Ogryn: lack of weapons

The ogryn is severely lacking weapons: I would really like to see some more variety as in new shield variant with the shovel.

Also regarding the grenade launcher why not introduce different kinds of ammo like solid slug, grapeshot, explosive etc. Would give make it much more interesting.

The kickback, its in a good place now.

The new shovels, really like em. However the blue variant still gets ”stuck” after light melee, making it feel clunky, the brown variant is really great, love the fluidity of its swings. Great addition. Hope that we see some bucklers or something be paired up with the existing weapons or just a big sword… you know nothing too fancy just a small shield and a big sword :wink:

Secondly, the shield is much better now, but light melee is still useless.

I hope that we would get some more bladed weapons for the ogryn like, a 2 handed chainsword. Just please make it. To balance it out, maybe he could only have a side arm (ogryn sized revolver like Nork has) or a kickback similarly as Grail Knight was in WH2.

His talents are really strong, but some trees really outshine others. Good job on the tale t trees.

Perhaps a armor or a subclass such as bullgryn could have an armor, similar to toughness that would offset him being such a big target.

Also just release the Cover armor or the ”Brute’s Baddest Armor” I want my big man looking stunning in a proper armor and a helmet. I hate the look of the broken helmet, just give the big man some well deserved love.

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A grapeshot projectile could be a really cool midground between the rumbler and the kickback.

I think a way to implement the armour you’re wanting would be to add more shields that can block projectiles. If you’re struggling against shooters, remember that you can suppress enemies to prevent them from firing back.

I’ve been mulling the idea of a buckler that can’t block bullets, but that can parry melee attacks like the Devil’s claws. A set of knuckle dusters would also be really compelling I think.

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You’re right, he is lacking weapons.

I’d much rather have new weapons than variants/marks again but having different combinations between existing melee weapons and the shield would be nice to have aswell.

All in all I feel like the ogryn doesn’t have as much variety as the other classes. Not just from the weapon arsenal, but from the skilltree aswell.
Would be nice to have a path that compliments light attacks.


I am not struggling but would like to have more depth than just what it is now…

Ofc first new weapons would be really great but variants I would settle for at this point. Hopefully he will get some new stuff soonish. He does not have any weapons that make him ”stand out”.

I mean, the dakka he has is nice. However 2h weapons that what I would like to see.

Been asking for this for awhile. +1


Personally, I’d like a two handed club, and I’d like to see more ragdoll when the Og sends them flying. Like, more airtime when they fly, not so much more damage, just more fun in seeing them go.

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ogryn don’t have a lot of weapon options in 40k to begin with and fatshark can’t add new stuff without clearing it with GW. we’re honestly lucky we got the clubs, they’re a great addition.

Official art

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i don’t believe that link’s a legit source for a moment. the 40k wiki just falls for any fansite i swear.

Ah, the ultimate horde-clearing weapon – a baseball bat with nails!





There was a datamined one called the Thugshot which is supposed to act as more of a single-enemy Slug - it’d effectively be a Kickback with significantly less spread, but with more base damage and range to make up for that.

Brute Shield:
Lights are fast (cleaving) attacks with the shield.
Heavies are powerful single target strike downs (perhaps powered) with the Maul.
Or paired with a GG, but no shooting:
Lights = the current lights of the GG
Heavies = shield hits, cleave dmg
Special = GG special
Or like described with the Maul:
Lights use the shield, heavies the GG as single target killer, special = boom

Shield+Maul-Special = charged power field = heavy push-sragger

Move set for the brute shields lights could be inspired by the slab shields heavies, but wouldn’t hit that hard.
So the brute shield would be single target focused with a horde clear option.

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In the case of putting a GG but not making able to shoot, why not then simply give it a Slab Gauntlet (Adapted Augmentic Fist) or making something new


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Cause the GG’s special would accompany the brute shield quite nice.
It would transform the GG from ranged to meelee but keepnits core nature.
And using existing mechanics is quite easy compared to implement and balance sth. comoletely new.

And it would provide an additional possability for Cosplay :smiley:

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The problem with Grenadier Gauntlet + Slab Shield is probably due to the reload animations,

I am Ogryn no?
Give me these. Twice as big. I carry, no problem.

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I’ve been thinking a blessing that spreads overkill damage to nearby enemies would be rad.

I wonder how the GG + shield is reloaded in canon? Does a guardsman come up with a new shell or something?

It’s never explained, I don’t think they have even appeared in any of the books tbh