Can you imagine .. W40K?

Imagine a four man squad of Space Marines aboard a Space Hulk fighting Tyranids …

FATSHARK … you MUST do this … Please, take my money!


Space Hulk: Deathwing exists.

And thats quite a shame in itself.


Already a game called Space Hulk: Deathwing. And it sucks ass.


This is a much better idea than rats and fruity witches. Perhaps they couldn’t afford the license.

40k does absolutely nothing for me.


I would rather have imperial guards with a commissar.

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I’m not quite into 40K myself, but hey, we never know, maybe with mods they’ll allow us a total “reskin” and you’ll have some crazy worker that turn this game into 40K (Would take way too much time, but… eh :p)

I can just imagine the awesome and funny banter between a space marine squad:

“We must purge the heretic brother.”
“Yes we must eradicate the heretics in the name of the Emperor!”

“These wounds will not stop me from fulfilling my duty to slay all in the name of the Chapter!”
“Heal yourself, brother, so that we may continue to destroy the enemies of the Empire!”

“These stairs go up! Let us use them to assist us in annihilating the Heretics!”

Funny funny stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe stick in a Imperial guardsman as the group punching bag!


Yes, I can. But instead of Space Marines or other soldiers, I think the most suitable backdrop would be Rogue Trader. Closer to a suitable power level, more varied character options, more varied mission possibilities…

And yes, Deathwing exists. As soon as I found out that the co-op has nothing to do with the campaign, I (and a friend of mine) decided against buying it. Still sits in my wishlist, in case of a huge sale, but unless that happens, pass.


“I think the most suitable backdrop would be Rogue Trader.” - I could see that as well, I think Fatshark could do either pretty damn well. They capture the WH verse well in the Vermintide games.

As for Deathwing, who cares? I want Fatshark to try it with the same care they have Vermintide.

Spess mehrens don’t do anything for me. I would need Eldar playable characters.

Don’t know what’s with some people and their crap-taste here, Space Hulk Death Wing is awesome. Though some children expected to fight all 40k factions in a specific Terminators vs. Genestealers game?

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Honestly, 40K holds no interest for me. Maybe it’s because the elements 40K shares in common with Fantasy are the elements I don’t find as interesting; Chaos, Hooman Empire, Elves . . . I prefer Skaven and Lizardmen and the oddballs in general. Though I am a big fan of Greenskins, and they’re quite entertaining in 40K. Actually the only note of humor in it at all as far as I’m aware. And with how much more extreme the factions are towards each other, I can’t imagine the devs believably getting together a ‘disparate’ team like they’ve done in Vermintide.

I know 40K has a lot of fans, so I’m not saying it’s bad, but I don’t care for it, and I’d be highly likely to pass over a game set in 40K. Unless Macha was in it, because she’s awesome. :smiley:

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This game literally exists already lol

Space Hulk is out there, and it’s… eh, not that great. I played it for a little bit and they got the feel of being a Terminator down but it was rather boring. Still, if you’re a 40k buff (like myself) and you can get it cheap it’ll probably be a fun afternoon.

Spacehulk: Deathwing. Rolling around in terminator armour shooting waves of nids with plasma, flamers and assault cannons.
Hell of a fun. :sunglasses:

It has some problems but otherwise its great, visual side is absolutely stunning. :star_struck:
Soon its getting enhanced edition (in May I think) which adds new enemies, weapons, customization options, better stability.
Probably the biggest problem is, that its whole Dark Angels vs. Nids. Maybe if it was Deathwatch/Killteam themed where you can play as any space marine vs orks/nids/chaos whatever it would be more popular, but who knows maybe SH:DW 2 will come too. :crossed_fingers:

Eternal Crusade that multiplayer CoD/GoW/SpaceMarine whatever has coop vs AI mode, where you fight nids and you are trying to reach final destination. Kinda dead mode because PvP is better, but hey its basically attempt for L4D. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And finally the Space Marine. It also has multiplayer coop vs AI and you are fighting orks. But arsenal is kinda limited here and the online is basically dead so only friends here. :upside_down_face:

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