Not just another "Space Marines on DT" thread

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun on Steam here you go SM FPS, Darktide have story or something like this Inqusitor (crazy or not) sending you ( one of many in penal leagion) to hive, kill as many as you can or die. i read Last Chancers series (3 books) no SMs what so ever. when SMs do some bad tshirt you kill them or send them to eye of terror. but keep it up. it made me laught :smiley:

Eeeeeh… let’s leave the playable Space Marines for their own game please. After decades of them getting the spotlight in all sorts of game genres (from tactical strategies to FPS/TPS), it’s time to let the ordinary guardsman/zealot/psyker/ogryn shine too lol.

IF they really have to put them in, I’d prefer to see them as very hard BOSS enemies only.

I agree that Darktide should focus solely on the convicts, but there were definitely Space Marines in the Last Chancers from what I remember lol

A Deathwatch marine assists Schaeffer’s team in the 2nd book and in the 4th book (that came out in 2019) the team gets saved by Salamanders at like two separate occasions. :smile:

i read books in 2005 and there is 4th book, good to know. what i mean is you dont see SM in penal legion, SM can assist them sure.

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I would love a chaos marine enemy, but only as an enemy. And they would likely only belong in a level 5 difficulty. A space marine is simply too strong to fairly or realistically add to darktide, and besides, by your own statement, a plague ogryn can take them on, not a regular ogryn. So we do NOT already have a character if similar strength.

Im confused as to why you think this isn’t just another “add space marine”? because its not happening. not everything needs to be Matt Ward’s wet dream.

Angels of death do not come from nowhere if adeptus astartes are appeared that means we as players characters are dead.

The presence of Daemons on Atoma Prime might even draw a Grey Knight strike force.


Exactly. I like the idea of a mission where the rejects’ encounters and goals are happening around a Space Marine/ Chaos Marine engagement with neither side paying much attention to you, who are entirely beneath their notice. Add a ton of environmental hazards from both enemy and friendly fire and scripted moments of a Land Raider bursting through a wall creating an exit or a Dreadnaught’s leg smashing through the ceiling, really have fun with the idea of being a cockroach crawling around a tank battlefield. Maybe you take down one Plague Marine as a boss.


Much as I’d love playable space marines in a Fatshark game… I think this idea is by far the best way to implement them in the actual game that Darktide is. Use the ‘wrong context problem’-ness of them to alter level geometry, have a firefight or transhuman brawl in the background, in non-pathable areas, or weave them into an extraction once in a great while.

Most humans in the imperium NEVER see a space marine, and while working for the inquisition greatly increases your chances of doing so for good or ill… the FEEL of Darktide is such that you really shouldn’t be operating in the same context.

(setting aside, of course, the very premise of Tide games being that normal people are operating at Astartes super weight- no random convict is really going to win a dozens-on-4 engagement, but we dig it because the game just wouldn’t be as fun with more realistic numerical balance)

Deathwing is trash. Please don’t bring up this dead game that is horribly made and is terrible to play. Obviously Space Marines will not be part of Darktide, but there is no reason not to hope that maybe if Darktide turns out to be a success, some kind of sequel or DLC down the line might include an Astartes as a playable character. (Or a whole squad of them)

A boss fight with a chaos marine could be stretched over an entire map with different phases that increase in difficulty.
At first you’re an annoyance that’s not worth the time.
Until the last where you become an obstacle and must be dealt with.

I would really like to see space marines in the game.
But not as playable characters because compared to the rejects they should literally be a one-man army.

I like the idea of a mission in the middle of a space marine <-> chaos space marine encounter where you feel like rats in a mine field.

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This is exactly just another Space Marines in DT post. Exactly. It’s humorous you think otherwise, OP.

Personally I’m not even a huge fan of 40K (hides). It’s all remarkably binary: there’s only war; warp vs non-warp; and the coolest thing are somehow men in huge battle armor with rocket-propelled bullets and chainswords. I get it though, it’s all so incredibly simple and extreme, that that’s exactly what people love about it. And that’s fine. Just… please… don’t let your inner fanboy glorify the astartes too much :joy:

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Why so many people want to play Adeptus Astartes when the game is about non-Adeptus Astartes. While there are Space Hulk - Deathwing and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is in store already.

The only SM component should be a SM Bolter for Ogryns, I dont even play ogryns but they seem like they could pick one up and point it at heretics with no problem.

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I’d want an ogryn to use a heavy bolter. Mmm, just imagining the sound of that.

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space marines should be relegated to npc. like having a mission type where you have to complete objectives to support a space marine so he can do the thing and not die.

For example, if they add a plague marine boss, they could make it a “space marine has to contend with the plague marine, but you have to help him because if you dont the space marine will die and everyone wipes” and it could be a mission about activating something or preparing a weapon or countermeasure . Or maybe instead of a plague marine you could make it more epic. dreadnought fight. “help venerable good boy smite a daemon prince” by keeping the trash off of him and activating some sort of psychic mcguffin to give him the edge" sort of thing and as you’re going through the map you get to see them facing off in the background.

DT should stay a game about the B and C list cast, only having the A list show up to do something epic and then leave.

Sounds like how Dark Angels capture deamon.

The space marine doesn’t die.
Only your team dies and disappoints the emperor.

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no, the space marine dies. WE’re not talking about a hero of the chapter, we’re talking about “generic space marine with the helmet on”
Rejects don’t get the best, rejects make do.