A couple of ideas for new Ogyrn weapons

While it is nice to see that Fatshark is steadily making improvements, the Ogyrn still needs more weapons, not just variants on existing ones. So here are two ideas of what could be added in a future update.

  1. An Ogryn style minigun, perfect for mowing down waves of poxwalkers. I And there already are versions that exist in the Warhammer 40K universe, the most notable perhaps being the Terminator Assault Cannon, so it would not be too much to ask for a version that the Ogryn can use.

  2. The Vengeance Launcher. For those of you who never played the First Warhammer 40K Space Marine game, the Vengeance Launcher was basically a sticky bomb launcher.

These are just two small ideas of what could be given to the Ogyrn. If you have your own ideas, please feel free to contribute them.

The Assault Cannon isn’t limited to Space Marines in lore, there are lots of cases of Imperial Guard using stationary assault cannons so I could 100% see an Assault Cannon for Ogryn. The biggest problem is that it might start to step on the toes of the new fast fire rate Heavy Stubber. Maybe a Gun Lugger exclusive ranged weapon?

Also I would love a Heavy Bolter on an Ogryn. I know it probably isn’t “lore accurate” because Ogryns are probably too dumb to operate them but I still think it would be a fun addition.

Plasma Cannons, Multi-Meltas, and Lascannons could be fun, but even moreso than the Bolter it is unlikely to happen (maybe an exception for multi-meltas I’m not sure how complicated they are to use in lore). Especially since there are voice lines in the game talking about Ogryns not getting Lascannons.

Maybe a Rocket Launcher? Could be made simple enough for an Ogryn, and alt fire could be loading a krak missile instead of a frag missile.

There is also heavy flamers or a slightly lighter version of the Devil Dogs (I think thats the right variant) Chem Cannon (basically an acid sprayer) but considering how strong the basic flamer is rn that probably wouldn’t be a great edition lol.

Edit: Can’t believe I forgot autocannons. Ogryns should 100% get an auto-cannon to lug around. I would love that.

Also a 2 handed melee weapon. It could be a massive power maul but I would be fine with a huge improvised weapon. Just a big stick for a big man.

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Very nice, didn’t even think about rocket launcher. Thank you.

If we look at the ranged options we could have:

Heavy Bolters (Via Gunlugger)
Lascannon (Idem)
Multilaser (idem)
Autocannon (Don’t remember where from though)
Ripper Saw (Rippergun variant with chain saws)

So most likely 2 weapon family, though the Heavy bolter could get the shared blessing treatement with the normal Bolters, and the Lascannon/Multilaser would get paired into the same family

Never have Ogryn been issued Plasma weapon or Melta weapon as far as I remember, and I think they would not be allowed them, same for Flamer, but that I might be miss remembering

From the lore i do remember something like an Ogryn Pistol/Revolver, for that I’d think a Goliath Hand Cannon would be neat.

For melee there is some choices still possible other than the variants and pairings: Brute/Bully Shield (Smaller shield seen with the Power Maul usually), Ogryn Slab Sword (+ Ogryn Power Slab Sword), Flails, 2h Hammer, 2h Axes, Axes, Spudjackes (Giant Wrench)

Then there is also space for additional weapon that FS and GW would agree to introduce when they want to

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Wdym by Idem?

If an Ogryn can use a Lascannon he can 100% use a Multi-Melta, especially since at least standard issue Meltas are far easier to use than a Plasma Gun and in that case probably even a las cannon.

I forgot that idem is used in French but not in English, it’s from Latin, and mean same as before, so in this case, Lascannon and Multilaser are also available via the Gunlugger

Possibly, but Lascannon and Multi Laser are much less brittle than Melta weapon, and no, a Melta isn’t easier to use than a Las weapon.
And heavy Las weapon are noted to be useable by Ogryn, nothing about it about the metla unless you have something that I don’t

Might want to do some research then and see if we can find pictures of Ogryns using various weapons that are currently not available Darktide.