Darktide Compared to Space Hulk

As someone who has never played vermintide (or indeed any classic Warhammer) I’m trying to find a comparison game for Darktide.

Based on the info I’m gathering it sounds like a L4D style game in which category I would also put Space Hulk: Deathwing.

Is this a fair comparison within obvious parameters (it won’t be a power fantasy because more than likely we’re just playing as Guardsmen and not Terminators)?

Please pray to the Emperor it’s nothing like Deathwing.

L4D2 is a good start but I hope there’ll be much wider choices of loadouts, melee will be a much bigger part of the game and being able to tailor your character in a specific direction will be awesome.

The combat will be much faster and all round better than Deathwing.


It’ll probably be like Vermintide 2, but better. Well if FS learns from all the mistakes they’ve made with VT2. I suspect there will be more of an emphasis on ranged combat in Darktide though.


Just like they did when lauching VT2 - they took all the really good stuff from VT1 and made sure it appeared in VT2. /sarcasm

Oh… Wait…

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Space Marines especially Terminators are alot tankier than what I’d expect from Darktide Guardsmen. Based on Vermintide will have much more fluid combat and enemies especially compared to Space Hulks…hulkiness

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