Suggestion: Ogryn to have HEAVY weapons(Flack cannon, Heavy bolter, Heavy Flamer, Combo Heavy flamer and etc)

Add for the Ogryn to have HEAVY weapons(Flack cannon, Heavy bolter, Heavy Flamer, Combo Heavy flamer and etc), make it stay on one place when firing(or even pushed back by the heavy bolter lol)
Add Heavy Thunder hammer, Heavy chainaxe or some accurately big weapon for the big man, not some child-sized shivs

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Additional heavy weapons will likely be part of a Gun Lugger class. Most ogryn can only use special ranged weapons that are made to be tough enough for them to use but especially-adept ogryn can be trained to use nearly all types of heavy weapons that are normally tripod or pintle-mounted due to weight. So heavy bolters, heavy flamers, assault cannons, lascannons, multi-lasers, and even plasma cannons and multi-meltas.

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Weapon wise I think that the Ogryn will still get a 2h Maul on launch (Insigna)

But later on we could get:

Lascannon/Multilaser: Same weapon, but depend on the weapon pattern.
Having additional mechanic of heat
Multilaser pattern: Weak damage and ammo consumption, but high firing speed.
Lascannon pattern: Higher Damage and ammo consumption, but lower firing speed.
Mining Laser pattern: Work like a flamer (Might work better as it’s own)

2h Power I-Beam

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Heavy bolter shoul be for Veteran, Reference: Gunnery Sergeant Stonetooh Harker of the Catachan 2nd.

heavy Flamers afaik aren’t used by Ogryns… only Space Marines and Adeptas Sororitas… sooo…

I personally DON’T Think the Ogryn should just get every heavy wepaon slapped on, since this might be a heavy wepaon that’s just a better version of a class specific weapon (aforementioned flamer)…

Our veterans are not Stonetooth Harker. More’s the pity.

I am going off of the Only War rules, and heavy flamers and all the rest are straight out of there.

As far as being balanced, I’m sure there are ways to do it: make it have a long reload time, a longer switch animation, etc. Many of the things they are doing already. Heavy stubber is already a better autogun/stub revolver, ripper is already a heavy automatic shotgun. Ogryn = heavy weapons. That’s kinda his whole deal.

They are different weapons, at least in the official artwork I’ve seen which, admittedly, is a few editions back now so maybe it’s changed, but lascannons are just a big, single-barreled las weapon while the multi-las looks like a laser gatling thing (the short Astartes series shows the renegade troops using a heavier, vehicular, twin-mounted version).

The differences are mostly as you say. On battlefields, lascannons are typically an anti-materiel role and multi-lasers (plural of multi-las) are employed in an anti-personnel role. Of course, among heavier infantry, there is a lot of overlap in this setting.

In the service of the Inquisition basically any weapon is available. If it suits to give an Ogryn a heavy flamer it would be done. The only weapon I do not see being likely would be a Plasma Cannon as I think that would kill the user, even if he is an Ogryn.