Why the change from Space Marines (from Space Hulk) to "regular" heroes?

I dont know much about the 40k lore, so I might be wrong about this one. But, for what I can see, in Space Hulk: Deathwing we played as Space Marines (Astartes if im not wrong) with psychic abilities and in Vermintide we also play as powerful heroes that can take down Daemons and Chaos creatures. Are this new heroes as much as powerful? Or maybe the tech makes up for it? Im just wondering. Like I said, Im dont know much about 40k but Im really looking forward to this game.

ps: Exclusive cosmetic for the ones that have been supporting this games since vt1? Long shot but I have to try lol

Because astartes have been overused. Seriously, the market is oversaturated with space marines.
The team you play in Deathwing is comprised of space marines wearing terminator armour; the strongest armour available to astartes.

All the powerful tech is certainly not limited to only the astartes however, as other arms of the Imperium like the Officio Assassinorum (Assassins of the Imperium) are equipped with weapons arguably more dangerous than even the astartes, such as a culexus’ psyk-out grenades (nullifies warp energy), callidus’ c’tan phase sword (Can pass through anything by phasing through it), eversor’s neuro gauntlet (injects a truly terrifying venom that kills its victim within seconds) and the vindicare’s special rounds that can even pass through a warship’s shield and exit through the other end of the ship.


Well the change is something most W40k fan were quite happy with,
Most people are quite fed up with Space marine (In particular the Ultramarine like in the Space Marine Game)

powerful heroes

It is true that the Ubersreik 5 are of the Hero level (for the Table top) but they are not the hero level for the Lore (That would be someone like Gotrek or a powerful wizard) and they are still faceless character like a thousand exist in the Empire/Athel Loren/Karak Azul

In the 40k lore the Space Marine are the same level of threat than a Chaos Warrior (Big armoured dude with the axe) are in fantasy (Powerful like a tank and everything but a regular human still can kill it)

In the powerful Character that are not Astartes that were not that much explored in game are:
Assassin Cult (One of the Chaos Primarch was killed by one and a lot of Chaos Warband were decimated by other), Arch Militant, Inquisitor, Sister of Battle and a lot of other sub-faction.

One of the Character may be an Ogryn who are known for their strength (Stronger than a SM)


Space Marines can have diversity of weapons but not so much skills. Also, another Death Hulk might be boring and if we were Deathwatch they’d have to balance and work on multiple alien races or else it’d get boring. I think the best setting for a space marine game is a heavily story focused FPS where the developers can really nail the meaty feel of being an Astartes without worrying too much about balancing.


Because acolytes allow for much more freedom. 40k is a very strict setting where people have strict defines roles.
Acolytes do not fit this however.

Also in 40k plenty of times there have been humans duking it out with powerful enemies check out Caphias Cain for reference.


Yes, the Space Marines are overused but, they are like Coca Cola: Eternal, unsurpassed and you can’t get enough of it! (yes, I know that there’s a lot of people who don’t drink/like coca cola, but you get my point).
I easily get bored with reading WH40K novels about Space Marines, those are pretty much boring and repetitive after you read 10 books. But I can never get enough videos, pictures, artwork and good games about Space Marines (and by good, I only count a couple of them).
Realistically, we only had just a couple of good games with Space Marines: IMO, Dawn of War (1st and 2nd installment) and Space Marine 2011. Everything else is mediocre or just plain trash. Again, this is just my personal opinion, not a general one.

Space Marines are truly a force of nature, but so are our U5 heroes. Everything can be compensated with a large number of weaker enemies or just some truly elite adversaries.

I understand that I’m in the minority here, but my main reason for not being interested/not planning to buy this game is simply the lack of Space Marines.

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