Marines on DT" thread

I am perfectly aware that devs made it clear that they don’t intend to add Space Marines on Darktide. I also know for sure that Space Marines have been the trademark of the 40k franchise almost forever and they have been (over)used in numerous games (mostly rts - DoW series and their spinoffs, Battlesector, Daemonhunters, Space Marine, etc). But, if you think about it, Space Marines have been hardly used in the first person action shooter genre. The only titles of this genre i can think of that utilise SM are Deathwing (a huge disappointment for many out there) and… Fire Warrior?! (an ancient title where you get to play as a Tau Fire Warrior who had to deal with Space Marines as adversaries). Two titles hardly justify the “overuse” of SM on this specific genre.

Soo… Darktide would be a GREAT and UNIQUE opportunity to let us play as Space Marines both on a first person perspective and in a coop masterful formula like the one DT offers. Balancewise, I don’t think there will be a problem since we already have ogryns who on several occasions have bested SM (from the tip of my head, read Space Wolves omnibus third book where a chaos ogryn captured and almost crashed to death a Blood Claw just before Ragnar Blackmane intervened and saved him). Moreover they can use ogryn’s model size for the SM one.

To conclude, i think it would be freaking awesome to tread the chaos infested hive world of Tertium as a Space Marine clad on power armour, mowing down heretics using the mighty Astartes arsenal and all the available customisation options, and all this on a first person pov.

Ps. Devs could also add a scout instead of a fully pledged Battle Brother. Just saying…


So why exactly is this not another ‘Space Marines in Darktide’ thread again?


I understand the decision to not include space marines.
They are kind of overused in games.

It would be cool to see them here and there as NPCs in some maps.
Just somwhere in the background or whatever.

i know they won’t add space marines but i’m still asking for it

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You’ve done the same thread on steam (I haven’t checked reddit yet)

But no, no one is interested, it wouldn’t work, Fatshark has already said no (Multiple times), it doesn’t make sense (Lore and balance)


I wouldn’t mind seeing a plague marine as a boss or something.


“Not just another “Space Marines on DT” thread”

Checks out.


a sister of battle would be way more intresting, essentially uses the same arsenal and is way closer to the 4 outcasts

i can’t stand marines anymore


They have their place and time. This is neither their place nor their time.


No. I rather play as a half augmented engineseer, skitarii, sicarian or servitor hell ill even take a servo skull as an option to play as.


I can clearly see i stand with the crashing minority both here and on steam being fond of the SMs’ implementation on a great first person coop shooter like DT. Also devs can do whatever they like just as i can suggest whatever i like. But don’t feed me the BS about “LoRe” and “BaLaNcE”. Devs can add SMs just as easily they added a Grail Knight (who can be a SM equivalent on the classic warhammer realm) on Vermintide 2.

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They definitively said there wouldn’t be Space Marines. The whole point of Darktide that has 40k fans excited is that, for once, we get to play regular people. That’s the allure and the thing very few devs have had the courage or the vision to do, because everyone is so afraid a game not about Space Marines won’t sell. Even though fans are clamoring for a variety of experiences in the 40k universe.

Fatshark may have made the best looking, and we hope playing, 40k FPS to date. And I’m glad they spent all that energy on something other than Space Marines. There’s always “Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine.” There’s Space Hulk: Deathwing which is already a great SM coop FPS horde game. There’s the WH40k Space Marine sequel coming soon.

My only regret that is that, based on what Fatshark has said, I won’t get to try to kill any Chaos Space Marines myself.

The reason people are snarky is because Fatshark made their position clear, and there has already been a lot of discussion on it. Maybe in 2 or 4 or however many years when they’re ready to get weird with Darktide just like they did Vermintide, they’ll put a playable Space Marine in.

For the record, I’ll always like Space Marines. They’re what got me into 40k. But for now, it’s time for regular humans to show why they’re the backbone of the Imperium, and I’m so ready for it.


I’ll be satisfied with the bolter alone, from the looks of the last gameplay video.

I see your point and i also think DT is if not the best, one of the best 40k games we ever had. But personally i have little interest on the plain human troops. SM are what got me hooked on the 40k universe almost 20 years ago and I can’t seem to get enough of them. As much variety of the various adeptus/ organisations of the Imperium of Man may be unexplored by the gaming industry, this much variety stays unexplored for the Astartes still. There are so many chapters, each with their own traits and quirks, so huge an arsenal, so much customisation. And for all this i blame GW; but this is another story.

My point is that yeah there are many factions still unexplored which yield originality and uniqueness and cudos for FS who dared to differ but there is still original and exciting content to be found on the SMs.

Also i found Deathwing a total let down. Clunky mechanics, boring progress and terrible connectivity. Though it had nailed the grim dark atmosphere and scenery of the setting. So Deathwing is not for me. Space Marine 2, on the other hand is indeed the answer to my prayers but my real wish is to play as a SM on a quality fps action game like DT.

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i get that we as 40k fans can be starved for quality content, and that the rich 40k ip is something we desperately wanted to experience in first person.

but not every game needs to appeal to you. that’s the reality of it.


You mean a completely different game at that point. Sure, but not Darktide.

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Well, good thing you’ll have your Marine experience when Space Marine 2 drops one day.

I for one am indifferent, but tilting more towards not having them in DT due to how they will absolutely obliterate both balance and flood the lobbies since there is no way they would be even remotely able to balance out the class if they want to go for a realistic approach to the Space Marine.

As was mentioned, a Sister of Battle would be a far better inclusion if it is Power Armour and Boltguns you want, more fitting and significantly easier to balance out. An Arbitrator would be another possibility in my eyes.

If they truly want to go for uniqueness, which is what I think they should, they are nailing it so far by not focusing in the slightest towards Marines for players. Giving us access to things like a Tech-Priest would be the thing to do if they want to go for something that is actually and truly unique to just this game. We have never had the opportunity to view the world from the perspective of a Tech-Priest.

Now as for enemies, I am all for inclusion of Chaos Space Marines. Mostly to scare me S*itless when I turn a corner and see a dude wielding a weapon bigger than me, that happens to not particularly care about the fire I am pouring into them. That to me is far more interesting than being able to play a Marine, but I do belong to that group of people that thinks it is far cooler to take down Goliath as David as opposed to being Goliath stomping on David.


I don’t think that if they take a SoB inspired archetype it will be one that has a Power Armour (And even in lore there are SoB order that use normal armour, like Flak, Carapace and Plate). At most Power Armour cosmetic could work (High Trust)

But the problem stand with the Zealot, which already cover some of the SoB posts. Like having a zealous SoB wouldn’t really bring anything that a Woman Zealot doesn’t already do. So they would need to make the career stand on another core idea of the SoB, the one that I see would be using their Act/Shield of Faith, getting an Archetype mechanic similar to the Psyker.

But yes, Tech Adept/Menial first, I want to be a Cogboy

so just an other space marine thread. “space marine 2” is right around the corner for marines shooter. as for DT I would love to see plague marines as boss and marines NPC but this game is aboout the low life rising for their survival, no space marine would start as low as we do in this game.

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Problem, SM would Solo any CATACLYSM while both EYes Closed, Arms behind his back and on One Leg… Yeah my Man so much Power wielded by one tiny Humie

But yeah would have been cool for sure.
We could wish for a Inquisitor in Crusader Armor, thtas the closest you get, or Sister Sororitas, however id prefer SIsters of Silence.
or any of the Main Assassins Guild.