Dumb idea for darktide

:pleading_face: since it’s going to be spooky October soon… would it be okay if there is a mode where the player can by chance join as a random space marine who just happens to come on a downed squad and save the day? He can res and completely demolish mission. Or not res.

The space marine player can choose to spare or end the squad at the end of mission. With a nice camera scene with an edited mic input. While the character models are rigged to be bowing making their cases for their lives to be spared (so players will either use mics or typing) while space marine player listens.

I just thought when it’s scary why not have a possible hero to keep it comfy? Or spooky? Or glorifying such good news of God’s word?
Just a silly idea. Probably too much to implement and unlikely to happen when it’s just a bunch of possibly questionable but somewhat faithful people working in a non paid waste management job.
It would be nice for a mode like that :blush: to pop up

You’re more likely to get an abusrd amount of daemon hosts and lights out. Guardian angels and saving graces would be the opposite :stuck_out_tongue:

I also just think they need to stay away from space marines, their scale and power level doesn’t fit the setting that has been chosen.


Good points Hmm what addition would be a level that would be able to sweep through that wasn’t as overpowered or out of place?
Would you rather players be able to play a spooky host or specter to bother with the screen of players for a bit? (Nothing too wild, possibility for drawing).

My dumb idea for Darktide was to have a rough rider archetype with a ridable mount. It’s about the same level as the Brettonian peasant mob “character” idea for Vermintide 2.

Players have ranges of power levels. Some can take on space marines. A heavy weapons servitor could be fun. Or low level tech priest.

Assassin’s would probably be too much (cadellus and such).

There’s the human traitors that joined the Tau. Although I doubt the imperium would bother imprisoning them.

Rogue traders. They even have Xenos like eldar and dark eldar, but again, I doubt they would bother imprisoning them.

Others are probably part of the upcoming sub class changes.

Maybe a swarm of servitor skulls and cherubs could assist you.

It could work, like except for ladders, with the presence of the Ogryn a Horse wouldn’t be too big…

But at the very least, maybe getting the Hunting Lance as a melee weapon (Maybe with variants for the different tips ? Or having it as Krak but blessing making it possible to have another one) with an ammo System.

For the additional archetypes they need to be able to clear a few things (At least without a big change to the narrative, the systems or bringing lore contravariances):

  • Would be present in the Imperial Penal System
  • Not important enough that they would be kept elsewhere
  • Able to introduce new things
    → Weapons
    → Abilities
  • Has personal growth potential “As Tertium fall, Reject rises”
  • Be able to do the events (Auspex)

So for example:
Ratling Can be in the Penal system, can use the Auspex, can grow, while it can introduce new weapons and abilities, those could also be brought by the Veterans, this would also involve introducing a new PoV, which cause problems due to the cover system (Before anyone say Bardin, VT2 doesn’t have a cover system)

Assassin, Rogue Trader and Xenos wouldn’t be found in the Imperial Penal system. OA would destroy the Assassin before sending them to it, Rogue Trader are protected and would only be executed by a rather foolish Inquisitor, while Xenos if they are kept as prisoner either are kept in special systems or kept for informations.

Human turned to the Tau wouldn’t really bring anything new without the introduction of a new weapon source (Which would be very strange in the presence of both Inquisitors and an Admech Tech Priest.

For possible archetypes, it’s very much Tech Adept that would be able to introduce new things, while not causing too many head aches to make it work lorewise.

Then it’s Ratling (But not Squats), something inspired by the Sister of Battle (As Zealot is already there, it could be taken up by them, but one could be introduced on the Act of Faith mechanics they have on the TT)

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Now what if the class rides an ogryn?
Ogryn can use ladders.


The Ogryn head are there, truly the geniuses of our community :crown:

Gives me onos (from Natural Selection) climbing ladders and fitting in air vents PTSD.

I like that idea! Little cars or mini jeeps would be nice too. They have some lying about on map that are unused!

That’s a fun idea I like that. It might lag but it would be funny if random people could play a servitor with their own voice chat module :joy: so they can find more resources or short cuts etc. your posts are great!

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