Strange thought for a monster

In V2 i always enjoyed the large armored chaos warriors. The enemy Ogryn are cool but what if a rare monster enemy type (simmilar to a plauge Ogryn) was a chaos space marine? I am not entirely sure how the power level or lore would work as i am not great with the 40k lore but i think having to team up against a chaos space marine could be a great fight to stumble across.

Maybe equip him with a bolter and chainsword to make him a danger at all ranges?

the lore is all over the place, depending who you ask, a spacemarine is an untouchable demigod who could conquer nations by himself, while others would love to claim they can be taken down with a fork…

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With a Spear or a wooden stick as it’s called in the book

But with good weapons against a SM isn’t too bad to face

Sort of like alot of companies do with super heros these days? They are generally made to be however powerfull they need to be to make things most interesting at the time?

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i wouldn’t compare that to other franchises, most of the time the lore comes from accounts made by in-universe people, as those are subjektive accounts, it often becomes quite hard to find the actual objektive truth.

it also doesn’t help that some people take those subjective accounts as universal truths and spread them through the internet, effectively distorting the narrative.

its quite a unique narration style, i’ve never encountered in any other franchise, unlike a “harry potter” where a single author holds absolute reign over the narrative, 40k books are written by a wide vareity of authors, who happily make contradictory claims about things (explained by the inability of the imperial citizens understanding the world they live in)

so it takes nuance as a reader to siphon out the most likely truths, and sometimes you are forced
to a headcanon because the source of that information might simply be not a reliable one.

Space marines seem extremely coated in plot armor, at times they´ll be invincible and times they´ll fall over like dominoes. At times they´ll be loyal and incorruptible but at others they´ll turncoat after a quick talk or two with some random chaos cultist/demon.

I´d like to presume they are at a baseline stronger than most normal foes but still killable by someone who packs some anti armor weaponry. But they do have a population of named fellows who just wont die even if someone drops an anvil on their naked heads.

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Monster level is the only possible spot for the CSM. But at the same time Space Marine are supposed to be infantry in the TT, not Monster, just like the Chaos Warrior. An Unarmed Guardsman against an unarmed SM will lose, but with the appropriate gear a Guardsman could honestly kill a SM

Could even have a few of them


Chaos Space Marine with Boltpistol and Chainaxe “Chaos Space Marine” or “Black Legion Marine”
Chaos Space Marine with Heavy Bolter “Chaos Heavy Bolter” or “Black Legion Heavy Bolter”
Possessed with Daemonic Claw “Possessed Space Marine”


Plague Marine with Boltpistol and Plague Knife/Sword “Plague Marine”

Alternatively if the CSM remain Uber-Elite like the Chaos Warrior, you could have Chaos Terminator as Monster

Nurglite Terminator

Blight Lord Terminator with Flail of Corruption “Terminator Corrupter” or “Corrupter” (Paving the way for Skaven Plague Monk Censer Bearer
Blight Lord Terminator with Plague Spewer and Bubotic Axe “Terminator Spewer” or “Spewer
Blight Lord Terminator with Blight Launcher and Baleful Sword “Terminator Blighter” or “Blighter”

Deathshroud with Manreaper “Deathshroud”

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Concidering we are going against grandfather nurgle and his children…plauge marine or maybe a sound marine?

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Sound Marine would only be possible if FS try to do a Undivided/Undecided roster instead of Nurgle

Ahh, was not aware of that, sorry. Thought sound marines were nurgle for some reason.

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Noise Marines are Slaaneshii

They also have Noise Cultist in the lore

i could easily see a Plague CSM with melee equiped be a Elite+

make them unblockable and extremly dangerous in melee, and condsidering deathguard is always depicted as extremly slow and tanky you’d have plenty time to shoot him down, but that would only prove easy if hes alone, alongside a horde you’d be on a timer until he reaches you…


I’ve asked around and Elite/Monster for Death Guard Legionaire seem to be the best choice

As for the Blight King Terminator they might be a bit too overpowered even as a Monster (Though since we’re looking at a story written by Abnett we could still see them maybe)

Deathshroud would be out of the question since they are the Uber Elite of the Nurglite Forces

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a squad of terminators is prepearing a cult to perform a ritual, from an earlier mission we know of their location, our leaders decide direct combat is too dangerous, the resulting plan is to plant bombs in a lower level of the hive, to make the part their in collapse, killing them in the prosses.

few missions later, one of them resurfaces with wounds and significantly weakend, our command decides to take the opportunity to kill him once and for all, and sends us to finsh the weakend terminator off, fully prepared to send us to our death, beyond any expectation we remain victorious