Scrap the Ogryn Gun Lugger idea and do this instead

The Ogryn Gun Lugger would add nothing to the game, it would still be the same Ogryn but with ranged feats and a couple of heavy weapons like Heavy Bolter and Autocannon.

The Skullbreaker Ogryn already suffers from a lack of ranged weapons so he should be given those weapons instead.

Now for an actually unique and interesting Ogryn Subclass i give you:

Jotunn Servitor Ogryn

And because hes a servitor ogryn he can be customized with all the weapons a combat servitor can. We could also see the Charonite Claws in game this way.

Other weapons that he could get are Arc Welder, Heavy Rock Cutter/Saw, Storm Welder, etc you can already see them on Genestealer units (since they are tools) but are also options of Servitor Ogryns for Necromunda.

This could add an actually new and interesting Ogryn Subclass, instead of a boring Gun Lugger.

Necromunday: Gangs of the Underhive – Slave Ogryns | Goonhammer


1st of, no
2nd of, Charonite don’t work with the lore (Not tech that can be found + No ranged weapon as you don’ have hands anymore)
3rd of, any of the Slave Ogryn weapon from Necromunda could come as a weapon, without needing to have a Slave Ogryn, as for the Augmentic, the only 1 we might see are the Gauntlets, and as gauntlets instead of flesh replacement
4th, we have a melee Ogryn, so make sense to get a ranged one next

Likely melee weapon: 2h Hammer, 2h Axe, Spudjacker (Wrench), Axe, flail, armoured/slab fist, Slab (Power Sword)

In addition a Gunlugger would be a good reason to introduce a Heavy Bolter and a Multilaser/Lascannon

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Amazing argument

Can you provide a source for that? Not saying you’re wrong but i wanna see that.

True but we could also see many of these weapons as servitor only weapons like the Storm Welder and the melee Rock Saw. They, like the Charonite claws would be integrated/fitted onto the servitor ogryn in a way a normal Ogryn couldn’t (wouldn’t cut his hands for charonite claws for example)

So was Bardin Slayer, you can offset lack of ranged by a variety of buffs.

Why not give these to the Skullbraker?

How would the Gun Lugger be different? Would he have different armours? Or would he juts be a normal, same Ogryn we have now just with different stats and 3 more weapons? Would he lack the melee weapons of the Skullbreaker?

Im sure they will go with the Gun Lugger because its easier for them to simply re-use the Ogryn as is, but that wouldn’t be as interesting as a half robot ogryn with augmetic upgrades as weapons.

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I am not sure that why Ogryn should have 2nd melee focused career. Augmentic arm isn’t different from melee weapons, there’s no much difference except visual things.

Darktide is somewhat more ranged-focused game than Vermintide 2 since there’s a lot of ranged threat in this game. I don’t think having no ranged weapon is good thing.

Offsetting lack of ranged should cover highest difficulty and this kind of buff is too strong for low difficulty. It’s just not good for balance too.

These weapons don’t need synthetic arm actually. Skullbreaker or future Ogryn careers without synthetic arm can get handled version of these weapons.

Since you said VT2 before, I can ask something same to you, what was the difference between Merc and Huntsman? Zealot and Bounty hunter? Waystalker and Shade?

And what’s the difference between Servitor Ogryn and Skullbreaker? Servitor Ogryn just have melee weapons that can’t be shared with normal Ogryn then.


The difficult and unstable technologies used in their creation - some of them being rumoured to be of xenos provenance - has led the Adeptus Mechanicus to declare the creation of Charonites as unholy and proscribed.

Charonite squads have been biochemically and cybernetically altered using ancient technologies, possibly of xenos origin, that have been deemed unholy by the Mechanicum

The thing is that Necromunda doesn’t really has/need any weapon switch, so it’s not a problem in Necromunda but in Darktide it would be a problem, unless they can hotswitch to a mechanical arm to be able to use ranged or melee (which ever is missing)

Vermintide also has practically no ranged units, apart from specials and the archers, while here we have way more of a ranged focus (Basically making the shield mandatory in the instance that you have 2 melee weapon)

Well if it’s the aesthetic that matter, we might end up seeing them, like there is iirc some Necromunda inspired cosmetic that was released/leaked, so it’s not out of the realm of possibilities.

Adding Gunlugger would increase the number available to all the Ogryn classes, adding Slave Ogryn with Augmentic (So presumably tied to it) would only create weapon that only 1 class can use (So leaving the Ogryn with 13 weapon still)

Also class should give different focus and abilities than the previous ones (Vet getting support, Ogryn getting ranged, Psyker getting close/medium range…)

In the same way a Zealot shouldn’t introduce weapon that only that class can use, but make it so that the weapon overlap make all the classes grow, and if possible also adding to veteran and Psyker


I am not saying all the weapons should be exclusive to the Servitor, overlapping weapons like Augmetic Fists, Spudjacker etc would be available to the Skullbreaker, weapons like the Charonite Claws could be exclusive, also we are not making a new Charonite Ogryn here with all the biochemical precedures the lore states, the warband simply has access to some Charonite Claws and they integrate them to the servitor. That sounds plausible to me.

