[SUBCLASS IDEA] Ogryn Gun Lugger Concept

So yes, I know there are more pressing issues to fix, like the bugs, crashes, poor fps, cash shop etc. But that doesn’t stop me from coming up with a cool and mostly fleshed out idea for a future subclass for the Ogryn.

I have spent an hour or so coming up with the OGRYN GUN LUGGER, aka the ranged focused Ogryn subclass.

As you can see he mostly focuses on ranged attacks, but does have some feats in there that allow for a more mixed playstyle of range and melee. As well as some support options like generating ammo or armour for the team.

It’s not mentioned in the concept image, but his Unique weapons would be the Heavy Bolter, Autocannon and if the lore is allowed to be bent a bit, a Plasma Cannon as well.

Now he’s probably not perfectly balanced, but neither are the subclasses we have now. But that can always be improved upon later, this is just a concept for a class after all.

Anyway, what do you all think? Is this a great idea? Or do you think it’s bad. Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Yah i like the idea of a ranged class for Ogryn


hmm, feels very similiar to sharpshooter, just better.

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Id just like to add…a heavy lascannon cannon may be fun


I also want a ranged class for Ogryn. TBH, I’d really like to see the current ogyrn get a way to regain toughness in a ranged fight more effectively. It’s really the main defect of the ogryn as he stands, and sometimes you need to be cover shooting to thin the enemy out before closing.


Not sure if it is deemed heretical or anything lore forbidden/locked but…smacks lip could we give the ogryn a heavy bolter? XD That or some sort of autocannon/heavy weapon at the very least? Just having a heavy stubber right now I feel like the big man needs some love! XD


Heavy Bolter and Autocannon would be perfectly possible lore wise. Bone 'eads are more then capable of using such weapons.


One of the Ogryn backgrounds is imperial guard. The guard does use heavy bolters, usually as crew served weapons, but still.

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Sounds great.
Yeah, some things would be needed to be balanced (at least if necessary), but overall it sounds good.

As an alternative to the “Giant Frag”, he could also use a “Smok’n One”, a big smoke bomb which gives vision like with the “ventilation modifier” in are rather large area and reduces enemy accuracy around 40% and damage by 20% and makes enemies less likely to move around and if in close combat to fall back.
Amount carried would be two (2) and the ability “Baddaboom” would make the area bigger and add a FLASH to the explosion, blinding enemies far away and disabling range attacks for at least 3 seconds.

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Actually I found a box of Ogryn grenades, but I couldn’t pick them up for some reason…

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Adding to the Heavy Bolter idea, I guess odd way in my mind of adding it/balance would be it does not use a box mag and instead a single long belt of bolts and can overheat when fired continuously. Picking up ammo boxes adds to the total count. Additional mechanic the ogryn (in his 5IQ state) if a cool down mechanic was added (similar to the plasma gun) have the big guy hold it close shaking it violently or even headbutting it takes slight dmg.

It is a heavy bolter so rightfully we would expect it to act like a bolter (crazy dmg output) but to have heavy drawbacks so maybe compared to a stubber its got less rounds in general and only way to make it more accurate is to fire extended bursts forcing players to use more ammo in order to hit ranged targets.

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So THEER arh ma granedes! Thanking yu!

This is awesome, but actually you gave me another idea.
Gun Hurler - your main ability is throwing your guns at enemies, x10 dmg.
“Be careful though, considering how many wpns Fatshark throws your way for mission completions, you may be out of arsenal very fast” :smiley:


There was a movie where some guys had some mortar shells, but no mortar, so they took them, hit the bottom hard against the top of a stone wall or something to break the seal, and hurled the over the wall and down onto the bad guys.

Which I imagine wouldn’t actually work, but it looked amusing when I was a kid, and could perhaps be modified for Ogryn.


And it did actually work, at least in WWII times, now rounds have different designs like for proximity or airburst.
Hitting the “bottom” of the round was to remove safety pin, simulating the firing mechanism of the tube. It was extremely dangerous though as most shells were set to detonate on impact, thus you could detonate it accidentally while removing the pin or be endangered by shrapnel as explosion would occour only at your throwing distance. Note these were at least 6 times heavier than granades.
As for the movie, you might be referring to “Saving Private Ryan”.

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Looked it up, yep, that’s the one. An Ogryn could throw one pretty far, and from a larger mortar even.

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I wasn’t cool enough to get invited to the playable beta over the summertime but I heard Ogryn’s blitz action was a giant bomb back then. I suppose it got turned into a feat with a target requirement activation to make way for meme box.

And yeah seeing those scab gunners with their shiny hellguns makes me sad we don’t have a big lasgun MG for Ogryn to use. Since there isn’t the same issue as VT2 with players only being able to play 1 class at one time I really hope he’s first on the new content list. It would be fun to actually see Ogryns. His toolkit is just so dreary compared to the cool 40k weapons the others get. I mean your shovel is a poop shovel, very hard to get excited about that even if its mastercrafted…

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But it’s a master-crafted RELIC poop shovel. That poopshovel might have been used to dig a poop’in hole for Leeman Russ, Guilliman! Rogan Dorn… Even the Emperor himself! If they also filled in the hole it might have gotten the poo of the Emperor upon it!

If so, it might be able to slay being of the warp outright!

I would love a Heavy gunner spec Ogryn. Basically how I play him anyway.

Looks pretty good, the only thing id change is the special ability so its a little more unique

“hellfire rounds” instantly reload your weapon and rounds become explosive rounds. (for projectile weapons for 5 seconds

incendiary/HE rounds for explosive weapons. Sets blast area ablaze. (for 3 shots) area denial

rate of fire increased by 100% :stuck_out_tongue:

*Picture a Dreadnaught using a sweeping barrage from dawn of war 1

might need to be thought out a little better to accommodate all weapon.

I don’t think a smoke bomb would fit a Gun Lugger, sounds like something a Veteran subclass would get.