Also subclasses should have unique weapons differentiating them. For the zealot example, if we ever get Crusader Subclass (also melee only) only he should have access to Power Sword/Storm Shield, or if we ever get a Death Cult assassin only she should have access to Needle/toxin weapons.
Classes need something unique other than feats, overlapping weapons like the Devil’s Claw will always exist.


If you had just said “This might be a fun class to develop for Ogryns in the future” pretty much everyone would just said “Yea”. But no, you have to demand they scrap the most requested future class which is at this point as good as confirmed through datamining. What is the point of that? presenting your idea in the most arrogant and off-putting possible way?

Also, the likelyhood that something will be added as a class very heavily depends on how much completely new stuff has to be added to the game to implement it. This would require basically yet another completely unique weapons arsenal for the class that already has more unique weapons than any other class.


Ok, lets make it available

But how would one use a ranged weapon (Or a melee weapon) when you have a weapon attached in stead of the hands.
No fingies to pull the trigger

For the zealot example, if we ever get Crusader Subclass (also melee only) only he should have access to Power Sword/Storm Shield, or if we ever get a Death Cult assassin only she should have access to Needle/toxin weapons.
Classes need something unique other than feats, overlapping weapons like the Devil’s Claw will always exist.

Sure but they need to be kept at a minimal, for the set you propose, if we keep the same system as we got with VT2 where they tried to do at least 1 shared (Bret Longsword, Cog Axe and Pistol, Javelin, Twin Hammer) to the rest/another career:

  • Crusader would get 2+ weapon kit: Power Sword and Shield (Suppression effect of shield being tied to class’ Blitz or ability, 2h Power Axe (Available for the Veteran), and give access to the Power Sword and 2h Power Sword (insignia leak)

  • Deathcult Assassin would get 2+ weapon kit: 2h Power Sabre (Available for the Veteran) and Twin Sword (Available for Psyker)

What? The same exact ogryn but with 2-3 new weapons (that could be givent to the skullbraker who only has 5 ranged weapons) with a few feats that would add something like +15% accuracy is THE MOST REQUESTED CLASS? Wut???

Im sorry you got offended on Fatsharks behalf, im sure you will survive the affront

yes and thats the whole point. New, unique stuff, yet unseen and awesome to experience, an actually interesting class, basically a mecha ogryn, but no you’d rather it be literally the Ogryn we have now but with an Autocannon instead of a Stubber, whoopty fking doo.

And i’ve also said multiple times that im 99% certain they will go with the Gun Lugger because thats the easiest way for them, something we have seen them take all the time lately.

But thank you Aetrion for supporting, vehemently, their mediocrity im sure Fatshark approves of your staunch support.

Judge the others by their worst and yourself by your best

Gunlugger can get quite a few fun stuff, from the datamine:

Coherency: +20% damage vs suppressed enemies

Talent Groups:

  • passive: 8% chance to shoot for free / 25% DR while braced / +50% max ammo
  • mixed: +12% damage for 6s after reload / 2% toughness on ranged kill / +25% magazine size
  • offensive: +1% critical chance for 6s on kill, max +12% / +25% suppression / 30% faster reload for 5s upon hitting 5 enemies
  • defensive: (no info) / +20% movement speed for 5s on ranged kill / 2% toughness regeneration while braced
  • coherency: +15% max ammo in coherency / +10% more damage (+30%) vs suppressed enemies / (speculation) 25% ranged damage reduction per ally in coherency, max 4 stacks, lasts 8s
  • passive spec: (speculation) upon triggering passive, 15% faster cooldown regeneration for 8s / passive trigger chance increased to 12% / (no info)
  • combat ability: +15% fire rate / (cannot speculate) / +25% damage to enemies in close range

As for the ability, the other person though about it as a new special weapon, but I think it’s more likely to just be a ranged stance like the Veteran Sharpshooter

And as for the grenade, there wasn’t any that was see-able in the files as of yet.

Just like Foot Knight and Huntsman, keeping it simple (And free) and letting us get class more often than not.

Being a Gunlugger wouldn’t just be an Ogryn with an Autocannon instead of a Stubber, it would be an Ogryn that get bonus to shooting all the time, letting you play as the Ogryn but playing differently.

Ogryn has the least available weapon right now, further putting class locked weapon for him is stupid, like I want more class on the Ogryn, but I also want more weapon for him.

That’s why even without taking into account that you want to not have the Gunlugger, which a lot want, you further want one that would not create new way to play as a the Skullbreaker

As for the named weapon:

  • Augmentic Fist->Slab fist: Gauntlets instead of cybernetic
  • Arc Welder: Not sure if needed
  • Heavy Rock Cutter/Saw: While impractical there exist non cybernetic one too
  • Las Cutter: Same as above
  • Storm-Welder: Not sure if needed, as it’s just a less good stubber

So some would be possible to be emulated, but they don’t need to have Slave Ogryn Augmentic which create a hassle with the system

And also you could have Slave Ogryn augmentic as cosmetics if needed